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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Our Christmas 2013.......

We had a lovely Christmas season this year. I sure hope you did as well! Ours was different this year with our oldest son, his wife and their new little baby boy spending Christmas in another state with family down there. We also did not have our parents or siblings over this year and our other kids kind of came and went throughout the day.  It just felt a little sad and a little different, but it was very nice and I do feel very blessed. We were very blessed to be able to have early Christmases with the rest of the family and I'm thankful for that!
We started our celebration on Christmas Eve.
It was just going to be Eric, Hayden and I for dinner, but I still wanted to make it special, so I set the table.
I used my new plaid-rimmed dishes that I purchased last year and laid them atop my silver chargers. I planned on making our traditional french dip sandwiches, so I set out these pretty ruby fruit cups for the au jus.
We were pleasantly surprised when we learned that Grayson and Rachelle were able to join us for dinner!
Rachelle and Grayson were so sweet and helped us with the dishes, but unfortunately, Grayson started snapping the towel! haha
After dinner we all went into the family room to relax and watch "A Christmas Story."
This is one of our favorite Christmas movies.
It was really fun to be watching it together.
I love their little family and their cozy home. It's such a cute movie.
After the movie we went into the living room to read scripture and open two gifts.
A book and a pair of jammies for everyone!
Grayson came out wearing his new "Ugly Christmas Sweater" tee-shirt. It was so funny, we all cracked up!
Cameron and Megan joined us later and opened their gifts too. They had a Christmas celebration with her family earlier in the evening.
Grayson and Rachelle sporting their new Christmas jammies!
Cameron and Megan sporting their new Christmas jammies along with their new slippers.
These are so hilarious! Megan's brother gave them to the kids as a gift.
They are so in love....
.....and so cute. After pictures we went to bed and waited for Santa! haha
The next morning I got up early and everyone was still asleep. I decided to have a cup of coffee and spend some time with the Lord to thank Him for the many blessings He's given us, especially His one and only son! The kids were sleeping all over our house, so this was the only little corner that I could find. It was really nice.
Pretty soon Eric got up and was being silly modeling Cameron's puppy slippers! Eric said it was time to start Christmas, so we woke everybody up.....
.....and Megan!
These guys are seriously in the running for the cutest couple award!
Time to open stockings!
Trying to get a group photo of the kids in front of the tree is.....
.....pretty much.....
...but we did it! haha!
Me and my Santa Baby!
Wow! Lots of presents!
Eric's opening the gift I gave him.
I finally did it! I actually not only surprised him, but I surprised him with something he loved!!! I bought him a weather vane to put on top of the shop! He had no idea what it was and he is really excited about it. It came in pieced and he already put it together!
This was a fun surprise too! When Hayden got up to use the restroom, Grayson quickly ran out to the garage and came back and placed this bumper on Hayden's chair.
It was so cute when he walked in and saw it!
He was so surprised and so happy! Hayden asked if Grayson would custom weld a new bumper with trailer hitch for his Jeep and Grayson said he would, but he didn't have time and it would be after Christmas before he got it. Gray was able to get it done on time and sure surprised Hayden! I just love it that my sons like and love each other.
Grayson opening his gifts.
Cameron and Megan's turn.
My funny husband! Oh my goodness, he wanted to buy me new boots for Christmas, but wasn't able to, so he wrapped up an old pair of mine for me to open! I will be picking out  my new boots this week!
He did it to Hayden too...we gave Hayden some cash, so he wrapped up some old GI Joe's and had the cash in the bottom of the box. What a nut! haha
Time for breakfast!
 I have two helpful elves making the Christmas breakfast!
We had our traditional french toast and bacon and it was great!
Rachelle came over later and opened her gifts with us.
Then Eric and Grayson went out and mounted the new weather vane!
It looks wonderful! It's just the perfect touch to finish off the shop!
Cameron and Megan played a new game that Cameron got for Christmas.
We set the table for Christmas dinner and because there was only five of us for dinner, we only set one side of the big farm table! We had prime rib, scalloped potatoes and green bean casserole. It was delicious.
MacGyver has the right idea, a nice little nap after all of the fun festivities.

Merry Christmas everyone!

"And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people." Luke 2:10-11

Hugs, Sharon


Judy said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was quiet this year, it gets really hard for the kids to travel now that the grand kids are getting older. Since my husband and I are of Finnish descent, so I had a Finnish Christmas theme. It was a lot of fun and kept us in the spirit of Christmas since the kids couldn't come home.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Christmas. It was lovely. I did miss seeing the others. Glad you are still keeping up the tradition of the PJs, the movie, scripture and 2 gifts. loved the plaid dishes. the glass plates with red around them and the sherbet dishes are called King's Crown.
Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

aww I love your Christmas. I know it is different when they grow up it's never quite the same. So this year you didn't have your grandbaby but you will for his Christmas when he is one. That will be a fun Christmas . Happy new year to you and Eric . Maybe 2014 there will be a wedding too . Donna

Mardell said...

Oh my, what a lovely Christmas in your new home! I smiled through this entire post! The weathervane is awesome. Your family is so funny (the boots) ha ha. Food looked delicious. The farmhouse table is so nice. Your decorations are stellar. Just love the way to take pictures, Sharon. A lot of thought must go into them. So nice.

Thanks for inviting us into your home to share your very special memories.

PS: Have Cameron & Megan set a date yet?

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