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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Inspiration for a pattern of life from an unexpected place...

Today I'd like to take you down memory lane with me. In 1979 I took a job at The Bon March'e department store. I found this old picture on the internet taken of the store sometime in the late 1950s. The buliding looked exactly like this when I worked there except by the time I was hired they had dropped the "March'e" and it was just "The Bon".
This is me in 1981 when I was a Customer Service Supevisor in the ladies' fine clothing department.
This is Eric, my fiance at the time. I took this picture of him out in the parking lot after he came to the store and took me to lunch.
We were just about to start our lives together for we would be married the next year. Here we are together at my parents house.
What I wanted to share with you today is this cute catalog that my store issued in 1981 and how it had a  small influence on me with how I wanted my life to be like. Influences come from all kinds of places like the traditional expected places, our parents and grandparents and sometimes they are from unexpected places like cute old movies or this funny little catalog.

I don't know why, but for some reason this little catalog with it's clever spin on Dick and Jane really spoke to me. I have saved it all these years and recently came upon it again as we moved to our new house last summer and I wanted to share it with you. Bear with me as we look through the whole catalog and read the captions. It still gives me warm fuzzies! :)

We will begin with the cover which reads, "Meet Dick and Jane. They live in the Northwest. They love it. They're busy and have fun."

Oh, by the way, enjoy the fun 1980s clothes and accessories; there are a lot of cute looks!
"They work hard. They play hard. They enjoy the big outdoors."
"They play tennis? They exercise."
"Jane likes to look good. She exercises with her friend. She uses the right make-up."
"Jane loves pretty clothes. Lacy lingerie. Suits and dresses. (Hurry up, Jane.)"
"Dick gets dressed for work. Staff meeting. Right on time. Doesn't he look nice?"
"Dick and Jane wait for the bus. Lots of people wait for the bus. See all the handsome coats!"
"Jane likes her work. Jane likes to look pretty at work. Suits are pretty!"
"Dick likes his work. Dicks boss likes Dick's assistant. Dick's assistant likes her mauve suit."
"Jane has a good idea. Everyone likes it. Everyone works together. Success!"
"Birthday parties are fun. Did you have fun on your birthday? (Gifts from the Bon are fun!)"
"On the town! Having fun! Looking great! The Bon understands."
"Dick loves Jane. Jane loves Dick. Dick and Jane love the weekends. They sleep late. They wear their cozy clothes. They have breakfast in bed."
"Dick and Jane listen to their new stereo. They look nice in their new Fall sweaters. On a nice, new Fall day."
"Little sister goes to college. Jane will miss her. Jane will miss her handsome new luggage more."
"Good food. Good wine. Good friends. Everybody is having fun. Except Spot. He barks. He's outside."
"Dick and Jane clean up. They have on their Saturday clean-up clothes. That helps."
"Saturday night supper. Just for two. It's nice to be alone together."
"See the sun, says Jane. "Let's eat outside," says Dick. "In my new knickers," says Jane. "Swell", says Dick."
"Sunday dinner with the family. Everybody is happy to see each other. That's nice."
"We hope you like The Bon's fall book. And all the swell stuff in it. For it's the best of current looks to plan right now, not last minute."
For some reason, this catalog spoke to me and I wanted to have a life like Dick and Jane when I Eric and I got married. I liked how they both worked hard and played hard. They had fun cleaning together, eating together, playing together, entertaining and so on. They had fun together and they had fun separately.

