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Monday, August 18, 2014

Getting the barn ready....

 My son, Cameron, is getting married to Megan in just 5 days! As I have mentioned before, we are hosting the rehearsal dinner at our home out in our barn. We have been very busy working hard to get our place in tip-top shape and now I'm down to the fun stuff of decorating the barn! The first thing I did was knock down spiderwebs and sweep it out. Then I arranged the bales of hay into a giant table with chairs that will hold our dinner party of about 30 people.
 My hubby laid down two large sheets of plywood to create the table top.
 I've been having so much fun coming up with the table-setting ideas. I ended up going with vintage pie tins for dishes, mason jars for drinking and bandanas for napkins. I have scouring the thrift shops for rustic pie tins and finally found 30 of them!
 The next step is to figure out what kind of tablecloth to use. At first I was going to do the burlap and lace thing, but I am on a very tight budget so had to rule that out. I started brainstorming and thought that quilts would be a good answer. I found big quilted bedspread at Goodwill for just $6.00 so I bought it.
 I thought about using quilted pillow shams to cover the hay bales and laid this red one down to see if it would work, which it did. After seeing the red sham there against the white quilt, I realized that I wanted more color on the table.
Then I remembered that I have two identical red and yellow quilts from our guest room. I was so pleased with how they looked on the table. The table is so long that the two quilts were not quite long enough, so I placed a solid red quilt in the center. I also realized that I did not have enough quilted pillow shams for the hay bale benches, so I ended up putting folded quilts on the seats and I think they look perfect.
I am not ready to officially set the table, as I will wait until Friday morning to do that, but I laid everything out to get an preview and I think it will be so cute! We are going to have it catered, so there will be no pressure on my husband and I. We will be able to relax and really enjoy this very special dinner with our son and soon to be daughter-in-love and the rest of the family and dear friends.
 Okay, I have the tables figured out, now I need to concentrate on decorating the barn. The first obstacle is finding a neat chandelier that will hang on the center beam. It will not only serve as lighting, but also be a centerpiece to the whole barn. I was dreaming of using an old wagon wheel and hanging mason jars from it. The problem - we don't own a wagaon wheel. My friend said she had one that I could borrow.....
 ...well, I went to pick it up and while it is's way to heavy, it took four of us to get it in the back of my car.
 My hubby said it was much too big to hang, so we will lean it against the wall as a decoration. I love it and hopefully someday I will find my own!
 I searched the thrift stores and could not find an appropriate light fixture, but then I found this neat wrought iron candle holder. I thought that it might work if I flip it upside down and hang the mason jars from it and it will work perfect!!!!
 Uh...not so much. It looks ridiculous. I was so bummed out, feeling really defeated and not knowing what to do, but then another friend told me she has a rusted, rustic outdoor plug-in chandelier that will work perfect. I'm going to go get it this evening! Yeah! Oh, I should mention that we do not have power in the barn, so we will use extension cords from my husband's shop.
My friend, Mary, came over and helped me bring all this stuff out to the barn and then she helped me hang the lights around the walls of the barn.
Now that the big challenges have been met, I'm on to the fun stuff of decorating....the accessories! I love this part!
I have had this old blue Schwin bike kicking around our place for at least ten years. I bought it at a thrift shop years ago and always wanted to paint it and put flowers in the basket, but I never had a good spot for it. Once we moved to the farm, I knew that there were all kinds of places for it, and I finally got it painted. I love how it looks and it will be a perfect little display somewhere on the pathway to the barn party! I've been painting other things too like my old antique singer sewing base and an antique baby buggy base. Next I will paint signs with cute sayings like, "Mr. & Mrs." "Happily ever after" etc. and I will place them around the barn and property.
Well, things are really coming together, but I have much more to do, so I better get out there! I took vacation time this week to concentrate on the wedding.

We are so happy about all of this! Isn't love grand!

"Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil." Ecclesiastes 4:9

Hugs, Sharon


Jan said...

What an exciting time in your family! I love the way you decorated the barn. I'm a quilter and love that you are using quilts for color! It looks great.

Can't wait to see more photos.

God bless,

Mary said...

Everything looks wonderful Sharon.
You and your family did an amazing job from painting, to carpentry, to decorating your beautiful barn. Surely your son and soon to be daughter in love will adore it! Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

wow so much fun. love your ideas and the barn. my friend's dtr got married and did something similar. her mother found lace runners and used them on each table at the reception with mason jars and candles. maybe you can start a wedding party type business?

Mardell said...

Looks amazing, Sharon! What a transformation. I bet the previous owners mouths would drop if they saw it now. LOL

You've done wonders. Great idea on the catering ~ less to worry about. Hope you have nice weather this week. :o)

How about sunflowers in mason jars?

Have a great day! (It's amazing you found all those old pie tins!)

Curious Thinker said...

Nice decorations in your barn. Good luck with the dinner and for your son's upcoming wedding.

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