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It basically is my online diary/photo album of our life.
I'm glad you're here!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Hi everyone! I can't believe it's been a month since I've posted!
Lots of things have been going on around here and I thought I'd give you an update and show you pictures of spring on the farm at the same time!
After our bitter cold winter, spring was a welcomed treat!
Seeing new life everywhere was such a blessing!
Right after I took these pictures my camera broke. :(
The lens would not retract and I could not fix it.
It has really bummed me out because I love to take photos.
Thankfully in February I got a new phone with a good camera and I'm still taking photos,
but the bummer is my phone is not compatible with my Apple computer, so I can't download them.
Ugh! I'm trying to get it all figured out and also replace my camera.
I am surprised at how much this has effected my desire to blog.
Anyway, just wanted to give you a little update with what's going on around here lately.
Life is super busy, but very blessed.
My little grandson, Ridley is 7 months old already!
He is so adorable and the delight of my life.
Mackenzie and Brittany are such excellent parents and Ridley is just thriving!
Brittany is still breastfeeding and also giving him solids that she blends up herself.
He is a super happy baby who smiles all the time.
I love seeing my son being a Daddy, it's very rewarding!
Mackenzie got a new fabulous job that he absolutely loves! God is sooo good! Over 100 people applied and my son got it! He is a graphic designer for an up and coming company that is growing and doing fabulous. He is very happy!
Cameron and Megan are busy planning for their wedding that is only 3 months away!
Megan got accepted to the English Grad Program which was a very big deal! We are so excited and happy for her!
Grayson and Rachelle are both very busy! He is working full-time and has started a side business of building/welding bumpers, which is actually doing very well!
Rachelle is still going to college and will get a degree in Education. She's also working two part-time jobs.
Hayden is doing great too. He got clarity for his college/career path! He is going to be a forester.
He's going to school full-time and working on the road crew for a land and timber company, which will turn into a forester internship this summer!
He is planning on moving out in about a month, which has actually hit me a bit hard.
I thought I was ready for this, with him moving out for college last year, but this time when he moves out, he will not be coming back home and our nest really will be empty.
I know it is all good and I am so very proud of all of my sons, but I do get waves of sadness and miss the days when I had four little boys living under my roof.
My husband has been busy working at his job as a timber faller as well as doing so many projects around our property.
We are both so thrilled with our new home and have so many fun plans including an outdoor kitchen area, a big vegetable garden, more fruit trees and a chicken coop!
 We also will be hosting Cameron and Megan's rehearsal dinner here, so we are starting to get some ideas together. I am thinking it would be really special and fun to have it in our barn! I would love to have a big long table out there with a burlap tablecloth and hay bales for the seats and hang ball jars around with candles in them. I will be searching Pinterest for more ideas for sure!
Oh, I should mention that this neat creek is actually the property right behind our house. We are friends with the land owner and he said we can walk back here any time we would like.
I was so thrilled when I walked back there and discovered this neat magical place! It will be fun to have a picnic back here someday with my grandkids!
My parents and Eric's parents are still plugging along. We are so thankful they are still with us, although it has been difficult to see them have difficulties with aging. We are so blessed by them.
Well, I've updated you on everybody but me and in a few days I will fill you in with my good news! I hope all of you are doing great and enjoying springtime!

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4

Hugs, Sharon


Sue said...

Thanks for the update Sharon, I have missed your posts.

gin said...

Good to hear from you on your blog. I enjoy your posts and look forward to checking in on you everyday.

Molly Moore said...

Happy to see the update and beautiful photos! Blessings-Molly

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon,
I hope you can get a new camera soon. I know how much you love (& are so good at) taking pictures. Spring looks wonderful where you are.

Hope you are well. Glad you're back blogging.


sherry. said...

so glad you're posting a bit more. you've been missed. :)


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