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Monday, January 20, 2014

Where did that little girl go?

Ugh! These pictures depress me.
They are my "after" pictures of me after I went on an extreme diet and lost 15 pounds during the summer of 2011. Click here to read about that.
I didn't get super skinny, I got down to a comfortable 114.2.
I went on the controversial HCG diet.
I took drops and only ate 500 calories a day.
It certainly worked!
The problem is I gained it back.
I did keep the weight off for about six months, but slowly it inched back up.
I'm posting these pictures not for you, but for me, to give me inspiration to work hard and get back down.
These photos inspire me because I'm thinner, but the other common denominator is that I have all these cute outfits.
I have always been a clothes girl and love to dress cute, but with my weight gain I have just been using clothes to "hide" my body. I wear skinny jeans and boots with big long sweaters. At work I've been wearing my "fat"clothes that are not in style. Every morning is a nightmare for me as I try to find something to wear and I get mad at myself. I can't stand the way it feels when I walk down the hall and I can feel my upper torso skin touch the lower torso skin. It makes me sad when I look down when I'm sitting and see rolls where there used to be none. I don't like it when I can see "back fat" trough my t-shirts. I'm tired of all of it and I want to do this for me!
I do want to clarify a couple of things here though:

1. I know my self worth is NOT in my size! Jesus Christ died for me and I am a child of God. I am loved by God and He values my heart, not my body!

2. My husband loves me not matter what size I am, although, I think he really, really enjoyed the way I looked in these pictures!

3. I love all women in all shapes and sizes, I do not care what size my friends are, these are just my own personal goals. My whole life I was a petite little girl of 5'2" weighing around 102 for most of my life until I got into my 40s and then I slowly inched up to 108, 112, 116, 118, 122, 124, 128, 130, 132! How did that happen? No wonder I have aches and pains, it's like I'm carrying around a 20 pound back of flour with me everywhere I go!

4. I really think that 114 is a healthier weight for me and that is the key, I want to be healthy!
This photo is taken for my 50th birthday. The weight loss was my birthday present to me. I would like to give myself this gift again, but this time I would like to keep the weight off.
It starts with eating like this again.  Balanced, low calorie fresh foods.
I will be using this simple little old fashioned kitchen tool again to weigh my food.
I took these photos of my meals as I was on my diet two years ago.
They actually look pretty good to me. I will be eating like this, but will be consuming more calories, around 1000 to 1200 a day. The HCG diet only allows steak or chicken and a very short list of vegtables, that's why in most of these pictures their's steak and tomatoes! The only carb I ate was melba toast. For my new eating plan, I am have so many more choices, but these photos inspire me and remind me to keep my portions small.
Healthy shrimp & veggies with melba toast and apple.
Wholesome sautéed chicken and sliced tomato.
What a lovely way to relax by the lake with a magazine and an afternoon snack of an apple, sparkling water.
Sautéed chicken and onion with fresh cabbage and melba toast.
Sautéed steak and onions with fresh sliced tomato.
A low calorie lunch of fresh crab with no butter, sliced cabbage and melba toast.
Tastey steak, cucumber, melba toast and sparkling water.
A spin on an old favorite, pickle roll-ups, but made with low fat cream cheese that was carefully measured out.
Through the HCG diet I discovered Stevia and I love it! It's a NATURAL sweetener with 0 calories, no bitter taste and it DOES NOT CAUSE CANCER!
One treat that I drank a lot and forgot about until I found these old photos is iced coffee! I simple poured coffee in a cup with ice...
...and added a packet of Stevia.
...ummmm!!! Delicious! Drinking this in the afternoon at work keeps the afternoon snacking at bay!
A freshly peeled grapefruit with some Stevia sprinkled on top is so refreshing and guilt free!
A pretty and tastey lunch of shrimp with fresh salsa mixed in.
Presentation seems to make two scrambled eggs cooked with cooking spray and a cup of black coffee...
....taste even better.
I also will be exercising, which is essential if I want success, especially long term success. My plan is to start slowly because I do not want to set myself up for failure. Right now my goal is at least 20 minutes of cardio three times a week leading up to five times a week and then increase the time to 1 hour. I will either walk outside or do my elliptical machine, rowing machine or Health-Rider for the cardio. I am also going to slowly add weights. Two days ago I laid on the bench press and did 3 sets of 10 with just the bar! Haha, but a girls gotta start somewhere. The sad thing is that I can feel it, I'm sore, so I'm glad I didn't go nuts and try to lift 30 pounds. I signed up for the My Fitness Pal which is a free website to log what you eat, how much you exercise and also chart your weight loss. I'm excited about all of this, so hopefully in one week I will have good news for you!!!
Is this little girl gone forever? Is she just in the shadows of my past or will she come back? I am hoping that through hard work with a balance of a healthy diet and exercise she will come back to stay!

"I can do all things through him who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

"But I discipline my body and keep it under control." I Corinthians 9:27

Hugs, Sharon

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Kathi said...

Sharon, I know you can do it! You are the one who inspired me! You are such a cute little girl. That little girl is not gone. You will do this. I know you will. I love seeing you in all of those cute clothes again. Love you, Kathi

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