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Monday, October 7, 2013

The one thing that got lost during the move.....

 One of my favorite collections is my vintage children's book collection. I keep them in our guest room and someday want to read them to my grandchildren when they come spend the night with me. This is a picture of them on display at the old house.
I have all kinds of them, but my most favorite collection are my early readers by Ginn and also the Jerry and Alice readers. The Ginn books were the books I learned how to read from. These are not the Dick and Jane books, but they are very close. The cast of characters is Father, Mother, Tom, Betty and Susan, and their dog, Flip. I think the reason I love them so much is that they show such a happy, hard-working, loving and cozy family.
Here they all are packed up in boxes on the bed at the old house preparing for our big move to the new house.
It was a very hard and chaotic move, as we have a lot of possessions. At the beginning of the move we were organized, but by the end, this is what we were left with, boxes and junk everywhere.
Every room looked like this and slowly I went from room to room and started unpacking.
This is what the guest room looked like when I started.....
.....and this was after. I was so happy to get this task done, but as I was unpacking the books that go in the guest room, I realized I was missing my early readers. I was so upset. I looked high and low, but could not find them.
I looked back on my photos and zoomed in on this box. Yup, this was the box of books I was missing. I was soooo bummed. Out of all the thousands of items we moved, four giant trailers full of junk, multiple car loads and truck loads driving from the old house to the new house, nothing was broken and nothing was lost, well, nothing at all except for this one box of my rare vintage children's books.
If something was missing, why did it have to be my box of  rare vintage children's books? Why couldn't it be a box of hair supplies, canning jars, Tupperware or old towels? Why did it have to be these old rare books that took me years to collect? I was so sad. I actually went beyond sad, I became obsessed. I could not stop looking for them. I looked in every room three times, I looked in the garage, the crawl space under the garage, the canning kitchen, the garden shed, the camper, everywhere.
I even drove slowly up and down the 4 mile stretch of road between the old house and new house looking for them thinking that perhaps they fell out of the back of one of my boy's trucks. At one point I spotted a box in the ditch and parked my car and got out to look, hoping it would be my precious box of books....but it was not to be. I finally gave up, they were indeed lost. They could have been accidentally thrown out, or I figured they had fallen out of the back of a truck and some greedy book collector found them thinking they hit a gold mine. I don't know who this person is, but I'm jealous of them and I don't like them (I'm teasing of course). I had accepted the fact that they were gone and I would have to start rebuilding my collection. Such a sad day.  End of the story? Not quite...keep reading!
One day two weeks ago I came home from work and look what was sitting in the back doorway!!!! My books!!! My missing box of books! My precious rare vintage children's book collection has been found!!! Woot woo!!! I knew they had to be out there somewhere, but where did they come from????
My husband told me that when he was packing for his hunting trip, he opened up this camp box and that's where they were!!! Someone stuffed that box in there and it was forgotten! I was so thrilled!
They were all there, everyone of them, and they were dry and in perfect condition!
 I'm so relieved to still have all of my books including...Around the Corner...
 ...On Cherry Street.....
 ....The Little White House....
 ....Guess Who....
 ....Ranches and Rainbows.....
 ...The New Round About.....
 ....The Wishing Well....
...and last but not least....Alice And Jerry On The Farm.....this is perfect for our new home!!!! Just out of curiosity I looked them up on Ebay and they are VERY collectable and on average they are going for $50.00 each! Whew! I'm so glad that I found them!!!!
 Now they are in their new home in the guest room!
 They are all standing attention next to the new baby crib, just waiting to be read again!
This little darling Scotti dog bookend set is guarding them day and night! My husband's grandpa made him these bookends and they are such a delightful treasure!
 I also have Little Boy Blue guarding them as well!
Oh how pleased and delighted I am that what was lost is now found!

I hope all of you know that this story is a little tongue in cheek and while I was upset about losing my books, I know it is just a small thing in life. I am just making fun of myself, but at the same time, I did pray that I would find them and He answered me! God cares about the little things in our lives and He does answer prayer, even little prayers like finding our missing books.

"And now, just as you accepted Christ Jesus as your Lord, you must continue to follow Him. Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness." Colossians 2:6-7

Hugs, Sharon


Mardell said...

Hi Sharon!
I'm SO relieved you found them. Who'd a thunk they'd be where they were? LOL Wow. Bet you gained a few gray hairs over that! You have a wonderful collection indeed.

You must be so excited & anxious waiting for the baby's arrival!

Judy said...

I'm so glad you found them Sharon. I spied a few books that my mom had given me years ago, and I've read them to my grandchildren, they just loved them. The books look nice in the guest room.

Carol said...

So glad you found your book collection. I have several vintage children's books, including "On Cherry Street". I was so exciting when I found it because that is the name of the street I lived on while growing up.


Anonymous said...

Love that story Sharon ! So glad they were found . Donna

Amy Ellen said...

Hello, its been a while since I stopped by. I am so glad that you found your books! I love those books as well. I found one at a thrift store for 50 cents!! Your pictures are so lovely from your new home.

Randi Jo :) said...

yay!! That is the best feeling! :) My kids drive me nuts when they think have lost something - they get distraught & obsessed --- but I realized they get that from ME! LOL :) So I have lots more grace and understanding.

Your book the Wishing Well is one of my fave fave fave books!! I have such good memories of reading that with my grandma. it was my mom's when she was little and she kept it. so special!! enjoy them!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Do Glad they turned up and are all there in good condition. I have a children's book called The Pepermint Fence- a collection of short stories. love to find old books. my Niece just had her little boy, Cole- a bit early so he is still in the hospital but doing great. wont be long before it is your turn too. blessings.

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a relief to find them.

I have a story I just had to tell. About 7 or so ago my Mom thought her wide gold wedding band that she was married to my Dad in 1952, was stolen by one of their housekeepers. She was devastated and we have looked and looked for it during the years since.

My Mom had a stroke in May of this year - she never recovered from it. During the time she was so ill, I prayed that we would find the ring so that I could some how make her feel better - but that was not to be. Just 11 days ago she passed away. Last Saturday, my husband was taking out an old vanity in her bathroom to replace it and low and behold it was inside it, but underneath it. If we had not decided to take it out because we are remodeling, my husband would never have found it. Somehow I think when my Mom got to Heaven that God told her about her ring and they planned this surprise for us as the Lord knew I would be very sad the day after my Mom's funeral. Praise God.

Grandma Willa

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