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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

God's hand of protection...

 I told you a few days ago that our son, Hayden, bought a new Jeep and he was really excited about it. Sadly, just a few days after he bought it, he came down with that terrible illness, which was some kind of strep throat. It took him down and kept him down for a full week. He missed a week of work and he didn't even leave the house or drive his Jeep anywhere. Finally, after a week of being sick, he was finally well enough to go to back to work and he would be able to drive his new Jeep.
He had worked on his Jeep the evening before to make sure that it was in working order to drive the next morning. Since we've bought this new place, I carry my camera with me everywhere we go and I just happened to get this picture of Hayden working on his Jeep that night. He was still really weak, but had to get some things done on it before he took it to work the next morning. Well, because the Jeep is new to him, he didn't realize that he had not properly secured the hood down after he had worked on it. This style of Jeep has a very different hood locking system with pins on each side of the hood and sadly, he didn't double check them.
The next morning he got up at 5:00 and drove to work in the dark down a back curvy country road going 55 mph,  when all the sudden his hood flew up and hit his windshield!
When it flew up it blinded him and he couldn't see the road at all. It flew up and stayed up.
It hit his windshield and cracked it.
It really dented his front hood and it was loud.
He said it really scared him, but he had the sense of mind to just slow down gradually and he looked out his side window to see the road.

Since my boys were little, I have prayed for them to have good character traits and one of them is wisdom. I feel like even though he made the mistake of not properly securing his hood, he showed wisdom with his reaction to the accident. I have also prayed for things like sensibility, calmness and for them to be quick thinkers in times of trouble. I believe that God has answered my prayers with all of my sons. As mothers, I think it is very, very important to pray for our children to be men and women of character and integrity. We then need to back it up our prayers with teaching. It's also wise to pray that our kids will learn lessons from the things they go through so that they will not have to repeat their mistakes. Character is often times revealed in emergencies and I was proud that Hayden stayed calm and made good choices through his. I feel like if it was me I would have screamed and panicked and probably wrecked. I was also proud of him for going on to work instead of coming back home.
I felt so bad for my son though; he had such an awful day. He was still so weak from his illness and then this happened on the way to work, but I praise God so much for protecting my boy! This situation could have turned out so badly, I don't even like thinking about it.

I praise God for watching over my son with these things:

It was a windy road, but the accident happened on the straight away.

There were no other cars on the road at that time.

Hayden was able to bring the Jeep to a complete and safe stop.

He was shook up, but he didn't wreck and he didn't get hurt.

His windshield cracked, but it did no break. It could have broke all the way through cutting him badly.

The accident happened about 8 miles from our home and about 6 of those miles he was in 55 mph speed zones. It was a miracle that the hood did not fly up sooner in a more dangerous section of road.

God definitely had His hand upon Hayden!
I praise God for watching over my son. He learned a lot from accident, from being more careful to ensure the hood is securely locked to being responsible and making arrangements for the repairs and paying for them himself. This accident also built his faith even stronger that God is in control and God is watching over him. His windshield is replaced now and his brother, Grayson, helped him hammer out the dent in his hood, so the Jeep is back in working order now. In fact, he took it mudding this past weekend and that's where this  picture was taken.

I give God the glory for protecting my son.

"For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways, in their hands they shall bear you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone." Psalm 91:11-12

Hugs, Sharon


AshTreeCottage said...

So glad to hear that your son is okay. That was a scary lesson for him and am glad that he was not injured. Love the Jeep! I have one and although it has a lift kit on it and big tires (hubby's doing) I won't be driving off road any time soon! I am impressed by how much you have accomplished in your new home. Love that big window over your sink. I have a fairly large window too but not as big as yours. Could you find a way to showcase your fireplace? You are so lucky to have one in your kitchen. Wish I did. I will visit you often.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Judy said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so glad your son is okay and that nothing bad happened. Your sons are such kind young men and you can tell how much they love and care for each other.

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