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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Preparing for the shop!

After Eric tore down the old shacks, the contractor, that he hired to build the shop, came and started working on the area.
Every day for a week there were workmen here using different equipment to prepare the site for the new shop. It was really fun and exciting! I never knew what I would see when I walked outside!
They used all kinds of equipment including a steamroller to level it out.
Eric helped whenever he could.
The marked off the four corners with rebar and boards.
They brought load after load of gravel.
It's amazing how this area has changed! Hayden and Blondie are checking it out.
MacGyver thinks we made this area for him! haha!
It's really exciting for us!
Eric was working on other things at the same time.
He was placing railroad ties all along the base of the horse fence to make this area look nice. This will be our extra parking area for when we have gatherings and parties.
Blondie says, "What happened to the shack that used to be there?" hahaa
We had over a dozen loads of gravel delivered to fill in and level out the site.
After every load the workmen would spread it and then compress it.
While the workmen were doing there thing, my husband was doing other projects in the area. It's funny how one project tends to lead to another project!
He decided to work on this patch of field behind our house.
This area was fenced off and had raised beds for a garden.
We decided that we want to place a patio here and build an outdoor barbecue/kitchen area and then plant a big area of grass for our grandchildren to play. We also want to have a horseshoe pit and fire-pit area back here. We will plant our garden behind the two little houses.
Eric was disgusted by how much garbage was put inside the raised beds, it was a very big job.
On top of the garbage he had to deal with, he encountered DOZENS of SNAKES! Yuck!!!
 He said they had a whole community in those raised beds. Yuck! All the cinder blocks, broken boards and garbage created a perfect environment for them to live in with endless tunnels and caves. It's so gross to think that we had a a city of snakes within feet of our home! I'm so happy he tore these down and we got them away from the house!
The area looked so much better after he removed the raised beds.
And it looked even nicer when he leveled all of it!
We are going to leave this cement wall made of cinder blocks. I think it adds character and reminds me of my Grandpa Irving's house. This will also serve as the backdrop to our outdoor kitchen area.
Now I can really visualize having a grassy area here where my little grand-babies will frolic and play! This will be a project we will hopefully do next spring.
Meanwhile, lets get back to the construction site for the new shop. It's looking so good!
It's going to be 40x40 with two big garage doors and a couple of windows. It will have siding and brick that match our house and then we will paint both the house and the shop a buttery yellow just like our old house.
It's so heartwarming for me to see my husband so excited about this. He has wanted a big shop for many years and now his dreams are coming true! He really deserves this! :)

"For we are God's fellow workers. You are God's field, God's building." I Corinthians 3:9

Hugs, Sharon

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Anonymous said...

You all have done so much in such a short time. it all looks great. you have added value to your house and land. will you get the shop up before winter? snakes- never good. glad you got rid of them or did they just snake off? part of the country life. keep a shovel handy when the kids play on the grass. hope the goats are doing well.

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