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Monday, October 14, 2013

Flag pole progress....

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about my husband's dream of having a flag pole on our property and how we went up to the woods as a family to get it (Click here to read that story). I wanted to give you an update on the progress of the flag pole!
He let the pole sit in the sun for about a week.
Then he started removing all of the bark from the pole.
There is no other way, but to do this by hand.
It was very time consuming.
It was very hard work, but he was determined!
He's got the top side all debarked!
Kitty says that it passes his inspection! haha
The pole is so long, awkward and heavy that he had to use the tractor just to turn it so he could work on the underside of it.
Every chance he had, he was out there working on it!
He's at the tail end of it! Whew, what a job that was!
It's all done now and it was drying out like it was supposed to.
Eric said that these cracks in it are good, they are called checking. It means that the wood is drying out.
Once it was debarked and good and dry, he started the tedious task of sanding the whole thing!
This was a big undertaking, but it made him happy, he is really excited do this project.
Wow! It looks beautiful!
Okay, the next step is to coat the whole thing with a sealant.
This stuff will protect the wood from rot and also from pesky bugs burrowing in and eating the wood.
He was thinking about keeping the wood natural and putting a clear Varathane coating on it, but the more he thought about it, he decided to paint it white.
He said that it will last much longer if he paints it. He has seen the damage that the sun and rain can do do wood that is left outside even if it has been stained and sealed, like his wood drift boat, and he would rather have it sealed with something that lasts much longer such as outdoor house paint.
He ordered a big cast iron ball to put on the top. He actually got this in trade from the gate guy. The gate guy is going to take the other big pole Eric cut down in trade for this big heavy ball.
The only problem is, the man put a base on it, so Eric had to spend time cutting the ball off the stand.
All done!
He went out to see how it would fit and it looks perfect!
The next step he did was paint the ball gold.
Everything's looking good, so it's time to prepare the spot where the flag pole will stand.
We have a perfect spot right in front of our home.
He dug a 6-1/2' hole for the pole to go into.
It's going to look so nice!
Meanwhile, he painted several layers of primer and top coat on the pole.
Then he attached the ball and the flag hardware.
He has the area prepared to lay the cement all around the pole.
He was very happy to find this electrical outlet right at the tip of the flower bed, right in front of where the pole is going. This will be perfect to set up a light to have our flag lit at all times!
He bought an outdoor spot light, so our flag will always have light on it!
The flag is purchased and the ropes are prepared, we are erecting it this afternoon! Stay tuned for the outcome!!!

God Bless America!

"Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free." John 8:32

Hugs, Sharon


Janet said...

That's a lot of work...your husband has done a great job! Can't wait to see pictures of it up and lit...I'm sure it will look beautiful!

Judy said...

The pole is looking nice. How perfect is that with the electrical outlet being right there. I can't wait to see it flying.

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