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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A very fun weekend!

 I'm still catching up on the happenings around here and today I'd like to share with you a really fun weekend we had back in April. My son, Cameron, his fiancee, Megan and their two friends, Lisa and Desi invited me to go see Fiddler on the Roof with them at the local theater. It was an amazing show and we had so much fun! All four of the kids spent the night with us and we planned a big family dinner the next day.
That morning I made a big breakfast for everyone, as we were waiting for the casserole to bake, we were watching the old cartoon version of Charlotte's Web in the kitchen, it was really fun.
We had coffee and mimosas and had a great visit!
I made a yummy sausage, egg and cheese breakfast casserole with fruit cocktail. I decided to use my vintage snack trays for dishes, I thought they looked pretty with the floral tablecloth. After breakfast I had to quickly clean up the house and start making food in preparation for the rest of the family arriving at 2:00 for dinner.
 They're here!!!
My father-in-law, Jim and mother-in-law, Alice with my son, Mackenzie, his wife Brittany and their baby, Ridley.
What a precious site to see Ridley being held by his great grandmother!
 I set the table for 18, plus we had a card table!
 It looks like a Norman Rockwell painting!
 Treasured memories!
 I LOVE family dinners!
 After dinner we all went outside.
 We celebrated Jim's 79th birthday!
 The center of attention seems to always go back to this little guy!
Time to play! I love this picture of Eric with his dad!
Eric's brother, Mark, was here visiting from Maryland!
It was neat to see my hubby and his brother having fun on the quads together!
I'm glad that Desi and Lisa got to join us for the fun!
And fun we had! :)
 Time to get out the big toy! haha
Yup, it's official, we're rednecks! hee hee.
 Eric's sister, Stacey, and her daughter, Monique.
My daughter-in-love is such a good mama!
 It was so good to see everyone!
I love this picture of my son holding his son, be still my heart!

Well, baby went ni-ni, so it's time to end this fun weekend. I feel so blessed!

"Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God." I John 4:7

Hugs, Sharon

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Mimi said...

what wonderful family times you have..thanks for sharing..

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