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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Repairing and painting our fence....

 The last big project we have left in order to get our place ready for the rehearsal dinner is to repair and paint this section of our fence. I took this picture obviously before we painted our barns, but you can see how we have replaced some of the boards and if you look on the left you can see where there are boards missing.
 This picture was taken one year ago when we first moved in and you can see how much work we've done!
 My husband laid new gravel, trimmed up the trees and tore down that old structure.
 I am so excited that the day has come for us to get this fence done!
 I am so blessed that Eric is so talented with wood working and construction skills. He measured and cut each board! I was his handy assistant carrying the boards over to the section we were repairing and I held them in place while he screwed them in. It was hard work, but we had lots of fun working together.
 We recycled a bunch of old boards that we found on the property and we had to buy new ones too.
 This little panel was rotten... he rebuilt it.
 This is a before shot of the back section and you can see it just has posts with many missing rails.

Eric laughingly calls this section of fence the Winchester fence after the famous Winchester house because it's a fence that is going no where or guarding nothing. He wanted to tear it down, but I begged him to keep it because it makes this little lane so cute and it adds such charm when you look over towards the big barn.
 Now it's all repaired!
 It's so nice to have it done, I have tried to visualize this for a whole year!
 The next step is power-washing and then painting it!
 I am so excited to see what it will look like! The previous owners never painted the inside of this section, so when we would walk from the barns back to the house, we saw bare wood on the backs of the boards, I can't wait to see what it will look like all white!
 You can see where we have new boards, mixed with original boards, mixed with recycled boards, what a mish-mash!
 The next step was...ugh...scraping and.....
 ...sanding. Did I say, ugh? lol. I actually did all of it myself while my hubby was at work.
 I was blessed, however, to get some help from my wonderful father-in-law, who was staying with us for a few days after his cataract removal surgery.
 ....and sand! Yeah! It's finished! The next step is to actually paint it!
 We started out early last Saturday morning. My husband borrowed a sprayer from a friend, so hopefully it will speed up the process for us. We had to lay tons of drop cloths down so we would not have over spray on the gravel, grass or trees.
 My hubby is so clever, he made these templates that fit tightly around the bottom of the fence posts to get a nice clean paint line on the post while protecting the rocks/grass at the base of the posts from getting paint on them.
 It's go time!
 It's looking good so far!
Eric was the painter and I was the mover of the drop cloths.
 Protecting the trees was a bit tricky, but we figured it out!
 Of course with any project, it takes longer than you anticipate, we only got half of it done.
 We got up early Sunday morning and decided not to go to church because we had to get this done. We wanted to get out there early before it got too hot.
Here's a sneak peek of that it looks like so far!
 I love it! It's just as I imagined! I love how the white fence pops off of the red barn. We're so happy!
 Eric did such a wonderful job!
 Because of the heat, the paint thickened up and started globbing up when it came out of the sprayer. This would cause the paint to run, so I went over it with a brush.
We were hot, but we persevered!
 I love this hard working man!
 It's all done! It took us about 12 hours and we were so hot and tired when we were done, but we love the results! It was well worth it. Next summer we need to do the same thing to another section of fence out front that's just as big, so I took notes to help remind us of our system.
 So, here's a before shot of this area one year ago when we first moved in and....
 ...this is what it looks like now! We are so pleased! We are so thankful to God for giving us this beautiful home and property, we are blessed beyond words.

"Elijah challenged the people: “How long are you going to sit on the fence? God  is the real God, follow him." I Kings 18:21

Hugs, Sharon

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Sue from Albany NY said...

Such hard workers! It looks great though.

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