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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It snowed!!!

On Friday we woke up to snow! It was so beautiful as it laid a soft layer of white dust on everything!
I braved the cold and went out to get some pictures. I love this pretty picture of our new cozy home in covered in snow!
There was about 2 inches, but it kept on snowing!
Everything looks so pretty when covered in snow!
This picture looks like I have it on a sepia setting, but I don't, it's full color!
Everything is so magical.
The snow is so peaceful.
I didn't have to go to work! Snow day!!!
My husband and I posed for pictures for our Christmas card.
This is the winner!
Hayden and Blondie are enjoying the snow too!
We went back inside and had breakfast and watched as it continued to snow.
It's fun to be all cozy inside watching it snow!
It was piling up fast and when I went back out, we were up to over 6 inches! We ended up with close to 9 inches total!!!
Talk about winter wonderland!
It's breathtaking!
Here's my seasonal shot of this tree! I took the same shot of the same tree in the summer, then fall and now winter!
Now this would be a pretty Christmas card too!
Eric and I went out to check on the goats.
They were smart and stayed inside the barn.
We cleaned up their pen, blocked off any gaps in the walls, laid down new straw and Eric bought some special bedding. We gave them warm water and more feed. They seem to be doing quite well out there.
Eric's going to check on the pond to see if it's frozen.
Yup! It's froze over, but not solid by any means. Isn't it pretty!
This old wild pear tree is exquisite!
Me and my snow sweetie!
What a difference this picture is from the one I took earlier in the morning! Now it's almost completely covered!
I love this picture of our mailbox!
Home sweet home!
The gates look so pretty!
The old rugged cross looks so lovely in the snow.
The next morning it was all still here!
The sun is starting to rise!
Another beautiful snowy day on our farm!
I love this picture of our flag blowing in the wind on this snowy morning!
Everything is so still and peaceful!
So happy to be warm and cozy inside with my honey.
It was so cold outside!
It got down to -2 degrees!
The goats are staying warm and are so cute!
Another view of the old pear tree. Look at that gorgeous blue sky!
It's so pretty!
It almost looks like cotton!
I went to check on the pond and now it looks completely frozen solid!
Look at the beautiful crystals growing on top!
It's simply breathtaking!
I gave it a little test and heard a little crack and my foot did go in, so it is not frozen solid. I hope our goats or dog won't try to walk out on it.
I love Oregon because we get to experience the four seasons. It is rare for us to get this much snow and to have it stay so long. We have had freezing temperatures for a week now and we are praying that our pipes won't freeze. It sure is beautiful though and it is especially fun at Christmastime!

For to the snow He says,  "Fall on the earth." Job 37:6

Hugs, Sharon


gin said...

Really pretty. We get messy snow about once every 5 years.

Anonymous said...

Breathtakingly beautiful ! Thank You so much for sharing this Sharon. I am happy that you blog and share with us. Merry Christmas to you and Eric . Donna

Jan said...

I love snow! How beautiful your photos are. I remember living in the country, how the snow stayed cleaner, lol.

Thanks again for sharing your beautiful home and family. I love your blog!


heartfelt living said...

Sharon, you home looks just lovely in the snow! Everything is so beautiful and peaceful. Thank you for sharing your photographs. Your a lucky girl. :)

Sue from Albany NY said...

The winter pics are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Sharon!

Anonymous said...

wow what a treat! Hope the goats dont get into the water too. such a beautiful place in the snow too. I just now got out today in texas after our ice storm. side roads still frozen but main roads clear now. we have been in since thurs afternoon. snow is so much better than ice. we have been in the teens too. so nice to have that time off too to be with family. Hope Hayden is doing well in school.

Judy said...

Your farm looks so pretty in the snow. We've had snow the past couple of days but my hubby and I have had the flu and I've not been wanting to do anything but curl up and do nothing. I'm glad your goats are doing well in the cold and snow. We've been thinking of getting sheep and seeing your goats really makes me want them.

Valerie said...

Such amazing pictures. Living in Florida, we do not get snow so I enjoy seeing winter pictures of snow. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing. ~Valerie

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,

I tried to leave a comment a few days ago but I don't think it appeared so I'm trying again as "anonymous". I wanted to thank you for writing this blog. You have been such a blessing to me. The way you love and appreciate your husband and children has been such a Godly example to me of a Titus 2 woman. I hope you will be able to keep writing as you have time, as I always love coming by and catching up on your news. God bless you and your family (and I will continue to pray for your parents).

Lisa (from Sydney, Australia)

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon,
Wow, how pretty! Your pictures are breathtaking. Love your Christmas card photo, too! Here in WNY, it's very snowy also...but we can always expect it. Glad all is well with the goats. In the 2nd pic, it looks like a cat by the fence? Is that MacGyver?

PS: LOVE your black hutch!! Nice job!

jAne said...

how perfectly delightful!!!!!
i'm overjoyed for you and yours.
lovely home, snow, animals, and hearts entwined. is there anything better? i think not. :)

Molly's Art Designs said...

How beautiful Sharon! I love to see photos like this--we do not get much snow on the Gulf Coast of Florida! Our beaches are white, and we make "snowmen" out of the sand! These photos are breathtaking!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures of your first
snow in your new home!! The snow is
so deep,too! It's always nice to see
a new post from you. Thank you for
sharing. Hoping everything is still
improving in your situation with your parents. Take care, Paula

jane from Alabama said...

Wow!!! Soooo pretty and peaceful!!!! God's handiwork is amazing!

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