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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Meet our new goats!!!!

Meet our new goats! We bought the goats from a man we met when he bought our firewood off of Craig's List. My husband, Eric, and the man started talking and Eric learned that the man had a goat farm. They made a deal and we bought a mama goat and her little boy. I went over to their farm and checked them out before we bought them. Here's mama...
...and here's baby. Aren't they wonderful! We felt bad though because the mama actually had twins (a boy and a girl) and the people only wanted to sell the mama and the little boy. We felt sad that we had to separate them and leave the little girl behind. :(
The man brought them over and we took them back to the little barn.
Eric carried the little one.
Here's your new home! We hope you like it here!
Hi sweetie!
They are so cute!
They seem to like their new pen! It's four times as big as their old one!
We feel bad that the mama keeps looking for her other baby. We are going to call and see if we can buy the little girl too.
We love taking care of them!
Hi guys!
How about a fresh apple?
Me and my goats!!!
It took me awhile to find names for them.
For the first day I called them mama and baby.
Look at those ears!
This is the first moment that Blondie saw the goats.
It did not go so well. They were both very scared of each other and Blondie ended up barking at the goat. She was already nervous of this new place, so this made her more anxious. We will keep working at their friendship.
What made me laugh was the baby stood like this the whole time Blondie was there. He was as still as a statue, did not move one hair.  It was sad that he was scared, but it was so cute too.
The next introduction was the kitty. This also did not go so well. I was holding MacGyver and you can see the mama peeking over the top of the barn. As soon as the cat saw the goat, he hissed and jumped out of my arms and bolted, scratching my stomach as he escaped. :(
But....within minutes he was back to see what these new creatures were.
The next night Eric and I went out to feed them and we decided to open the gate. Mama came venturing out.
She ran right up to Eric and walked along side of him. I thought it was so cute. The baby stayed in the barn until mama told her it was safe and okay.
They explored their new home a little.
Good morning again my new little goats.
Another chance for the old animals to welcome the new animals. I think it is so darn cute how Blondie and MacGyver are nervous, but they are also curious and they are friendly animals. I'm hoping that one day they will all be friends!
I took my cup of coffee out to the field and watched over them as they got used to their new home.
I have decided to name the mama, Nellie, and the baby, Duncan.
Duncan is so soft!
Yeah! They are venturing out a bit further!
We want them to graze all through this fenced in area and eat down the overgrown brush, especially the blackberries! They have a very big job ahead of them!
It's sad though because we think they were just kept in such a small area that they are scared of all of this openness. We are so glad to be able to give them a good home!
Look at that face!
My new babies!
Hayden giving them apples.
I cannot tell you how rewarding it is to take care of them.
Eric and I both are enjoying this so much!
I love tugging on my rubber boots and heading out to the barn to see them.
It warms my heart when Nellie runs to me. She's so cute when she runs, her ears wave in the wind!
Oh how I love my new goats! Oh how I love being a country girl!

"Oh give thanks unto the Lord, call upon His name, make known His deeds among the people." Psalm 105:1

Hugs, Sharon


A Romantic Porch said...

They are SO cute. I LOVE goats. That's exactly what my dad did when I was growing up. He bought goats to eat all the briars off the 5 acres. They did a wonderful job and it was so beautiful. You might want to google about the smell that boy goats make and what to do about it though, unless you don't mind the smell of course! It happens as they get a little older. And you may also know all about it anyway, so why did I even say anything, right? I'm so happy for you to have darling goats!
xo rachel

Anonymous said...

Oh! sharon- they are so cute!! love them. I can feel how you cant wait to get up in the morning and get out there to see them. they have such good personalities too. I hope you can get the baby girl. I am a twin- and that is not right. in time kitty and doggy will get use to them. cant wait for all the cute stories coming our way. wow a new farm, 2 new goats and a soon to be new baby- God has blessed you with a lot of new.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing Nellie walk with Eric- will they be warm there in the winter time? us mothers worry

Judy said...

Sharon, they are so cute! We just got a couple of barn kittens and trying to introduce our dog has been a challenge.

Anonymous said...

ok what about winter and will they be safe from things like mountain lions, bears, tigers oh my- wolves? wish you could see them from the porch of the house.

Sue from Albany NY said...

Oh Sharon, you have no idea how happy it makes me to read your posts!It's like a long distance friend. I thank God for you and your blogging. You have made a difference in my life. Thank you!

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