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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Demolition day......

When we first moved in our home there was this funny little shack that was pretty close to the house.
Needless to was unattractive. The previous homeowners used it as a shop, garden shed and dog pen.
It had a lean-to attached to the back where they store firewood.
There also was a cyclone fence on the end of the driveway and you can see the old power pole with light that I had blogged about earlier that we had taken down.
Behind the cyclone fence there was a small fenced in area and lots of overgrown grass and small tree starts. This area comes back around to the back side of the small shack.
Here's a view from the back of the shacks.
And here's another. You can see lots of overgrowth and old fencing. Well, from the very beginning when we first looked at this house, Eric and I had plans to tear down this shack and build a new shop.
This has been a huge undertaking. Here he is in deep thought figuring out the next move to make.
One of the biggest jobs was to just empty it.
He had to tear down walls, beams, cyclone fencing, remove railroad ties, firewood and other junk that was left here.
Once it was empty he had Hayden cut down the small trees around it.
I just love this picture of Hayden. What a strong boy! He's a very hard worker too!
The next step was too hook a chain around the center pole and pull it down.
With one tug from the tractor, the whole thing came down!
It was actually a little scary realizing that the thing was not very stable and we were walking under it!
The next phase was further demolition and major clean up!
My hubby is an amazing guy and he got all of this done in two days.
Wow! It's completely gone, all that remains is that last pole. It's was buried very deep, so he decided to wait until he had a big backhoe on the property.
He filled this trailer several times and took it all to the dump.
What a difference it makes to have that ugly shack gone!
There's much more for him to do, but this is a great start!

I wanted to update you on the extended family issues that I have been stressing and grieving about. We finally have peace! Some issues have been worked out that I am so thankful about. I'm hoping that now we can just move on and have normal happy relationships. Thank you so much everyone who prayed for us. I don't think we are completely out of the woods and we need more healing, which I am continuing to give over to the Lord, but some of the major issues are resolved.

"There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens; a time to tear down and a time to build."Ecclesiastes 3:1, 3

Hugs, Sharon


gin said...

Y'all are busy busy on your property. It looks good. The song "Whistle while you work" comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

wow love how it looks gone- maybe like your major issues are gone too- demolished, torn down, removed too. cant wait to see what Eric does for his shop. hope the goats are well and making new furry friends.

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