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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our master bedroom retreat......

I wanted to show you our finished master bedroom! It's so calming and restful, we absolutely love it.
I actually finished it about a month ago. After we moved the furniture in there, I was left with boxes of pictures and other accessories. It took me all day, but I finally got it done.
We're very pleased with results!
I was very worried that our furniture would not fit, but it did! Here's my dresser in all it's glory covered in jewels! haha! I guess I should mention that they are FAKE jewels! haha
I hung some gold framed Victorian pictures on both sides of the mirror. Here's the left....
.....and here's the right.
A few days before we moved our old neighbor gave me this chair! She got new furniture and I could not believe it when she said she was getting rid of it, I absolutely love it and it fit perfectly in this corner of the room.
Here's my bedside table. I have photos of the kids and my one and only and a beautiful handmade box that was given to me by a friend.
We painted the walls the same yellow that is in the living room. It's so serene and one of those colors that's cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
In the corner of my side of the room I hung this old Victorian mirrored shelf and placed some lovely old hand-painted floral china pieces.
I felt that it needed something under it in the corner, so I went out to the garden shed and found this old milk can and filled it with dried hydrangeas.
This is the top of Eric's chest of drawers.
Now, lets walk back to the other side of the room.
I'm so happy that my jewelry armoire fit in my room! It never fit in our old bedroom, so I always kept it in the main family powder room. I found that wonderful shelf above it at a thrift store. It used to be a clock cabinet, but it has been gutted. I'm going to have my hubby make some shelves inside it and it will hold some of my precious things.
I have a favorite picture of my sons, a Madonna and child statue and an antique lamp on top of the cabinet.
The faces on these two are so angelic and sweet.
I've shared this lamp with you before, I think it is so neat. I love that brass base.
I hung a few vintage pictures behind the door.
Your Golden Wedding Day.
Dearest Mom.
Now lets go over to Eric's side of the room. Again, we were so pleased that our furniture fit and especially this big TV cabinet.
Here's Eric's beside table.
I adore these lamps!
Here's the chair on his side of the room. He doesn't sit there, but he sure uses it to throw his clothes on at night! haha!
A reproduction clock, a vintage rose picture and a wreath made for me many years ago by my dear friend, Shannon, hang on this wall.
The walk-in closet had no door and although I LOVE it, I do not think that it's particularly pretty to look at, so we decided to hang a drape in front of it. It's actually a shower curtain and is a bit short, I was going to let the hem out and raise it, but now that we've been living with it for this long, we're used to it and will leave it be!
I hung two needlepoint stitchings on this little wall next to the drape.
This shower curtain is actually really pretty and coordinates with our bedspread perfectly! I showed you my walk in closet before, but lets peek inside the closet area one more time....
...first let me remind you of what I used to do for closet space at my old house. At the old house the master bedroom had a small 8 foot closet that I shared with my husband, which means, I had 4 feet of closet space. Being the girly girl that I am, I need more space than this, so I was constantly trying to figure out ways to create more space. My latest endeavor was buying this old TV cabinet and converting it to hold my work clothes and work shoes. Well.....those days are gone!!! This is my new space.......
I love it!!! It's so big! It had lots of shelving, but my hubby added even more! I'm a happy camper now for sure!
Let's now take a peek inside the master bathroom! I am so very excited to have such a lovely big master bathroom!
It even has a Jacuzzi tub in it!
When we were first looking at the house I said, "I'm not a bath girl, I'm a shower girl, maybe down the road we can tear out that big tub and replace it with a big walk in double headed shower." But...once I had my first bath in this huge tub with it's wonderful jets.....I'm never getting rid of it! It's wonderful and we both LOVE it!
The walls are a strange kind of pea green, but we don't hate them, so will leave them for now. I hung my burgundy things in here and it works.
This was my old bathroom vanity at the old house and it looked like this  EVERY SINGLE MORNING! There was no storage, so it was always a big mess. Eric and I both shared this space, so we had to take turns brushing our teeth and using the sink. I was always so frustrated with it.
Well, this is our vanity area now!!! I'm so excited about it! We each have our own sink and there are three large drawers down the middle to hold all of my make-up and also three medicine cabinets behind the mirrors. There's also a big cabinet behind the door that holds all of our towels and extra toiletries. I'm so very, very thankful for this big bathroom!
I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided to try it. I think it turned out pretty cool!
Well, that's it for the master bedroom tour.
We sure do love it and feel so serene and at peace when we are in here.
Oh, one more thing before I go......this is our view into our backyard from our bedroom (click to enlarge)! We look right out onto our little pond and waterfall and when we leave the windows open at night we hear the water trickle out, it's AMAZING! Also....that big bush to the right is a lilac tree, which is my favorite flower that I have always dreamed of having growing in my yard! Won't it be gorgeous next spring when it's in bloom and I will have a full view of it every morning when I wake up! We are so very thankful!

"In peace I will both lie down and sleep, for You alone, Oh Lord, make me to dwell in safety." Psalm 4:8

Hugs, Sharon


heartfelt living said...

You did a wonderful job decorating the bedroom. It looks so cozy. Love the yellow walls too! I bet it is so peaceful at night listening to the water in your pond. Glad you are enjoying your new home.

Simply Shelley said...

Its so beautiful....your decorating skills are wonderful. Your bedroom is huge....I think you have more space in there than I have in my whole little mobile home cottage :) Blessings

as always starzie said...

Your bedroom turned out beautiful! I love the yellow. I have some yellow rooms in our house too. It's cheerful and serene at the same time. Thanks for sharing your decorated bedroom!
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Your room looks beautiful! So much room. Everything looks so nice. What a blessing to have such a peaceful view out your window. I hope your arm is recovering well.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

yes what a luxurious bedroom. love all your decor, you did a great job in putting it all together! love the view and so thankful you are not getting rid of the tub- you will love it. I miss having one. have you ever thought about putting the shower curtain on the inside of the closet? if so maybe raising it, the short length would not matter. you could also sew something on the end too. not sure, just a thought. thanks for letting us see it. I had been wondering.

adsgram said...

I have to admit I was thinking along the same lines as "Anonymous" although not exactly. . Why not just use a shorter tension rod and put the curtain right IN the door at the top. The shortness if the curtain wouldn't be anywhere near as noticeable! Just a thought... I LOVE all you have done. It amazes me how you have put everything together, and it all looks SO very pretty! I feel you missed your calling as a decorator! And, what a wonderful view and 'sound system' you have out your bedroom window! Enjoy!!! Lynne

Anonymous said...

yes excellent idea adsgram- a tension rod and it would rest inside the door frame and the length not matter. i have a few of those too in windows. went to 2 GWs today on they way to and from the dentist office today and found some good things. One is a burgundy dog planter from the 40s or 50s so cute 2.00- thought of your room.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so beautiful! Burgandy is one of the colors I decorate with. I really like bedrooms that are done in the Victorian Style We also have a big master suite and with double sinks in our master bath. Wonder how I ever got a long before with out them.


Anonymous said...

Your new house looks amazing. You are truly blessed.

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