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Friday, November 15, 2013

My yellow hutch.....

 I painted my china hutch yellow last week!
 This is what it looked like before. I found it at Goodwill last year for $69.99. I did not realize it when I purchased it that it reeked of cigarette smoke (when, oh when, will I ever learn?). I did not have time to properly remove the smell with stripping and refinishing, so I just scrubbed and scrubbed it. I used all kinds of products on it, I even used bleach!  I finally rubbed fabric softener all over it and that masked the smell pretty well, so ever so often I would do it again. Click here to read more about that. Anyway, fast forward to this year and moving into our new home; we placed the hutch at the end of this wood paneled hall with the wood floor and it was just too much wood and too dark, so I decided to paint it.
I considered red or green, but settled on a soft buttery yellow. I purchased a can of soft yellow paint at a friend's garage sale for $5.00, but when I started painting, right away I noticed that it was just too light. Although, I did like the creamy look, it wasn't the "pop" that I was looking for.
Another problem arose as well.....the paint was dripping terribly! I must admit though, this was my fault because I did not prep or prime it, I just wiped it down with a rag.
But, to be honest, I have painted hundreds of things over the years without priming and prepping and I have never encountered this running paint problem. Then I realized why it was doing this, it was all that fabric softener I had rubbed on the wood! Ugh, what a mess and by this point I was too far into the project to go back, so I just kept going!
I found an old can of yellow paint in the garage and started slapping it on there. It actually looks kind of cute two toned doesn't it! The yellow is a bit brighter than I would have chosen at the store, but these were desperate times and I just used what I had.
The good news is that it was starting to cover all of those nasty drips!
I'm almost done and it's looking pretty good, but I was running out of paint! Oh my gosh, this project is turning into a nightmare! Well....I just kept painting and it actually ended up covering the whole thing good enough! No, it's not perfect, but I highly doubt anyone will ever scrutinize my paint job!
Now it's all done and I filled it back up with all of my Blue Willow dishes.
I'm quite pleased with how it turned out! It is a little bright, but I think we will live with it for awhile like this and I can always do the shabby chic treatment with sanding and staining to soften the color.
I found this marvelous blue chicken at a thrift store and he looks perfect in there!!!
I love my cheerful yellow hutch!!!

"The joy of the Lord is your strength." Nehemiah 8:10b

Hugs, Sharon


gin said...

i do like the color of the hutch. it looks good at the end of the hall. at least you learned a lot from the re-do like about the fabric sheet making the first coat of paint run. See, that is good for all of us to know. You experimented for all of us!

sara hardaway said...

I love the yellow too. the blue willow looks country french in there and looks great. the blue really pops. I dont like too much wood either. in time you will like it. hope all is well with you and yours

jen said...

Looks awesome!

56Merlot said...

Hi Sharon, I too painted my hutch a buttery yellow and it was a little to bright or me. I rubbed some dark wax in places around the doors and corners and it calmed down and gave a used appearance. My Mom didn't care for the look and felt it looked dirty but I love the shabby chic look/used look. Here's to different tastes. I stocked it with my fiesta ware dishes. Your yellow with the blue dishes looks fabulous! Della in Mesa AZ

Anonymous said...

LOVE the yellow hutch with your blue willow!!! You are so very creative! I know you and your family are enjoying your new home.. everything looks so beautiful! Can't wait to see your Christmas decor!
Tracie in Raleigh, NC

Judy said...

Wow Sharon, that turned out great and the blue dishes look wonderful in it.

jAne said...

oh. my. goodness.
it's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Simply Shelley said...

Turned out so pretty,and the blue looks wonderful in it....blessings

Jane from Alabama said...

Missing your posts and hoping all is well with you!! Your pictures and writings are a blessing to many of us. Happy Thanksgiving!

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