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Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

 Welcome to our home at Christmastime!
 I'm out of time and just barely got these photos posted, so they have no comments or explanations. I will try to come back later to fill you in on the details. For now though, I hope you enjoy my Christmas tour. Merry Christmas!
Okay, it's a day later and I'm not working today, so I have time to finish this! haha! These first pictures are of our entryway.
I love the way the decorations on this little table turned out.
This darling snowman holding skis is a new find this year. He was only $2.99 at a thrift store! It's funny how my tastes change over the years, lately my new kick is really bright shiny decorations!
I was able to do some decorations exactly as I did them last year like the top of this curio cabinet and...
...our  entryway table. Hey, if it aint broke, why fix it?
I had fun setting up these light up santas on top of my yellow hutch at the end of the hall.
I was so happy with how the living room turned out.
It's so warm and cozy!
We can't have a fire because there's a stove pipe set up here. We had to pull out the previous owner's wood burning stove before we moved in because it was not up to code. We are hoping to replace it this spring.
I am so happy that I can display our nativity scene in the living room to show the real reason for the season!
The pretty tree!
My little display on top of the dining room table.
A happy family of carolers stand together on this bookshelf.
Love this little display. I like the way our regular furniture and accessories coordinate so well with the Christmas decorations!
Let's head into the kitchen now.
I set up my Santa collection on this little wall.
Click on this photo to look closer at all of my vintage goodies!
Here's my display atop my pie safe.
I couldn't believe it when I found that neat framed 1993 poster from a little playhouse from a nearby town advertising the play "Season's Greeting's". It's so cute and perfect on this wall!
Sparkly Santa's, vintage Christmas books and a light up house make this festive display.
One of my all time favorite Christmas decorations is this darling homemade shadow box from the 1970s!
Christmas in the kitchen!!!
I had fun decorating my new hutch!
I found this mini tree in a red bowl and thought it would be perfect here. I also have my vintage Tom and Jerry punch bowl set here.
This antique celluloid santa is so old and fragile. I love it!
An antique child's Christmas mug with Father Christmas is filled with bottle brush trees and has a reproduction snowman and reindeer near by.
I am loving these bright elves from the 1980s.
I found this wonderful Christmas stitching at the Presbyterian rummage sale. You might think I'm weird, but I love the two funky homemade glue-covered-fabric-and-paper Santa's from the 70s. They just talk to me!
Cute santa mugs hang on the kitchen shelf.
Gingerbread wreath and ornament decorate the pantry door.
I placed cute little Christmas items around on the kitchen counters.
Santa salt & pepers.
My antique elf on the shelf in his stripped pajamas!
Love this old, old, old Santa!
Five years ago I would have never guessed that I would by a "Chef Santa", but like I said, my tastes are constantly changing and this little guy spoke to me!!! It doesn't hurt when I found him for only $1.00 at a thrift store!
I did my tradition display in the windowsill.
I placed my vintage baby Jesus collection on the buffet in the back hallway.
So sweet....
There's not much room in the guest bath, but I managed to get this light up Santa in there!
I had to move this little bookshelf here in the back hallway by the washer and dryer when I brought out the Santa collection shelf and I actually really like it here. It just makes it look so warm and cozy for some reason. I think I'm going to leave it here.
I put this cute brass sleigh on top.
Okay, lets head into the family room now.
I LOVED how this vignette turned out!
I put my blow mold collection atop the hutch. It's just so charming and fun!
I was saving these antique boxes of Christmas lights and bulbs for "some day" when we moved into a new home and I finally had a place to display them!
This little tree makes me so happy!
I found this wonderful antique metal tree stand at a thrift store several years ago and I finally had a place to display it! I found the tree at a thrift store on Black Friday lights and all for only $8.00! Isn't this stand fantastic!
My favorite new decoration....a beautiful framed picture of my new little grandson, Ridley!
The colors of our home are already so Christmassy, so it wasn't too hard to make it all look more festive!
I put a little row of small Christmas homes in front of the TV.
I snuck a few little decorations on the bookshelves.
Cute little touches are tucked in here and there.
Some cute little children with their little tree are on the counter near the sink in the powder room.
My sweet little angel lamp lights up this table in the powder room.
We hung lights all around our covered deck and I just set out extra decorations that we didn't use inside our house out there. I like how it turned out!
For so long I wanted to have lights in our backyard so that I can see them from our kitchen window and I was able to make a small display this year at our new home! I put this vintage santa and reigndeer set out there too, it looks really cute from the kitchen window.

I hope you enjoyed my home tour. I wish you and your families a very merry Christmas!!!

"She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for He will save his people from their sins." Matthew 1:21

Merry Christmas, Sharon


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Christmas
photos of your home! Your new home
and decorations look so nice. I was
so happy to see a Christmas decor
tour of your home. I hope you have a
wonderful Christmas with your family
and new grandson. Take care and
"Merry Christmas"!

as always starzie said...

Oh Sharon I love all of your decorations! Everything looks wonderful! I didn't get very much done this year due to being pretty ill the last months. I miss my decorations but my daughter did as much as she could do around her busy schedule. There's always next year I guess. I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a most blessed 2014! And have fun with your new Grandson! I know he will fill your heart with so much joy!
Happy Holidays!
Hugs from,
Darlene and Family

Anonymous said...

Oh so nice to see it all in the new house. I see some new things I think. that small tree with the lovely stand! You painted the small book shelf black too- really nice. it is all so wonderful. so nice to see the familiar Christmas in a new space. Merry Christmas

heartfelt living said...

Sharon, your home looks so festive and cozy. I love all your vintage blow molds. Have been picking up a few myself this year.
I wish you and your family a very merry Christmas. I know you will have an extra special year with your new grandson!
Thank you for sharing...I always look forward to your post.
Are you on Instagram? I recently opened an account and have been looking for all my favorite bloggers there. If so I'm ( Karen5500)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Sharon.
From Erica

Simply Shelley said...

WOW have been busy...very nice...Merry Christmas.

jen said...

So beautiful- thank you for sharing ! Merry Christmas -

jen said...

Beautiful! Merry Christmas!

Judy said...

Everything looks so pretty Sharon! I love all your decorations.

Amy Duncan said...

About 8 years ago, I stumbled upon your blog when I was living in Idaho. I enjoyed reading and sharing a common thread of being a boy mom. After we moved out of state and then the whole change with google reader, I lost your blog. I'm so happy I found it again. I LOVE your new house! So beautiful! Hope you had a Merry Christmas! So many new blessings...daughters in laws, grand baby! That so great!

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