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Friday, September 12, 2014

For today we will be married...

My son, Cameron, married the love of his life, Megan, on August 23, 2014! It was a gorgeous wedding and such a wonderful blessing for all of us. This is how our day unfolded! It was held at a beautiful old building called the Downtown Athletic Club. Megan's best friend, Caitlin (who also is the maid of honor), won this venue at the Bridal Fair and didn't need it, so she generously gave it to Megan and Cameron!
When we got there we found this cute sign with balloons! Wedding, this way! This is really happening!!!
My husband and I as we arrived to the venue.
We walked in and saw the whole place decorated so pretty in shades of blue.
The first person we saw was our darling future daughter-in-law, Rachelle. We did a selfie to commemorate this day!
We found Megan's mother, Adrianne. She is such a sweet lady!
There's my boy! Doesn't he look handsome! I'm so proud of him and so very happy for him!
My four handsome sons! I'm so proud of them all! It was neat to see the four of them interact as they were sharing this very special day together!
There's Mr. Krinkle Nose!
Oh how I love this child! Oh how I love his mama too!
Here's Bampa Eric giving Ridley a pep talk on how to be the ring bearer, "You're part of our family and you're tough, don't be scared, you can do it! I'm proud of you kid. Now get out there and have fun and give it all you got!"
Mackenzie and Brittany! Five, almost six years, ago, they promised to love each other forever, exchanged vows and tied the knot!
And baby makes three! What a beautiful little family they make!
Grayson and Rachelle just love Ridley! They will be married in one year on August 15, 2015!
Everybody loves Ridley! I love this picture of Cameron holding him.
Cameron with his best buddies and roommates, Dan and Jef.
Having fun in the board room!
Listening to the boss!
Let's get out there and make the most beautiful wedding ever!
Cameron in deep thought. You can see the vows his written are in his hand. He was so nervous and so excited!
Let's go see how Megan's coming along! She looks so pretty! She had her hair done at a beauty salon earlier that morning. I love this picture of her putting on her make-up.
There's her beautiful dress!
I love her bouquet! She went to the local Saturday market that morning and purchased it. I love her style, they did everything so simple, yet elegant and beautiful.

If you look closely, you can see two lockets hanging there, one is a gold liberty bell that holds a picture of my grandparents, Harry and Ethel, it is very old and very special. I carried it in my bouquet at my wedding, as did both my sisters, my sister-in-law, my daughter-in-law, Brittany and now Megan.

The other locket is so very special, it is a photo of her father, Stephen, who passed away when she was a little girl. I thought it was so touching that she carried his photo in her bouquet, so he was near her heart on this special day.
Their beautiful rings!
Cameron with Megan's brothers, Wade and Ryan.
My with my handsome son!
Eric and I are so proud of Cameron and so happy for him!
Father and son!
Stunning! When Megan walked out into the dressing room in her gown, we all teared up. She looks amazing!
The bridesmaids are helping her with her sash.
She was so calm and collected. She is such a sweet spirit!
Her brother's love her so much and vice versa.
Eric and I are thrilled with our new daughter!
I love her!
Me with Mr. Mr. !
The wedding's about to start! I love this picture of her coming down the stairs!
So cute!
Megan was waiting in a back room while Cameron and the rest of the wedding party were lining up.
I had a neat little quiet moment alone with her and I snapped these pictures. She's simply breathtaking!
This looks like it could be in a fashion magazine!
Okay, we're all lined up now and Cameron's actually walking down the isle! I need to put my camera away now.

What a very special moment, what an exciting time for all of us! I am so thankful and blessed!

"Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh." Genesis 2:24

Hugs, Sharon


gin said...

beautiful! congratulations to the bride and groom

Erin said...

Looks like a beautiful wedding. Ridley is such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

wow beautiful- special. yes she could be in a fashion magazine for sure. stunning dress and she wore it so well. congrats on the special day.

Curious Thinker said...

Congratulations, your daughter-in-law looks great. Good luck to your son and his new bride.

Amy Ellen said...

What a lovely wonderful day! Thank you so much for sharing.

jAne said...

such beauty!! thanks so much for sharing.. :)

Molly Moore said...

Just beautiful!

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