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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snowed in!!!

 Our whole state was recently hit with another big snow and ice storm! Last Thursday was my day off from work and this is what I woke up to. A fine dusting of snow on everything.
It was beautiful, but it was also cold and I just wanted to hunker down inside the house.
I got all of my normal chores done and decided to make some cookies.
Nothing makes your house smell....
... and feel cozy more than fresh baked cookies!
Meanwhile, it kept snowing.
I think it's time to watch a good vintage suspense thriller. Today's choice "Black Widow" with Ginger Rogers and Gene Tierney. It was a great murder mystery where a young lady is found hanging in a married couple's apartment while the wife was out of town...her husband has a lot of explaining to do!
It was a big story here in the county with tons of school and business closures. My boss called me and told me not to come to work in the morning, but that the clinic would open after lunch, so report to duty at 1:00. Yay...a half of a snow day for me!
We stoked the wood stove...
...and I made a yummy taco soup for dinner.
My husband and I got out the bear skin rug and took advantage of the snowed in thing!
How fun and romantic!
Dessert anyone?
I lit candles...
...and we watched the Winter Olympics.
Later Hayden came home from work and fell asleep by the fire with his faithful yellow dog!
We went to bed to a very warm and cozy house!
The next day the weather had worsened, not only did we get about 6 inches of snow, but we also had freezing rain!
It was magical to look at, but treacherous to drive in.
My boss called me again and said that they decided to close the clinic all day, so I got a snow day!!! My husband couldn't get up to his work site either, so we were home together.
It was really fun hanging out with my husband so much.
We went out to feed the goats.
They were happy to see us! We also brought them warm water.
Eric spread some hay out for them to warm up their bed.
We sure are enjoying these goats. They are very good and fun pets. It's cold out in the snow!!!
We found a great way to warm up!
Amazingly, Hayden was able to work all of the snow days. I was worried about him driving, but he did just fine in his Jeep. We kept in contact with all of our kids and they were all safe and warm.
Time for a good old movie again. Today's choice, "Wasp Woman" staring Susan Cabot. It's about a cosmetic business owner who develops a youth formula from jelly taken from queen wasps with devastating side effects! This movie is really silly and the kind that you pretty much make fun of the whole way through, but I still liked it. I reminds me of the type of movies my sisters and I watched on Saturday afternoons on the Chiller Thriller movie matinee.
Captains log: Day three of the snow storm. It was bound to happened and it did...our electricity went out on Saturday afternoon at 12:30pm. Eric realized that the snow plow that plowed our street shot snow at our mailbox and bent it over, he's out there fixing it. We had a repair man come and work on our furnace vents. I was so surprised that he still came over with this crazy weather, but it was a side job for him and luckily, he was able to do it all without electricity! I paid bills and read and then I said to Eric, "Let's take the quads out and play in the snow!"
So that's what we did. My camera battery went dead, so I took these photos with my cell phone, so they are a little grainy. It's so weird thinking, "Oh, I'll just go charge up my battery" and then remembering we have no power to do that! Luckily my cell phone was still working and I was able to recharge it in my car!
We had fun taking a little spin throughout our property and the property adjacent to us.
Brrr! It was cold though!
We had tons of fun.
Blondie dog is so pretty in the snow!
Night was falling and we still did not have power. I started to gather candles.
I placed a candle in each room.
We decided that we would pretend we were camping. Eric brought in battery operated lanterns.
I read by firelight and candlelight.
Eric barbecued steaks outside and I baked potatoes on top of the stove.
It actually was pretty fun!
Mmmm! Dinner's ready!
The steak was delicious and the potatoes turned out wonderful!
We had so much fun just eating by the fire. We both can look back and be grateful for our huge $600.00 electric bill in December because after my husband saw that bill, he went out and got the wood stove. If we didn't have the wood stove during this power outage, we would not have had a way to stay warm and probably would have gone to a hotel. This little stove has proven to be quite valuable!
Hayden and his friend Colton came home and ate dinner with us and we all watched Seinfeld on Eric's portable DVD player. Later Hayden and Colton played chess by candlelight and then they went to a buddy's house where they had a bonfire.
We went to bed super early and our power came back on in the night. We are so thankful to have our power back, the weather is warming up and the snow is melting. Life is getting back to normal. While snow days are fun, I certainly hope we don't have any more for at least a year!

"He spreads the snow like wool and scatters the frost like ashes." Psalm 147:16

Hugs, Sharon


heartfelt living said...

Sharon, your home looks so beautiful all covered in snow. I loved how you made the best of a bad situation. It looks like you had a lot of fun!

Donna said...

That sounded like a great couple of snow days . Thankful for a warm woodstove. Donna

Anonymous said...

How exciting. you all were so prepared. I have a flashlight that is on a stand and can be 3 flashlights individually, lots of tea lights and battery led lights to use but alas no fire place at all. today we had freezing raind and sleet. lots of accidents here in Texas. a teenager and a fire fighter- so sad. Loved seeing the goats and their abode. your fire box is a life saver- loved the steaks on the grill and potatoes off the fire box- cool. love the old movies too. we had an ice day a while back and we were in a whole week- thick frozen ice. glad you made it through.

Anonymous said...

Sharon this truly was heaven on earth how you were able to have snow days and to embrace them. Wonderful post.


Mardell said...

I thought about you when I saw all the snow you got in your state! Yes, you certainly made the best out of a bad situation. Love old movies, too. It's so cold here (in the negatives.) I'm ready for Spring SOON!

Must have been tooling around on the quads. :o)

Kathi said...

Sharon, You and Eric know how to make lemon-aid out lemons. What a sweet and cozy time together even though your power went out. I am so happy you had your wood stove. Kathi

Kathi said...

I wish I could watch both of those cute movies with you. They sound like the fun kind we used to watch. Your Valentine decorating is so cute, as usual. I love what you do; candy dishes, candles, pretty hearts every where. I loved those little plastic containers too. Love, Kathi

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