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Monday, August 11, 2014

Paint'n the barn.....

So, as I mentioned last week, we are having my son's wedding rehearsal here at our place out in this little barn, and boy, does it need a lot of sprucing up!
My husband planned a work party with two of our sons who owed him favors.
They started with removing old dangerous walls and boards.
This was an actual working barn before we moved here and two horses lived here. The horses did a lot of damage to the ground and there was old yucky hay and horse poop everywhere.
I was out running errands when they started the project and when I came home my husband had this barn door off and he was ready to scrap it and take down the matching door next to it.
I gasped when I heard what he was planning and begged him to leave the doors because I think they add charm to the barn, but also make it look more solid and would hide all the junk we end up housing in there. Thankfully he listened to me and the barn doors have been spared!
I brought the guys out some tuna sandwiches, boy were they hungry and ready for a break! They removed the whole back section of the barn because it was leaning out so far. They replaced it and made it sturdy and strong.
We have someone spying on us up in the rafters!
He decided to put all of his extra boards, fencing and gates on the south side of the barn. We call it Eric's Lumber Yard!
He found this small section of fence and cut it to size to fit on the north side of the barn.
Now it's all cleaned and repaired!
The next step is to power wash and paint! We are going to go ahead and do both of the barns at the same time. Here's Hayden power washing the big pole barn.
The next step is priming.
I'm getting so excited because I can visualize what the barns will look like with white trim! I have always loved red barns with white trim and the cute white X's on them! We are not going to do the X's this year, but at least we are doing the trim!
This is a before shot of the support beams at the top of the pole barn. My husband and I thought that it didn't look right, so we came up with a better solution.
He put up a thin board across the top covering the existing beam and then did more of a Y-shaped center support rather than the straight up and down boards they had before. I think it looks so much better!
Sadly this little charming fence is rotten and has to go, but we are building a new panel here, we like how it looks and someday we want two cows and they will be fenced in back here and the little fence will help keep them in place!
Things are coming along! Everything is primed, so the next step is painting!
Eric hired a buddy who is a painter to come and spray the barns.
I am so thankful for him! This was a huge job and would have taken Eric and I weeks, but Tim was able to do both barns in one afternoon! My husband was his assistant and did most of the prep work.
Eric and I were, however, left with all the trim work, but that's okay! I'm thankful we didn't have to do all of it!
I was worried when Eric got up on that tall ladder, but he shore up the ladder against the tractor so it didn't move at all.
I actually was in charge of getting up on the roof of the small barn and I did all the trim on the upper half. It was really fun working with my husband!
We are so please with how they turned out!
They look so much better!
The goats love the improvement of their home!
My hubby beefed up the center beams on the front and back of the small barn too.
I think it adds so much charm!
He cleaned up this area and made a temporary garden tool shed. Eventually we will make a big garden and he's going to make a tool shed near it.
So to remind you....this was a before shot of the back of the barns.....
.....and this is the after!
This is a before shot of the large pole barn.....
....and after!
Before shot of the large pole barn's support beams.....
.....and after!
Before shot of the goat barn.....
.....and after!!!
Wow, it's such an improvement!
We are so happy with how the barns turned out and just in time for the rehearsal dinner! Next on the to do list is repairing and painting the fence! Stay tuned for that!!

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!" II Corinthians 5:17

Hugs, Sharon

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