The following July we were wed and we started our life.
See Eric. See Eric in front of his sweet home he shares with his wife Sharon. See Eric and Sharon's dog, Isaiah. Isaiah likes sticks. 
We started our married life together with our dog, Isaiah, in this cute little duplex on Anchor Avenue.
Sharon thinks Eric is soooo handsome! Sharon is happy she married such a hunk!
The first entertaining we did was the Sunday after our honeymoon, we had the family and a few friends over for dinner and to watch us open our wedding gifts.
See Eric and Sharon's kitchen. What a cozy kitchen. See the cute quilt pattern table cloth. See the hand-me-down table and chairs.
I loved our cozy little place.
See Sharon cook. Sharon made meatloaf for their first dinner as a married couple. Eric loves meatloaf. Eric loves his wife.
We had many good memories here.
See mismatched furniture. See baskets. See Great Grandpa's painting. See a home built on love, not money.
We didn't have much, but it was ours!
Our first weeks together were so much fun. I remember one Saturday I was busy inside cleaning our house and.....
See Eric and Sharon's first garden. See a garden grown with love.
....Eric was outside tending our garden...
...and I went out to visit with him and he said, "I love knowing that I'm out here working hard in the yard and you're inside working hard cleaning house."
These first years were so much fun.
See Eric catch the ball.
We even played on a softball team together!
See Sharon try. See Sharon miss the ball. See Sharon smile. See Eric smile too.
Eric was amazing. Me??? Not so much. We sure had fun though!
See Sharon's sister Kathi. See Sharon's future brother-in-law, Stacey. See Kathi and Stacey just starting their lives.
My sister, Kathi and her then boyfriend Stacey, got engaged and we had them over for a celebration dinner!
Eric is a cowboy. Sharon is a cowgirl. Eric and Sharon are having a fun Halloween.
Our first Halloween!
Sharon decorates the Christmas tree. Sharon shut her eyes for the photo. Silly Sharon. 
First Christmas!
See Mom Alice and Dad Jim greet Eric and Sharon at the door on Christmas day. See Dad dry the snow off Isaiah the dog. Isaiah likes snow. See all the pretty gifts Eric is bringing in. See Sharon remove her snow boots with her little cream pumps in her hand to change into. See Sharon's cute cream raincoat that matches her whole outfit. See Alice's cool wallpaper and cool brass sunbeam sculpture. See happy people having happy times.
Arriving at Eric's parents house to celebrate Christmas day! I love everything about this picture!
Eric and Sharon are wearing silly New Year's hats. Is it midnight yet? Sharon wants to kiss her honey in his hat
First New Years!
Sharon plays in the snow. Sharon dressed warm. See Sharon's pink leg warmers!
Playing in the snow!
Eric gave Sharon flowers. Sharon loves her flowers. Sharon loves Eric. 
First Valentine's day!
Eric gave Sharon a pretty flower. Sharon likes pretty flowers. Sharon love's Eric. See Sharon's funny hair.
Eric picked me this beautiful gladiola from our yard. Why in the world did I get my hair cut in a bi-level?
Sharon just got off work. Sharon works at the Bon. Sharon loves her job. Sharon loves to come home from her job to see her handsome husband Eric.
Just home from work and happy to see my husband! Eric was going to school to get his Associate's Degree in Forestry and working two jobs and I was working full-time at the Bon March'e.  What a happy little life we had!
See handsome Eric. See strong Eric. Sharon knows she is a lucky girl.
River camping!
Eric opened up a whole new world to me with boating, fishing and camping!
See Eric and Sharon having fun camping. 
So romantic and fun!
Another summer, another softball team but.......
Sharon is watching Eric play softball. Sharon isn't playing softball this year. Sharon has a bump. Sharon has a baby bump!  Eric and Sharon are so excited!
...this year there's a little change!!!We continued to live our sweet little life together getting to know each other and learning to love deeper and then we had a little wonderful surprise, but that's another story another day!

So while our life is not quite like Dick and Jane's, I'm glad I came across that little catalog and that it did inspire me on how I wanted to live. Looking back on our first years of marriage is so much fun and so precious to me.

“Build homes, and plan to stay. Plant gardens, and eat the food they produce. Marry and have children." Jeremiah 29:5-6

Hugs, Sharon


elizabeth said...

What a fun post! Boy, your hubs looks just like your son in these photos!

as always starzie said...

I love this post! It reminds me of my first years of marriage. We lived in a darling triplex! I kept a scrapbook before marriage and had cut out a picture of a beautiful young couple and she was holding a new baby in the morning sunshine as her husband had his arm around her. I think it was an add for a dishwasher! But I dreamed that would be me someday. Yes, being a newlywed is so much fun! Such great memories. And we had a dog too! Her name was Penney. Our first child!
Hugs and here's to beautiful memories,

Molly Moore said...

Thanks for sharing this--it made my day! Now that I have daughters in their 20's, I have been thinking a lot about the things that inspired me as a young woman--and trying to instill some of that in my girls. You both look great now and then! I'm kind of wanting my eighties hairdo back...

Erin said...

What a sweet post! This may be silly, but I've grown up a little spoiled and I feel like my husband and I missed out on something by not having those poor "first married" years.

L Warner said...

Sharon - this is darling! I really enjoyed this post, and looking through that old Bon catalog. I miss the 80s! I love your choice of music too. Doris Day is my favorite female singer for sure. I have thought about doing a blog and opened blogger again after a long time...we'll see!

Farrah said...

This is seriously one of my favorite posts ever!!! I took a double take as Hayden looks so much like Eric.

Kathi said...

This is an adorable post Sharon. I love the way you and Eric loved each other so much! It was so fun to see the vintage, yes, I said VINTAGE, photos of you, Eric, Stacey & me, and other pics. So so cute.

Anonymous said...

What a nice walk down memory lane :)My kids love to look at our pictures from "back in the day."


sue from a said...

Oh Sharon,I loved this post! Thanks for sharing.

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon,
What a beautiful post! Walking down memory lane...aahhh... You & Eric were (& still are) so cute together. Amazing how much the boys look like their handsome dad!
I loved your hair back then, your pretty nails, your tan. You two are so blessed & have come a long way. So wonderful!


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