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Friday, September 6, 2013

My husband's dream is coming true......

 You will never guess what his dream is and what we are up to.
 First I will tell you that all of our sons and the girls came over to help us (along with Brittany's father, Moe, who was visiting from California). We took three rigs up to my husband's work unit that just happened to be only 3 miles from our home!
 It was a beautiful day and the view from up here was AMAZING!
My husband is a timber faller and this is the landing of the unit where he has been working. This is the closest he has ever worked to our home.
 It was really fun for the whole family to go up there and see the beautiful forest and the gorgeous view. But...we were not there for the view.....
.....we were there to take home two 50 foot long skinny logs that will be the beginning of his lifetime dream which is to have a log flag pole in front of our home! One will fly the US flag and the other will fly the State of Oregon flag and perhaps during football season a University of Oregon flag!
 He cut them the week before and set them aside.
The plan is to pull them behind Grayson's truck on his boat trailer. But first we had to figure out how to get them on the trailer!
 Before we got started I snapped a few pictures of the kids. Here's Mackenzie and Brittany.
 Cameron and Megan.
 Rachelle, Brittany and Megan. Three beautiful girls with a beautiful background!'s time to get these babies on the trailer.
 One, two, three......everybody lift!
 We did it! Oh my goodness, that thing is so long!
 It was really fun having everyone work together.
 It hangs way over the end of the trailer.
 The next thing to do was to secure the log to the trailer.
 Okay, now we're ready to get the other one on.
 I like this picture of me, I'm just being natural enjoying my family and I'm so genuinely happy. Things have been stressful with my extended family lately and I don't feel much like smiling anymore, so this picture means a lot to me.
 Eric and our sons are securing the second log.
 Blondie and Layla found a stick to fight over!
 The trees are so majestic.
 We drove down the to logging road to secure them even more.
 I'm so proud of my husband and sons, they are all so big and strong and capable.
 The family really pulled together and worked hard together.
 We only had a three mile drive to get home, but I was worried and I was praying.
 God protected us and we got home safely!
The next step was to get them back off the trailer into the spot Eric wanted them to lay while they dried out.
Here's the first one...... lets get the second one!
 A family that lifts together sticks together!
 All done! Thank you everyone! Now Eric will peel the bark and they will rest here for several weeks to continue to dry.
 Us girls went inside to make a good dinner for all these hardworking men! I had so much fun cooking with my girls! I love them being around. I am so deeply moved that they all not only love my sons, but they love Eric and I and each other. I have prayed for this for years. Now Hayden's sweetie, Miranda, will be joining us too for future family gatherings!
We made tasty stuffed green peppers!
 I bought the ingredients to make homemade garlic monkey bread, but I didn't have a Bundt pan, so what do smart girls do? They get inventive and create their own with a large pan and a glass measuring cup!
 It worked perfectly! The monkey bread turned out wonderful, the whole meal was so delicious!
For dessert we had vanilla ice-cream with yummy homemade blackberry sauce from the berries off of our property!
I am so happy that my husband is finally seeing his dream coming true and we had such a wonderful fun time as a family helping him make it happen. I will be posting on the progress of this project of love in the next few weeks.

"We will shout for joy when you are victorious and will lift up our banners in the name of our God.” Psalm 20:5

Hugs, Sharon


Judy said...

How neat to make a flag pole from a log. I hope you take pictures of the process. Your meal looks wonderful. I just chopped up all my peppers to freeze so that I can use them all winter long and would you believe I didn't save any to make stuffed peppers, I thought of it AFTER they were all chopped :(
You live in such a beautiful area, my husbands uncle and aunt live up in Washington and an uncle and aunt live in Oregon, we've visited them about 21 years ago, my husband and I really loved it out there. I can tell you are really enjoying living out in the country. Are you going to plant a garden next year?

Judy said...

I also wanted to say that I'm sorry you're going through some trying times. I will keep you in my prayers.

Sue said...

Dreams do come true, Sharon I am so happy for Eric. I always enjoy reading of your family time together. so inspiring. I am so happy that your dream came true of living in the country.

as always starzie said...

Sharon it's so wonderful that Eric can have his dream come true of having the logs as flag poles! I bet they will be beautiful when he completes the project. Also, I love your guest room. It looks so inviting! I love every little detail! And the most wonderful guest of all will be sleeping in there! Your little Grandson! I'm sorry you are having extended family problems. I will say a prayer for you. And if you can remember me in your prayers I would really appreciate it. I have some pretty serious health issues at this time. Thank you.

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