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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The shop is up!

 A month ago I wrote a post telling you that we finally got our building permit for our shop and the next day they were going to lay the concrete. I'm finally getting back to you with the progress that has happened since that post (click here to read that post). When I came home from work on a Friday night, the foundation was all poured!
It looked fabulous! It's going to be a big 40x40 shop!
On Saturday morning it was already starting to dry!
My husband got up early and went to town to get the siding!
We have all the supplies for the workmen to start building it the following Monday!
This is the last picture I have of this side of our property with no building obstructing the view. I'm sure I'll miss seeing the open field and trees, but we are really excited to get the shop.
When I got up and left for work on Monday the workmen already had the framing up on one side.
This is what it looked like when I got home from work on Monday evening!
Wow...they sure work fast!
My husband is so excited!
It's going to be amazing!
The next day they started to get the walls up.
And also the front where two big garage doors will go.
Unfortunately it rained, but the guys kept working.
Every day they did so much!
The next step was the roof trusses.
Now it's really starting to look like a shop!
The windows arrived too!
It looks kind of magical in here with all those trusses.
We decided to add brick to the corners of the shop to tie it in with all of the brick on the front of our home.
Eric laid the foundation for the bricks to go on at each corner of the shop.
He hired a friend who is a masoner to come over and do the brick work.
He did a fantastic job!
This is what it looked like exactly one week after the foundation was poured!
Isn't that crazy! They really accomplished a lot in a week.
It's a big shop, but I like how it looks on our property, it balances it out.
We painted it yellow, just like our old house. We will paint our new home the same color next Spring.
Whenever Eric could do work, he did it himself to save money. Here he is caulking.
I love how the brick looks against the yellow paint and I love the squares in the windows!
The next step is installing the garage doors. There was a mess up with the order, but they are finally arriving this Friday.
It's looking so nice! I really love that soft buttery yellow against the beautiful fall trees. I also am very pleased with how even though it is really large, it is not shocking to they eyes, it kind of looks like it's always been there! We are very pleased with the outcome. My hubby has been working like a madman inside the shop now building a huge 40 foot long workbench. I will show you the finished product in a couple of weeks!

"Built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone." Ephesians 2:20

Hugs, Sharon


sherry. said...

this is **beautiful**!

jen said...

So nice looking and it doesn't compete with the surroundings - just compliments :)

jen said...

Very nice ! Congrats :)

Anonymous said...

wow what a treat!! they sure did it fast. cant wait to see the inside. this really adds value too to the property. love it.

Sue said...

Yours and Eric's work ethic is so remarkable, I so applaud you both.!

Anonymous said...

wow , what a fabulous shop . You have certainly accomplished a great many things in a short while. I bet the thanksgiving dinner at your house will be amazing too with the big farm table. Donna

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