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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Early Christmas with family......

We had two early Christmases with our family! The first one was with Mackenzie and Brittany and Ridley because they traveled down south for Christmas. We had a dinner and gift exchange at our home ten days before. I love the little photo gallery that Brittany put together up above. We had such a sweet time with them. The picture in the center on the bottom is very special to me because I was holding Ridley and he was smiling at his grammie Sharon!
Ridley and Daddy!
Ridley and Mama!
Ridley and Grandmama!
Ridley and Aunt Megan!
Cameron and Megan are adoring the little one.
Isn't he precious!
He's getting so big now and strong too! Look at his get up on his arms!
And hold his sweet head!
Daddy's playing with him and sitting him up!
We were going to celebrate Grayson's birthday the Sunday before, but we were hit with that big snow storm, so we were doubling up the occasion with his birthday, but unfortunately, he could not be with us because he had to work (he works for a utility company and the snow storm wreaked havoc on the water pipes in town).
We put his picture on the special plate next to Rachelle and he was with us in spirit! I was so pleased that Rachelle still joined us for our party.
Time to open presents! We let Ridley go first.
We only exchanged gifts between them and us.
Hayden looks happy with what he got!
Megan's happy too!
The kitty likes the bows! haha!
Ridley's modeling his new Christmas jammies from Grandpa and Grandma.
Oh honey!!! You have my heart!
We had a lovely evening and we will definitely miss them today, but we know they are having fun with her family on this Christmas day!
This past Sunday we had a Christmas dinner with Eric's parents, Jim and Alice, and my parents, Leonard and Shirley.
Grayson's hugging Grandpa Jim hello.
Rachelle is hugging Grandma Alice hello.
We had a nice visit in the living room and had appetizers.
Then we had a big dinner around our farm table.
Next we exchanged gifts. Grandpa Jim got a new Oregon Duck shirt! Grandma Alice got a new shirt as well.
Grandpa Leonard and Grammie Shirley got new shirts too.
Oh how I love these two!
And oh how I love these two as well. We are so blessed to have all four of our parents still. We had such a lovely evening with them. I'm thankful for these times even if they are not spent on Christmas day.

Wishing you and yours a very magical and loving day today! Merry Christmas!!!

"Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us." Matthew 1:23

Hugs, Sharon

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Faithful friends who are dear to us, gather near to us, once more...

 We had our annual Christmas party for our friends from our community on Saturday the 14th. This is what our house looked like when they arrived.
 The previous owners erected this cross and I was so pleased when my husband put Christmas lights on it!
 Eric also put red and white lights all round the house and they look so pretty!
 We still had snow left over, so everything looked so magical! I placed tea lights in old rusted-out cheese graters to light the path to our front door.
 Snowmen are standing attention outside the front door hoping to come in and get warm! haha
 I love that new big wooden snowman! He's made of old fence boards. I found him at a garage sale last summer for $3.00.
 I did my traditional floating candles with cranberries in vintage enamelware bowls.
 It's always such a festive touch.
 I scattered some festive pillows and placed pretty garland and santas around the front porch furniture.
 The front door's open for our guests to come on in!
 The coffee center!
 I asked each guest to bring an appetizer, so I prepared the big farm table to hold all of the food. I didn't get a picture, but by the time everyone had arrived, this table was full of beautiful food trays!
 Eric and I are very happy hosts!
 This is the first time many of our friends saw our new home.
 Everyone loved it and were happy that we all fit in it so nice!
 All the beautiful ladies!
 We had such a fun night!
 Time for Eric's annual Christmas speech and toast. I love this part! Then we moved onto the white elephant gift exchange!
 Grayson and Rachelle got a stuffed taxidermy duck! haha
 Rachel got this old football trophy.....but take a closer look, this is not just any old trophy, it's my husband's MVP trophy from his senior year in 1977 at North High School! haha! Eric threw it away when we moved and I dug it out of the dump pile thinking it would be a great white elephant gift!
 Alisa got lucky and opened this amazing box of homemade goodies from our friend, Angie.
 Shelby and Brian are having a great time!
 The best white elephant gift ever.......
 ...a pet hamster! Oh my goodness, when Elena opened this, the whole crowd laughed so hard! It wasn't so funny though when he got loose in the master bedroom under our bed! Thankfully, my son, Cameron & his fiancee Megan, found him! I was having visions of having that little critter run across our bed at 3 a.m.! The good news was that several people wanted him and he went home as a Christmas gift for a young girl who was wanting one for Christmas!
What's my annual Christmas party blog post without a classic picture of the messy kitchen at the end! Some things never change! haha! Don't worry, it didn't take us too long to clean up the place. We had another fun Christmas party with our friends and we definitely feel blessed!

"But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth His son, born of woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, so that we might receive adoption as sons." Galations 4:4-5

Hugs, Sharon
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