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Monday, September 30, 2013

Our seasonal creek is running!!!

 Our seasonal creek is running!
Saturday night we had a huge rain storm in our county. It rained hard for hours and we got over 2 inches. Sunday morning I went out to check on the goats and as I walked by the creek-bed I noticed it was still as dry as it had been all summer.
 The rains kept coming all morning yesterday and later that afternoon (about five hours later), my husband called to me that the creek was running!
 I ran out there to see it and could not believe my eyes! It was so exciting to see the water rushing through our property! It's amazing to me that just a few hours before it was dry and now we have a creek! It sure would have been a site to see the first waters run through here.
It's a small creek, basically a ditch, but it's still a running creek through our property and I LOVE it! It sounds so beautiful too!
I'm so looking forward to someday having all my grandchildren out here with rubber-boots on playing with boats made of foil! I'm so thankful that God gave us property with a running creek!!!

Spring up oh well, within my soul,

Spring up oh well, and make me whole,
Spring up oh well, and give to me,
That life, abundantly.
~old hymn

"He who believes in Me, as the scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart shall flow rivers of living water.’” John 7:38

Hugs, Sharon


Mardell said...

Hi Sharon!
That's awesome. We have one out behind our house, too. It usually dries up in the summer. It's a run-off from a creek.

I thought about you when I heard about all the rain & power outages in OR. Was praying you were OK! Glad you are. :o)

Don't forget about catching pollywogs & frogs with your grandchildren! FUN FUN!

gin said...

That's fun that everything is exciting. Just imagine what else is in store for you to experience.

Anonymous said...

heard about all the rains and high winds you all had in Oregon. hope the goats are doing well. water is such a calming thing, most of the time except on the high seas I guess. adds a lot to your country place. baptizing you as the new owners now.

Judy said...

How awesome! I understand what you mean, seeing the grandchildren playing in the creek. We have a small pond that does freeze in the winter and the grandchildren will skate and play on it. It's not deep, and if you broke through you would only probably get wet just above your ankles :) But, they have fun on it.

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