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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving decorations!

It's all warm and cozy around here with our house all decorated for Thanksgiving! There are pilgrims and turkeys everywhere!
Lately I'm really into grouping things on a tray. I love how it looks.
Here's the top of my little kitchen bookshelf.
I love the stuffed turkey in the back, he's so cute!
Vintage Gurley candles.
Cute little paper mache pail filled with nuts.
As I have said many times lately, I am so challenged with my seasonal decorations this year being in our new home. It takes me a long time to get inspired, but then it finally comes. It's fun because I'm placing things in new spots at the new house and it gives my old stuff new life. For example this cute modge podge collage tray I made a few years ago has a new life in my kitchen window!
Pilgrim children and a turkey are on the left side of my sink.
Vintage turkey salt and pepper shakers with a framed reproduction Thanksgiving postcard are on the right side of the sink.
I always love displaying this heavy glass Avon turkey votive holder.
This is a fun new area that I decorated for the new house.
I like how it turned out.
With a backdrop of an old transferware turkey platter, I placed pilgrims, turkeys and some amber votives.
Another little tray with some cuties displayed.
Love my turkey tea towels!
This awesome one was a new find this year. Isn't it wonderful!
I put a fall plaid tablecloth on our dining room table and placed a horn-of-plenty with some pilgrims and amber glass candle holders.
In the family room I hung a cute swag and vintage cardboard cut-out on my little hutch.
I love this thing!
Another silver tray with vintage gurley candles are displayed in the powder room.
I love these two glass bottles. They are actually mini light bulb covers, but I put salt & pepper lids on them to look like shakers. I love them!
Here's another fun little display on a tray on the buffet in our back hallway.
Here's our entryway table display.
A pilgrim husband and wife with a very large turkey and some candy corn!
Turkey salt and pepper shakers are sitting on a shelf in the living room.
I hung a vintage turkey cardboard cut out on our curior hutch.
Here's our fireplace display.
Pilgrims and turkeys...what else???
The left side of the mantle....
.....and the right side.
This cutie is a new find this year.
I hung a vintage turkey cardboard cutout on the china hutch.
I hung this neat bee's wax turkey on the end of our kitchen bookshelf.
Well, the house is all decorated and the table is set! Now we just need the food to be cooked and the family to arrive! I have so much to be thankful for! I love Thanksgiving!

Hugs, Sharon

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