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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


 This is Krammer. A long time ago he was our cat, but then my oldest son and his wife (Mackenzie and Brittany) adopted him and kept him for a few years.  While he was living with them, he gained a lot of weight because he went from being an indoor/outdoor cat to strictly indoor. He got up to 24 pounds! They took him to the vet and put him on special food, but he just stayed big! He was large, but he was happy and very loving. Mackenzie and Brittany were expecting their first  baby (my sweet grandson, Ridley!!!) and knew that life would be hard with a newborn and an indoor cat, so they decided to give Krammer back to us. So at the beginning of October Krammer came to live with us on the farm, but he would have to adjust to life living as an indoor/outdoor cat again. We were all excited to see if he would lose weight when he came to the "Fat Farm" at our place!
The transition did not go very smoothly as we already had our cat MacGyver.
  There was a lot of "stare downs" going on and......
 ...a lot of hissing.....
 .....stare downs.....
 ....and hissing.
 The meeting between our dog, Blondie, and Krammer did not go so well either....
 .....and hissing!
 Actually, Blondie is a lover, not a fighter and she wanted to be friends, but....
 ....Krammer wants nothing to do with Blondie!
 This is all that went on! Hissing, growling and......
 .....more hissing! We will just have to give it time!
 We kept Krammer in the house for one week and then slowly let him out to explore our home and property. He was curious, but I could tell he was a little nervous and scared.
I watched him closely and only let him out for bits at a time when I could watch him because remember, he had not been outside for several years.
 He seemed to like it though!
 He stopped at the sliding glass door and noticed Blondie. He says, "Hey, wait a're that big yellow dog again.....
 ........what are you doing inside my house while I'm outside??? Hissssss!!!!"
 There is a happy ending to the story though! The kitties first stopped the hostile hissing and growling and started tolerating each other.
 Then they gradually became friends! They sleep on the same bed and they kiss each other's noses when they see each other in the morning! Yeah for friendship and peace! Blondie and Krammer are another story though. While Krammer has softened to Blondie, he still runs away the minute he hears the clinking of Blondie's collar.
 As far as sending Krammer to fat's the before picture at about 24 pounds and....
 ...this is him now! He ha lost 10 pounds!!!
Doesn't he look handsome! He seems so happy too to be lighter on his feet and to be able to go outside and play in the fields looking for mice. He's a super loving kitty and we're glad he rejoined our family! And the good news is that Mackenzie and Brittany get to see him quite often when they come over to visit!

"The godly care for their animals." Proverbs 12:10

Hugs, Sharon


Mardell said...

Aaaawww! That is SO sweet! What a cute story & loved the way you told it, Sharon. Ten lbs. is a lot to lose for a cat. He DOES look handsome. I do remember when he lived with you before. Didn't he use to like to hang out in the garage w/Eric?

Hopefully he'll warm up to Blondie soon. :o)

as always starzie said...

Kramer is a handsome kitty! And to loose 10 lbs is a lot of weight for a cat to loose! He must be getting lots of exercise running from Blondie! They will become friends. They just need a little more time. Do you have coyotes? We can't ever have outdoor cats. All of our cats are indoor or they will become dinner for a coyote! We had a coyote in our backyard at 3:15 in the afternoon! I know we live right by the foothills but that's pretty early to see one!
Take care and Happy New Year!

Kelly M. said...

oh my gosh I love this story and the way it was told, re visiting this blog after some time has truly been the therapy I have needed. God Bless!

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