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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Barn kitties resting in the sun...

 God has been giving us some GORGEOUS sunny days here in our county. We've paid our dues though, all last week we were socked in with fog. My sister joked that she felt like we lived in London there for awhile! So when the sun made an appearance this past weekend, it just lifted our spirits. I went on a little walk out on our property and came across these two darling barn cats taking a little nap together in sun. Aren't they precious! They inspired me to write this little poem:

Once there were two little kittens who lived in a barn
One said to the other, “Let’s do something fun like hunt mice or play with yarn!”

“That sounds great to me”, the other cat said, “Lets also chase lady bugs and bumble bees!”
The first one said, “What a great idea and then we can hunt for birds & climb in the trees!”

Later that afternoon, things were slowing down
So the first little kitty said with a frown

“I love hanging out with you and I’d love to play,
But I’m tuckered out from all the stuff we did today,
God gave us this pretty day where we can play and run
But maybe it’s time we rest from our fun.”

The second kitty said, “I totally agree and I feel I must say
I think it’s time lay in the sun and take a nap out in the hay!”

So that is exactly what the two barn kitties did as a perfect little team
And they snuggled down in the hay together right in the sun beam!

Oh how I love the country life!

"Sunshine is sweet. It is good to see the light of the day!" Ecclesiastes 11:7-8

Hugs, Sharon


gin said...

i'm ready for sun right now too. we're in the south and it's cold.

Sue said...

Nothing like living in the country, Sharon, I am so glad you have your dream fulfilled!

Mardell said...

Aaawww! That is so sweet! I can envision that in a children's book! You should do something up for Ridley. Take a notebook, find pictures of cats and make it a little book. Perfect! And how special it will be because it's from Grandma. :o) Totally adorable. We're sunny here, too (finally.) It's a balmy 20°, but it feels amazing.

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