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Monday, August 4, 2014

Showering Megan with love and gifts!

The wedding is getting closer and closer! We are all getting so excited! A few weeks ago we had a bridal shower for beautiful Megan and it was really fun!
Here she is with her bridesmaids, Stephanie, Caitlin, Megan and Kelsey.
The moms with the future bride!
I was so excited when I found this cool "Grooms Mom" pin!
My other girls were there too, as well as the little ring bearer, Ridley!
The theme was an all American theme of Freedom!
The girls were so clever with the menu of hot dogs, potato salad and a patriotic fruit flag dessert!
The inspiration of the Freedom theme was this plastic faux ice eagle statue that Megan won a few years ago at a white elephant gift exchange. The girls started collecting things that represented freedom and it just grew from there.....
...thus the fun theme for the shower was created. They dressed in freedom clothes and had All-American music playing. Here's the two Megan's proudly displaying the ice eagle! They are so cute!
Brittany, Ridley and Rachelle enjoying the shower.
Time for games! Here's Laura and Megan proudly displaying their rings. Instead of using clothes pins for people to grab when others say the wrong word (wedding), they used the candy jewel rings. Laura was had no mercy and she was the big winner!
One of the games was we had to do funny random things that we read on cards. Megan and her mother, Adrianne had to dance together.
Rachelle had to do some fancy letter writing with her body!
I had to propose to Megan on Cameron's behalf, which I am happy to report she accepted! haha
The best game was this fun drawing game. We all got blank paper with a photo at the very top of Cameron and Megan's heads and we had to draw their body's and how we see them as a married couple. Megan then got to judge them and pick a winner. Here's Megan holding her own sketch, which she did an excellent job!
This game was so much fun and so hilarious! I'm amazed at all the creativity! Here's a typical high school sweetheart depiction....
...freedom t-shirts on a unicorn stating "To Marriage and beyond!"....
......Lord Cameron and Lady Megan with a unicorn...(this was my drawing..haha)....
...happy 70's looking couple....
....the all American couple.....
...patriotic couple....
...and this one got the most laughs..."Happy 11 month anniversary" and they are holding a baby! Also, there is a rainbow maned unicorn sneezing a blessing on their child! This was such a great game!
Time to open the gifts!
She was so cute opening her presents! What a happy day this is!!!
She received many lovely things!
A coffee pot! Yeah!!!
A joke present of an eagle rug! Megan's saying.....what do you mean joke?
The bride's maids honoring the bride!
Me and my girls and grandson! I love them all!
I love this girl! I am so happy that God brought them both together and they chose each other! I have been praying for Megan since she was a little girl and I didn't even know who she was, I was praying for Cameron's future wife. It is so nice that I know who that mystery girl is now. Eric and I could not be happier for our son and his soon to be wife!!!

"May their hearts may be encouraged, being knit together in love, to reach all the riches of full assurance of understanding and the knowledge of God’s mystery, which is Christ." Colossians 2:2

Hugs, Sharon


Mardell said...

Hi Sharon,
Oh, what a fun time that must have been. I laughed & also shed a tear. So sweet. The drawings CRACKED me up! What a hoot. I loved them all ~ yes, you're right; all so creative! You looked wonderful in your cute dress, jacket & boots. :o)

Good luck getting the barn ready for the rehearsal dinner. I pray that the weather will cooperate.
What a beautiful bride Megan will be. Ridley is getting so big. I can see both Mackenzie and Brittany in him.

Anonymous said...

How lovely and exciting!! So nice to start of with new things for your wedding and to have that fun time together to begin the journey. Cant wait to see the rehearsal dinner in the barn and the wedding. cant believe you have been in the country a yr now- time really has flown.

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