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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Local store closes

Our local grocery store just went out of business. My sister and I went in to shop when there were just 7 days  left and there was hardly any merchandise left in the store. It was so empty and it was sad. Am I weird or do you guys get sad at things like this too?
Even though their prices were sky high and I complained about them almost every time I went in there, I was thankful we had this store where we could buy fresh meat and produce right here in our small town.
It also provided jobs for people in our community including my son, Mackenzie,when he was a teenager. He worked right here in the Meat Department.
I remember going in there many times and purposely going up to the counter where he was working to say hi or tease him. I would say something like, "Excuse me sir, but this meat has too much fat in it." and he was so fun and cute and would just play along. He always looked at me with such a big smile. It was so great. It's funny that when you are living your life, you don't even know to appreciate little things like this. While I did appreciate seeing my son working here and also the other boys working at the gas station, I didn't know to CHERISH those moments. I would absolutely LOVE to see all of my sons on a regular basis at their jobs like I did back in those days.
This store is filled with so many memories for me. I remember when they first built this store, Cameron, Grayson and Hayden and I were returning soda cans on the side of the building and we found a ton of miniature frogs. The boys were having the best time catching them. This is where I bought vegetables for a stew for dinner or fruit for my husband and children's lunches. This is the store that I would run to and pick up chicken noodle soup, grapes and 7-Up when someone in the family was sick. I bought the boys balloons for their birthdays and senior night celebrations here.
This is where I bought a ton of groceries to feed the whole football team for a barbecue at our house (click here to read about that).We picked out corsages for their dates for the homecoming dances and prom here. My husband bought my birthday cakes here. This was the store that always donated something to our local schools for different fundraisers. This is where I would always run into at least five people I knew and many times I would stop to shoot the breeze with them and catch up on the latest news.
I drove by the other day and it was eerie to see how empty the parking lot was.
The doors were completely locked up and not a soul was around. This is a sad day.

The good news is that another store will be coming in and the whole community is hoping it will be one that offers cheaper prices, but regardless, our town needs a store like this for not only the food, but for the people. It's kind of like if you imagined our town as a human body, the local grocery store is the heart.

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1

Hugs, Sharon


Erin said...

Glad I am not the only one who gets attached to grocery stores! I feel like a spend a lot of time there, and it just becomes part of my life. I shop at 2 small grocery stores - one cheap chain and one locally owned. I just can't imagine feeling sad if, say, Wal-Mart Super Center closed, but I would miss the smaller stores a lot!

Kathi said...

This is so sad! I felt sad when the girls and I went in there with you. I do hope something nice will go in there. Hugs, Kathi

heartfelt living said...

Awwww, what a touching story. It made me realize that our grocery store is a place of many memories too. Just as you mentioned...a place where we go every week to choose just the right foods to feed our families. A place where we purchase things for our celebrations and meeting and chatting with friends and often surprised and happy to run into family there. My son worked there through out high school and I know excactly how you feel about seeing your sons at work. :)
I hope the new store will be just as special and thank you for reminding me that the things we may take for granted..especially when they are gone...are truly an everyday blessing!
P.S. fingers crossed for better prices! ; )

Anonymous said...

We had a similar situation in our
town. Their prices were high, also.
Eventually they went out of business.
Luckily we have another grocery
store in our town which is more
affordable. It was sad seeing it so
empty before they closed, I know what
you mean. Maybe the next store will
be a blessing for your town. People
need better prices on everyday items.
Take care, Paula

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon,
That is so sad. It's happened many times to some of my favorite stores. Boo hoo. Lots of memories are tied to grocery stores (as silly as that may sound!) I agree with you totally.

Our community bank closed on Oct. 31st after being in our town forever. YEARS. Seems so strange, and it just sits there, empty. It was the first and only bank our town ever had. We have none now. Miss the gals in there. Now the gov't. is threatening to close our little Post Office.

I hope you get a new store soon and it'll be better than ever.


Judy said...

I'm very much like that. I really hope that a good store will be going in there for you.

as always starzie said...

Hi Sharon, I know exactly how you feel. Years ago our neighborhood grossery store went out of business and a new store didn't come in to replace it. It stood empty for such a long time and was torn down recently. I always had to be presentable when I went shopping at this store because I was always running into the kids teachers! We would always run to the neighborhood grossery store in the Heights (that's what we called it) when we needed a few grosseries or a weeks worth. I do miss this store! But at least you will be having a new store come into the one you loved! That's good!

Anonymous said...

wow- so sad for sure. I hope Mckenzie will find another job maybe with the new store? I live in a small rural area 1100 people but we have a lot of businesses here though. 2 banks, hardware store, 6 restaurants, library, 3 gas stations that serve food too, 2 dentists, a pharmacy, and other businesses for a small town. the local grocery store is behind my house so I can walk. Prices are high but when you dont have time or the weather is bad and you cant drive the 20 min on the highway to the WM, it is a good place. The people who check you out always say have a good day, God bless you. it is Market Place and a chain. there are a lot of them in small texas towns. So here is to a new year with a new store and continued community.

56Merlot said...

Hi Sharon, Thank you for postings like this. Yes, I sometimes feel I am the only one with these kinds of thoughts and feelings. So many times you hit the note just right with your blog. Thank you and God Bless you for the Woman you Are! Della in Mesa

Molly Moore said...

I feel the same way when stores close here! Luckily I love the Publix stores that replaced our old grocery stores! I even have my favorite cashiers and bag boys!

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