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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween decorations at the new house!

 Our house is all decked out for fall and Halloween!
 It was kind of hard for me to decorate because everything was new to me! I had to figure out how my old decorations were going to work at the new place. I usually love decorating challenges, but for some reason, this was difficult for me and I had creative blocks, but I finally pushed through. At our old house all of my outside decorations were in a garden shed right off of the front porch, but at this house they are stored far away in the backyard. Instead of hauling each box individually, I got smart and loaded up the quad with all the boxes! That worked out pretty slick!
I really like how everything came together!
 This old wheelbarrow is one of my favorite props to use for fall decorating. I love to fill it with pumpkins. I use fake pumpkins, but hopefully next year we will have a big garden and I can grow many of our own!
 This beautiful Cinderella pumpkin, however, is real and it was given to me by my friend, Mary. I love it!
 I wasn't sure how my wooden crate display would work out on these brick steps with the different levels, but they worked out fine!
 My same friend, Mary, also brought me these beautiful rose-hips! That's little hand-painted "Trick or Treat" sign was painted many years ago by my son, Cameron, and it's one of my favorite things!
 My porch looks like the front of a country store!
 I placed a few fun things around the wicker furniture. Okay, that's it for the outside of our home, now let's take a walk inside!
I hung a fall wreath on the closet door in the entry way and also hung my cute vintage owl on the curio. If you look closely, you can see my pumpkin bell that is hanging on the front door knob. He is a traditional piece that has been in our home for many years!
 Oh...I meant to explain to you why some of my photos are such poor quality. My camera has been a big disappointment to me and I am hoping to buy a new one soon (especially so I can take pictures of my new little grandson!), but for now, I must put up with poor quality photos. Anyway, here's a picture of our entryway table.
 I collected a bunch of black and white Halloween items and placed them here together. Don't you adore that black and white checked pumpkin!
 Scary books and chocolate eyeballs!
 This is a vintage school room decoration. He's kind of scary, so I might have to keep him in the box the next few years while my grand-baby is young. I want Grandma's house to be warm, safe and comfortable, not scary!
 I hung another vintage cat on the china hutch in the hallway.
 I put more black and white decorations on the back hallway table.
 This spooky silhouette of a house is a new find this year.
 Love the old crows!
 I hung this fun vintage party garland on the fireplace mantle flanked by more crows.
 A cute black kitty and pumpkin sit by the fireplace.
 In this corner of the living room I placed a few fun items.
 My son, Cameron, and his sweetie, Megan, took me to see a play at the local theater (Spamalot) and I made us all dinner before we went. I decided to set the table with a Halloween theme! We had such a fun evening!
 Let's head into the kitchen now!
 I displayed a bunch of whimsical owls, kitties and pumpkins on top of my little bookshelf.
 This is one of my favorite things! My friend, Mary, and I were thrifting a few years ago and we found this vintage, Halloween party, paper tablecloth. We decided to buy it and cut it apart and frame a section in a black frame. We each made one! Isn't it cool!
 Here's my windowsill display.
 This little scene cheers me up every time I'm at my sink!
 This little framed picture cheers me up as well, it's a picture of my little munchkins all dressed up for Trick-or-Treating many years ago!
 I love to put these little seasonal votive holders all over the house, they are so cheerful!
 A little display in a nook on the counter.
 Here's another one on top of my china hutch.
 I hung my antique paper-mache pumpkin lanterns on this shelf on the brick wall.
 This is a new display area for me, it's the top of my pie safe.
 Fun stuff!
 This old black basket is full of vintage goodies!
 I found this darling black and orange owl at Micheal's this year. He's so cute!
 Another stack of scary books topped with a vintage candle, a black light up candlestick and a black crow.
 Let's head into the family room now!
 I'm so thrilled to finally have a proper place to display my vintage glow pumpkins!
 They really warm up the room and are so much fun! This pirate pumpkin candy holder does not light up, but isn't he great? He's so rare, I've never seen another one like him. I found him in the bins at a local thrift store and paid just .99 cents for him!
 I placed a few more goodies around the room in different spots.
 Love this vintage reader, "Fall is Here" with Tom and Betty carving a pumpkin on the cover!
 I placed these cute little light up lanterns on top of our computer desk. I painted these many years ago.
The best thing....this little mini pumpkin that I carved for our new little punkin...Ridley! I can't wait until he's old enough to come to my house and ring our doorbell and shout, "Trick-or-Treat Grandma!"

"I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me." Galations 2:20

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

Love seeing all of your fall goodies out- they look great in the new space. love the pumpkin people on the green cabinet. I have only one.

Judy said...

I've been waiting for your fall decorations, you did good. I absolutely love your old wheelbarrow.

as always starzie said...

Sharon all of your decorations are wonderful! I enjoyed you sharing them with us so much. I used to do so much more decorating but my health situation has prevented me from doing it the last few years. Hope I feel better so I can do more decorating. I love it like you do. And I have four munchkins! I love how warm and cozy your family room turned out! It's so inviting. I just want to come over and sit by a cozy fire and chat with you!
Take care and enjoy your sweet Grandson!

56Merlot said...

Sharon, I am enjoying your posts of the new home so much. Don't know where you find the time but I am so very glad you do! The decorations are just wonderful. Can't wait to see Christmas. Della

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