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Sunday, June 30, 2013

A tour of our new home!

 As you know, we sold our house and bought a new one. :0) We are so thrilled! Today I thought it would be fun to give you a new home tour.
 It's a ranch style home on 7 acres. It has a circular drive with a beautiful white horse fence all around it and a lovely traditional sidewalk leading up to the front porch where it turns to this gorgeous brick front patio.
 I think I will have a lot of fun decorating this area. I will put our wicker set out here for starters and I'm thinking about adding a lot of large terracotta pots with red geraniums. I cannot wait until I get to have a relaxing morning out here with the Lord and my Bible and a cup of coffee.
 This is the entryway. Isn't that front door pretty!
 From the front door you can look strait down a hallway to a backdoor. I don't like that door, it looks like they put a front door on the back. I'd like to replace it with a door that is half window and it would be so fun to have a dutch door!
Here's the fireplace in the living room. We are going to take out the wood TV cabinet. I'm not sure if I want to keep the shelves on the walls either. They do give nice storage, but I have no wall space in here! That's the wood stove that we had to take out. We are going to get another one, but with glass doors so we can see the beautiful fire.
 The living room and dining room are connected and we have a wall of windows. This will be so nice compared to our dark living room now.
 It's a nice big living room and I'm happy that most of our furniture will fit in here.
 I like the dining room, but I'm sad it's not walled off like our current one, so that it is it's own room and has more of an intimate feel. Down the road we might add a wall in between those two windows.
 This is the view from the dining room into the kitchen. I would like to extend that little wall about three more feet to make the dining room more intimate and also give me another full wall to put my china buffet against.
 Here's the kitchen. It is not really my style, but for now I can work with it.
It's an L shape and seems really long and not fun. Eventually I am going to paint the cabinets cream and once we get in there, I'm hoping there will be room for a small island. I would like to paint the walls green and have black accents.
 It does have this nice pantry.
 It also has this neat brick wall. At one time this used to be a working fireplace! I wish I could make it like that again, but I need the storage space. The current owners have this little hutch inside there, but they are taking it with them. I am planning on placing a hutch here, but not inside the wall.
I am really hoping there will be room for me to put a little table there with two chairs. This might not be possible though because there's the door to the laundry room right there. I sure hope I can make this work!
This seems really odd to me....the laundry room is right in the middle of the house. I'm thinking that originally this was all part of the kitchen and could have been an eating area. My husband and I are talking about moving it some day. The house has a three car garage, plus outbuildings and my husband is going to build a shop, so we can very easily turn one of the garage bays into a big mud room/laundry room, which I would LOVE! Then we would open up this area and it would be a butler's pantry and pass through.
 This is the main bathroom, which is around the corner from the laundry room (it sits behind the kitchen stove). I was actually excited to see the black toilet and sink because I've always wanted to have a black and yellow bathroom! This will be a fun room to decorate.
 So lets walk back through the kitchen and.....
 .....head through this door into........
......the HUGE family room!!!!
This room will be wonderful for our family movie nights and there's room for a huge 10 foot family farm table! I'm so excited! These first two photos were from the internet and the below photos are what it looked like when we toured the home.
 It's hard to visualize with all the deer head, but I think we will be able to make this warm and cozy in no time!
 There's a sliding glass door to a big covered deck with a hot tub!!!
 There's a nice little bathroom right off the family room and it even has a steam room!
It also has this nice big walk in closet right off of the family room. I'm going back and forth I want to put all my holiday decorations in here or do I want to put my spare china and serving pieces in here? I'm thinking china!
There are about 5 steps down to the 3 car garage. This is the bay that I am hoping we can convert into a laundry room and mud room.
We are really excited to have all of this garage space!
Okay, lets go back inside the house now. So when you walk in the front door, this hallway is to the left. There is a lot of wood paneling and for now we are going to leave it as is. Ten years ago I would have said, "Paint it all!" but now I feel differently and it's growing on me. I think it would be wise for us to live with it for awhile before we make any decisions. I am going to put a hutch at the end of the hallway and paint it red. I think that would really make it pop!
The house has three bedrooms and this is the first one on the left. This will be Hayden's room.
This is the second room on the left and it will be our guest room.
And this is the final room of the house, the master bedroom.
It's nice and large and I'm so thrilled that all of our furniture will fit in here!
 It's got a very large master bath with two sinks and storage!!! Woot woo!!!
It has a shower and a jacuzzi tub!
I think the thing I am most excited about is this large walk in closet!!! I have never had one before and I really need one! I am so thankful to God for everything in this house! Let's go outside now, I want to show you a few things.
This is the fabulous covered deck that's right off of the family room.
This will be so nice for our rainy days in Oregon! Check out the hot tub!!! I cannot believe that we are actually going to have a hot tub!!! Again....we are sooooo excited!
This space will be so wonderful for entertaining. I would love to hang a chandelier out here!
Beyond the deck there are these two little cute outbuildings.
 This one is adorable. I love the cute door.
 We just thought it was a shed, but it's actually a canning kitchen! There's a sink and a place for a stove! This will be so nice when Eric cans salmon. A long time ago I canned peaches, but I've never done it since. I would love to try it again and can all kinds of fruits and vegetables.
 The other house is a store room, which I am going to turn into an art studio and start my life long dream of oil painting!
 Let's walk back to the deck and if we head towards the side of the house you can see all of this fabulous cement work. There are cement paths and steps everywhere in the front and the back of the house. I love all the brick work too.
 They kept their garden right here, but we are going to plant grass and make this a fun play area for our grandkids. We would love to create an outdoor barbecue/kitchen area and fire pit. I also want Eric to set up a horseshoe pit over here someplace. We will put the garden to the south of this area.
Well, that's the grand tour! I hope you like it! We sure do!!!

We will be moving in 10 days!!! For now though, we have tons to do at the old place packing up 19 years worth of stuff. I am up to my eyeballs in boxes and my back is getting sore, but we are getting really excited about it and can't wait!!!!

Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.” Psalm 37:5

Hugs, Sharon

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Four Brother's Moving Company's first job at the new house.......

I'm so thankful for these four men!
They are my sons and they are so helpful! We had to remove the wood-stove in the new home because it did not meet the inspection codes. The owner would have done it, but his wife just had a baby and was just coming home from the hospital that day. My hubby and four boys all volunteered to go over and remove it before the appraiser got there on Monday. I love how they were all laughing and cracking jokes as they carried this very heavy thing out to the shed. They're awesome, they seem to always make everything fun!
While we were there we took over a load of our stuff and stored it in the barn.
This was the first time the boys saw the property! They were pretty excited!
Cameron's girlfriend, Megan, came along with us and she loves the property too. We enjoyed petting the current owners horse.
 I'm so thankful that our sons (and our friends) are willing to help us move, it's going to be a huge undertaking, but in just two little weeks this will be ours! Oh my goodness...I can't wait!!! 

Thank you God so much for making this happen for us, we are truly grateful!

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights." James 1:17

Hugs, Sharon
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