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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Billy Goat's Gruff....

"Once upon a time there were three billy goats, 
who were to go up to the hillside 
to make themselves fat, 
On the way up was a bridge over 
a cascading stream they had to cross."

  I just love this photo and I had to start my post with it, but let me back up a bit first and tell you the story.
As I mentioned in another post, our seasonal creek filled in two weeks ago after we had a big rain storm. This created a problem for our goats. You see, goats do not like to get their feet wet and the creek runs through their pasture, so there was no way for them to get across to the east side of the property to eat.
My husband and I were talking about building a couple of bridges over this creek at different spots on our property, but we were thinking that we would do this next spring. When the creek filled up and we realized that the goats couldn't get across, I decided to take action!
I constructed a quick, make-shift bridge out of old 4x4 fence posts that I found in the burn pile. I laid five of them across the narrowest part of the creek and it actually turned out quite well.
Now for the big test...will they cross it? They were very curious about it, but would not cross. I promised them that there was no troll, but I'm not sure they believed me! haha
How about a little coaxing with a nice Ash tree branch with leaves on it?
Come on Duncan, you know you'd enjoy this little treat....
He started coming across.....
...come on, you can do it! Just take baby steps, don't be afraid!
Nope, he turned around, I guess he can't do it. It's too new and too scary.
Okay, it's time for me to bring out the big guns...their favorite thing....GRAIN!!!
There it is, it's all your's for the taking, you just need to cross the bridge to get it!
Yup....I was speaking their language! Nellie and Duncan crossed.....
...but Daisy was too frightened. How about if I hand feed you this yummy stuff?
Will you come across with me?
Ya...that's the stuff! Nice fresh grain and there's more on the other side of the bridge!!!
Daisy finally crossed and was with her mama and brother again! Yeah!
After that we saw them crossing all the time, it was soooo adorable!
My husband saw my little funny bridge and he decided to make a bigger better bridge that was a bit more sound. He used old barn floor boards that we found on the property. They interlock, so this makes it even stronger! He then nailed them to some cross beams that he laid down on the ground.
As Eric was building the new bridge, I dismantled the old one and the goats looked pretty confused about where it went!
They were so cute and curious; they were watching Eric build the new bridge.
Eric says, "All done for now! You guys come on over here and try it."
They watched him cross it and.....
.....they soon followed!
Oh, I just love this!

"He sends forth springs in the valleys; They flow between the mountains." Psalms 104:10

Hugs, Sharon


gin said...

Really cute. The pictures tell the story so well !

Judy said...

That is so cleaver. I'm glad your husband was able to fix the bridge for them, it looks like a nice sturdy bridge.

Janet said...

So sweet!

Sue said...

This is so precious! Food works every time.~smile~
Giving thanks with you for God's protection for Hayden.

as always starzie said...

Aren't goats smart? They look so cute walking across your little bridge! It just takes one time and they will be back and forth all day long. I was wondering, does your pond have fish in it? We had a large pond but sadly we had to recently take it out because we are getting our home ready to sell. I need a one story because of health issues. I got a really good home for my goldfish that had to be over 20 years old! But we had a filter and I think yours is all natural. How does that work? Just curious!

Tracie C. said...

Love the goats!!! I know they are alot of fun. Congrats to you and your family on your new farm life! I am so glad you are blogging again..your stories are fun and inspirational! Can't wait til you are a Grandma and share the pics of the new little one!

jen said...

So cute! Love it!

Amy Ellen said...

Oh my gosh! I love this story and the pictures. Love the goats as well! :)

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