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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Our cozy kitchen.....

I can't believe it, but we've been in our new home now for 3 months already! The time has gone by so quickly, it's unbelievable! I realized that I never really showed you pictures of our decorated kitchen. I showed you a few pictures when we first moved in, but nothing since. 
First I'll show you pictures of it when we first looked at it and were considering buying it.
We haven't changed a thing except we painted it a warm sage green, but we added a ton of warmth with our hutch and little island. I look at these pictures of how the previous owners had it and it seems so empty to me.
I am growing to love my little kitchen! I am on the hunt for a black and green floral valance, but I haven't found the right one yet.
It's shaped's long and skinny, but I think by adding the hutch and island it added some character and also storage space,
I love the range! It's a GE and great quality. I'm enjoying having the black appliances.
I'm trying to decorate with the country french style. I love this marble lazy Susan that I put inside this round basket. I topped it with some kitchen essentials next to the stove.
One of my favorite vintage cookbooks....The Household Cook Book. Isn't the  picture on the front charming!
Here's a view of the kitchen from the laundry room. Our old cream fridge really stands out. We were going to get a new black one when we moved it, but other things and projects became a higher priority, so for now we will wait.
We don't have that much counter space, and now that we've lived here for three months, I am starting to come up with some remodel plans.
Here's a picture of my one and only, right next to the sink, so I see him every morning and several times throughout the day!
Here's another marble tray nestled inside a wicker basket. I have more kitchen goodies sitting here.
I had this shelf hanging on the wall at the old house. It's funny because I just took it off the wall as is...full of all this stuff, placed it in a box, transported it to the new house and took it out of the box and placed it here and here is where it stayed! haha! I am planning on hanging it somewhere, just don't know where yet.
This is the view of the kitchen as you walk into it from the living room. I don't really like that the first thing you see is the refrigerator; I would much rather see a cute little table here or a hutch. The fridge location is actually not very efficient, as it is too far from the sink and stove and I'd really like to move it.
I was so pleased that this pie safe fit perfectly in this little area right next to the fridge and it's actually camouflaging it a bit.
I filled it with some vintage bowls and other antique pieces.
I was so excited to finally be able to display my wonderful enamelware with the turkey, fruit and vegetable designs.
I adore my EAT sign!!!! That was a Goodwill find...they were only .49 cents a letter! Score!
This door between the kitchen and family room is really wonderful! We usually keep it open, but if my hubby is watching football and I'm having a ladies tea in the living room, it will be nice to have the separation of space and a sound barrier!
I found this still life picture at a thrift store for just $1.99!
Does this little bookshelf look familiar? I had it against a small wall in my old kitchen and I was so thankful that I found a perfect little spot for it at the new house!
I put some cute farmy type things on top.
I hung two more still life pictures on this wall along with a picture of a sweet little farm girl.
I finally hung my shelf on the brick wall and I love it!
I used a mason drill bit to drill a small hole and then inserted a mason screw to hang the pictures and shelf on. Isn't that framed rooster handsome!
I put my small collection of black transferware on the shelf.
It's what that wall needed, it really warmed it up.
I have wanted a hutch in my kitchen for a long, long time and now I finally have one! I can't wait to paint it black and add crystal knobs to it!
This is the perfect spot for me to display my vintage cookbook collection. I have too much junk on this shelf and I know it, I just have not been in the right mood to rearrange it. It's a hard battle us junkers are always dealing with, how do you get rid of things that you love?
The book in the back is so cute, it's called Donuts and Diplomas. I could not believe it when I found the green depression glass measuring cup at a garage sale for only $2.00!
It's extra fun and meaningful for me to have farm animals on display in my home, now that we live on a farm!
Love this little heifer salt shaker! He's sitting on an old recipe box filled with Eric's grandma's recipes!
This whimsical little pig looks like he's heading to market!
I found this old postcard at an antique store a long time ago and gave it to my sister who lives on a farm, I made a color copy of it for myself and framed it. It  says, "Life on a farm is delicious."
I do adore my new kitchen, but it's really long, the fridge is too many steps from the sink and stove, I miss having a big wide counter to work on and I could use a little more cabinet space. The wheels have been turning....
....I was thinking that perhaps we could move the fridge to where the china hutch is and get rid of the island. There's actually a big fireplace hole behind the china hutch, so the fridge could nestle back int there and not take up as much space. Then have a cabinet maker make us some cabinets around the fridge and make an L shaped counter that comes out to the left. We could move the hutch over to where the fridge is now. This would solve several issues and would create some seating with bar stools.
I don't know...we will keep thinking about it.
We are really happy with our farm house and I do love the kitchen....
...but you know what I love best about it?
I love it best when my hubby is in there with me, especially when he's cooking breakfast! :)
I feel so blessed with my sweet kitchen and our new cozy farm. I am so thankful to the Lord for giving us this place and I want to please and glorify Him with our home by ministering to people here.

