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Saturday, August 16, 2014

A boy and his blue ribbon steer....

 This is my nephew, Garrett, and his beloved steer, Ferdinand.
Garrett is in 4-H and he rasied Ferdinand from when he was a young calf. He was very responsible and loving to Ferdinand. He fed him, made sure he had shelter, made sure his stall was clean and loved him and petted him. Ferdinand has a very sweet and gentle personality and I think it's because Garrett raised him. He decided to enter Ferdinand in the County Fair.
 This is one huge steer! He weighs 1385 pounds!
 I met my sister at the fair to watch Garrett show his steer. It was really fun for me to see everything that happens behind the scenes in a world I know nothing about!
 I am blown away by how huge this steer is!
 Garrett is just 12 years old and he is very responsible! He had to take care of business...
 ...uh humm...if you know what I mean!
 There was a lot of down time and waiting, so he found a way to kill the time by playing cards with a buddy. I love how they used upside down buckets for the table and chairs.
 What a cutie he is!
 It's getting close to the time when he has to show his steer. Here he is with Dad checking out the competition.
 I love these photos of father and son. His Dad did this same thing when he was a boy, so it was very special to watch his own son show a cow at the fair!
 Garrett's siblings, Harrison, Jessica and Victoria, were there for support and to cheer him on!
Garrett had to wash him...
...and blow him dry so he will be all beautiful for the judges.
 Here he is right before he went out into the ring to show him.
 All the kids with steer in this weight class brought them out before the judges.
 You can see the main judge (in the center with the cowboy hat on) is inspecting Ferdinand.
 Garrett handled Ferdinand very well!
 He even got a blue ribbon!!!
 Woot woo!!! I'm so proud of you Garrett and also you too Ferdinand!
 What a great day and what a great family!
This kid is all smiles and works hard, and I'm really proud of him and love him!

"A righteous man regardeth the life of the beast." Provers 12:10a

Hugs, Sharon

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Mardell said...

I can understand why you are all so proud of Garrett! :o) That's a lot of hard work even for an adult. What a handsome family Kathi has! I love the fair. I used to be in 4H. What memories.

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