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Friday, October 4, 2013

September blessings......

I thought I would bundle a bunch of pictures and events from the past month into one last September blessing post. As I have said many times before, we are absolutely LOVING living in the country! One of our favorite things is to observe the wildlife around our property. One day I looked out the kitchen window and I saw a little family of wild turkeys out near the summer kitchen.
When we first moved in we saw them, but they stayed their distance. We have noticed that they are getting more comfortable with us and getting closer and closer to our home.
I love watching them! The babies have gotten so much bigger, just in time for Thanksgiving!!!
We went to my husband's work barbecue in early September. It was at one of the manger's home and we had a wonderful time. If you look closely in the photo above, you will see my husband to the right....'s a close up of that photo, but guess what made it extra special for us? Now look closely to the left of the first photo.....'s our son Hayden! He's also an employee of the same company, so he was there with us. What a fun thing that was! We heard from everyone who works with him that he's a hard worker and they really enjoy him! In fact, he's the only summer intern that was asked to stay through the college year! We are so happy and excited for him.
I actually took this picture of him in August, but never shared it on my blog. It's very early in the morning at about 5:00 and he's got his lunch packed, a jug of water and a thermos of coffee and he's heading to work. He worked 40 hours a week all summer and we are so proud of him (all of our sons are hard workers and we are proud of all of them!). It's also exciting because since he started working for the Land and Timber company on the road maintenance crew, he has decided he wants to go into the forestry industry and become a forester! Before that he wasn't quite sure what he wanted to do as a lifetime career, so this is wonderful that he got clarity and figured it out. He started school this week and will end up transferring to Oregon State University in their forestry program after that.
Speaking of Hayden, he saved his money that he earned this summer, sold his little Toyota and bought a new jeep! It's a 1994 Jeep Wrangler. It needs some work, but he's up for it and he's really excited about it.
Throughout the month my husband was busy doing more projects. He was worried that all that tractor work we had done in the fields would just end up causing a giant mud hole in our backyard, so he spread new grass seed  all throughout there.
Then he covered it all with straw.
He thought the straw would keep the mud at bay and also protect the grass seedlings as they were sprouting from the sun and the turkeys!
This was such a beautiful sunny fall afternoon, but I couldn't quite enjoy it, I had something very heavy on my mind.

I've mentioned before that we have had extended family issues and they all seemed to have come to a peak the first weeks of September. On this beautiful crisp and sunny September Saturday afternoon as I sat outside watching my wonderful husband work, my heart was just so heavy, I couldn't even smile. I was so depressed about the situation and I had no motivation. I was walking around like a zombie. Eric was so understanding and let me just be a zombie. He was just so great with me. He let me talk it all out and gave me sound advice.
 I sat out there on a pile of 2x4s with my coffee, watching Eric work and read my devotional and prayed. The Sunday before one of my sons finally spoke up and said that he was so tired of seeing me go through this pain for the past 5 years regarding this situation. He was tired of me talking about it. He was tired of me and my sisters trying to help the situation when that family did not even want our help. He told me that I've got to let it go. I really pondered those words and I realized that I did need to let it go and turn it all over to God.

What has been so hard is that I was trying to protect elderly people whom I love from a manipulating person who has taken everything from them, but it's true, they don't listen to me and they don't want my help, so I needed to let it go and let God fight the battle for me. This was affecting my life, my husband's life, my kid's lives and I was not going to let it do that any more. I prayed and did give it over to God. Slowly, peace came and answers came and I feel like it is out of my hands now and most of the drama has resolved.
Did I mention that I have an amazing husband? I want to concentrate on my blessings and be thankful all the time! God has been so good to me and I am so grateful.
We have had some absolutely gorgeous weather in September. I have always loved fall and it has been so  gratifying to enjoy each new day and observe the weather and seasonal changes here on our little farm. We have had some beautiful foggy mornings lately.....
....they are just breathtaking.
I love the crisp mornings and hot afternoons that September brings
I have enjoyed walking through the property and really soaking in everything that's here.
What vibrant fall mums!
The Bleeding Hearts are still in bloom and as beautiful as ever!
I'm so thrilled that we have all these beautiful Ash trees and Oak trees. The leaves are turning color and starting to fall everywhere making a colorful carpet of yellow and oranges.
Oak trees are my favorite and I feel so very blessed that we have many on our property. I enjoy hunting for acorns. They have always intrigued me since I was a little girl. I especially love finding the ones with their caps still on!
Another fun thing that Oak trees drop are these cool puff balls. I'm not even sure what they are for, but when you step on them they crack and a puff of dust comes out of them. They are all beautifully spotted and so unique.
I even found a small animal skull.
I was really happy that one day one of my husband's friends came over and he took a little break to go play on the quads. He has been working like a mad man and this is a much deserved little break.
The kids all came over for my birthday.
Grayson and Rachelle are doing really well!
Another gorgeous sunrise.
What a lovely sky.
The deer are starting to come down closer to the house to feed.
They are so graceful.
We had a big family dinner and celebrated Mackenzie's 29th birthday!
How can my first born baby boy be 29 years old already? My goodness the time has gone by so quickly! We are so very proud of him and in a few weeks he will be a father! I know he is going to be the best Daddy!
The next week we had a family dinner to celebrate Hayden's birthday. We invited Eric's parents to join us. Eric's mother wanted to see the goats, but she is in a wheelchair and it's a gravel road back to the barn.
Eric decided that the best plan would be to give her a ride on the quad, but she does not have strength in her legs to get on the quad. Eric, Cameron and Grayson helped her get on the quad with me.
I told her to hold on tight!
Just to be safe the boys walked along side us and I went really slow.
Alice loved it!!!
We drove back to the barn and Alice and Jim both got to see the goats!
The whole family walked out there. It was really fun.
Grayson fed the goats some leaves.
Then Alice gave it a shot.
We had fun.
Then we all went inside and had his requested birthday dinner of prime rib, potato salad and fresh green beans, and for dessert, instead of a birthday cake, he wanted cheesecake.
Happy 20th birthday Hayden! You can see Miranda next to him, but sadly, last week they broke up. Actually, it's all good.
My husband and sons went hunting last weekend, so I had the girls over for a slumber party! I took them all out to dinner at our local Mexican restaurant.
Then we went home, ate junk food and watched a chick-flick. I gave the girls little goodie bags too! I had so much fun with them and I love them all!!! We want to do this again some day and I can definitely see this becoming an annual tradition!
The next day things were happening with Brittany and the baby, so she called her doctor. Gladly, it was nothing and he is still expected to come in three weeks. The longer he stays in her tummy, the healthier he will be, so we are glad he's waiting!
Look at this gorgeous sunrise! We had a wonderful September, I hope you did too!

"The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim His handiwork." Psalm 19:1

Hugs, Sharon


Barbie B said...

God I'd good!! Thanks for sharing so many wonderful pictures of your new farm and your darling family. I think your blog is a delight and a blessing.

Judy said...

What a nice post Sharon, you continue to enjoy each day on your farm. I'm glad things are working out with your extended family and that you have found peace in it. It's not easy, my husband and I have taken my parents in and tho there is no drama there also is hardly any contact from my siblings, at first I started to have resentment, then I turned it over to God and I feel so at peace with it all. I'm really enjoying your posts about your new life out in the country.

Sue said...

This was wonderful Sharon, enjoyed reading about your September!

Amy said...

Hi Sharon,
I have enjoyed your blog for a long time, but I'm not sure if I have commented before (I also read your sister Kathie's blog). Just had to let you know how happy I am for you and your family that you found such a wonderful place in the country that you love.


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