"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

I love your kitchen Sharon . I would consider a more functional island , with a proper countertop on top . My island is an old buffet with extra deep drawers and a long drawer across the bottom . This is for all my baking things , sugar flour etc , measuring cups. This is the second one I have done and it works perfectly . I have wrapped the sides in beadboard and painted it all white. My other one I had was kitchen cabinets with legs put on wrapped in beadboard and a counter top put on. It had two cupboards below and two drawers . You can buy those at home depot , I bought mine at habitat second hand . total start to finish on that project was less then $300. You seem to have quite a bit of counter area but too much stuff on it . I hope you decide to do your cabinets in cream too , you will be so impressed in how it updates your kitchen too . Donna

Happy@Home said...

Hi Sharon,
It's been awhile since I've been by to visit so I had to read back awhile to learn that you're in a new house now. Congratulations!! Your new home and surrounding area looks so pretty and I am amazed at how quickly you have made it look so warm and cozy. It looks like you've been there for years.
Love the changes you made to your kitchen. It is indeed COZY.

Anonymous said...

Sharon that would be a great idea to move your fridge where your hutch now is. And move your hutch where your fridge now is. If there is room.

I was so excited to see a new picture of your kitchen.


as always starzie said...

Hi Sharon! I have enjoyed your recent post so much! You have accomplished so much in a short period of time! Your kitchen is so cozy and I love what you've done with it so far. Having a farm, what a dream come true. You are so blessed! I'm so happy your family issues have been resolved. I know how things like this can occupy your thoughts. I have a family issue myself going on right now. And I'm so heart broken about the situation. I finally have done what you did. I prayed and asked God to heal the situation in the best way possible. Now I must try and let go! So glad you were able to buy the little girl goat. What you did sounds so much like myself! I would have worried the mama goat was missing her baby! Thanks for sharing life on the farm!
Take care,

Judy said...

You have made this home and your old home so cozy Sharon. I would love to sit and visit with you over a cup of coffee :)

Anonymous said...

Your kitchen is beautiful. you dont need to do anything. AND YOU DONT HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF ON THE COUNTERS!!!!! Ilove seeing your things out and displayed. Some people make a tight nest and some make a minimalist nest. I have a lot of things bec I make a tight next- space to live in. That is what makes it cozy! I dont like sterile rooms with few things out, cold to me and industrial. If you want to move the refrig do so- it is a very spacious and open kitchen with good light and windows. nice job. I have one of those green glass pitchers you have on a shelf.

Anonymous said...

Also I have started my own collection of vintage ceramic dogs and have 5 now. One glass that came from grape nuts in the 30s. and children ceramics for my guest room. loved the green shelf with all the stuff in it.

gin said...

I think Your kitchen is big. I love the huge window over the sink .

Janet said...

I love your warm and inviting! The sage green looks so pretty and the rug really warms the space up. You did a great job hanging the shelf on the brick wall...looks so pretty with your transferware tea cups!

56Merlot said...

Sharon, Congratulations on the new home! I am enjoying your post tremendously!!!!!! I know you are busy and thank you so much for all your sharing. It's October and looking forward to the Angel's arrival. God Bless you and the entire family.
Mesa AZ

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