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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Welcome to our new entryway and back hallway!

 Welcome to our new home! Come on in!!!
 This is our entryway. It leads to a back hall and then right into the backyard.
 Let's stop a minute and check out the entryway. I put this little table near the front door to hold keys and whatnots. I'm not sure, but I'm kind of thinking about painting it red.
 I put this little curio cabinet against the wall behind the door. I haven't filled it with anything yet because I need to secure it to the wall. I'm worried it could tip over. I am also thinking about painting it red as well.
 On this wall I placed a a curio cabinet that we got from Eric's grandmother, Alberta, after she passed away.
 I love it and it holds some of my favorite treasures such as these vintage clocks and perfume bottles.
 Some little boys and their dogs rest here as well. The little black cast iron puppy dog (the darker one) was my husband's from when he was a child. He said his grandma Florence gave it to him.
 These are some of my most prized possessions....bronzed baby booties that all four of my sons wore, the gold liberty bell locket that was my grandmother Ethel's that I carried in my wedding. My sisters also carried it as well as my daughter-in-law, Brittany. There's also my golden baby bracelet and ring and my grandmother's watch.
 I have two Hull vases in this cabinet as well as some art deco burgundy vases. The faded rose is from my son Mackenzie's wedding.
 I love the vintage cottage teapot and the child's blue willow teapot is from my grandmother Margaret's house.
 Now lets step further into the room.
I like that we have such a large entry way for our guest to step into.
I am pleased at how these two areas are coming together.
 I LOVE how is plate display turned out.
 These antique fruit plates are so beautiful!
 This table is an old stereo cabinet that has been gutted and serves not only as an entryway table, but it also stores vases.
 I have a cute chicken lamp here.
 I love my vintage phone and am so glad I have a place to display it!
 So let's go into the back hallway now.
 One of my favorite things about this house is this amazing vintage screen door!
I'm trying to do the house in a country french feel. I found this frenchy plate rack at Goodwill for $2.99 and I love how these beautiful old painted black floral trays look displayed on it.
 I was so pleased that this buffet fit so nicely in this hallway.
 I set my Fitz and Floyd rooster here the first day we moved in and it has stayed ever since!
 And check out the framed magazines! They turned out great, didn't they!!!
 This little back hallway is one of my favorite areas of the house!
We don't have a whole lot of wall space in this house, so I hung our old family portraits here.
 I also hung some of my favorite floral wall hangings.........
 .....including a hand-painted wooden tray, some stitchings, framed fabric flowers and a neat ceramic hanging.
The laundry room is down this hall and connects back into the kitchen. I hung a vintage floral picture on one of the walls. I'm going to hang that white shelf on the wall behind the washer and drying and I would like to collect some vintage laundry items to set on that shelf as well as on top of the cabinets.
I also hung these two darling vintage pictures in this area.
 It feels so good to finally get so many of the rooms done in our new home. I have finishing touches to do in the kitchen and family room and then we will be done except for projects or things we are waiting for money for. We are so thankful for our home!

"Teach me to do your will, for you are my God! Let Your good Spirit lead me on level ground!" Psalm 143:10

Hugs, Sharon


Judy said...

Oh Sharon, it's so beautiful! I love everything that you have done and it's all coming together. I can't wait to see more.

Anonymous said...

I really like your entry way. Its amazing! And I agree paint those tables some shade of red. Pamela Ohio

Sue said...

WoW Sharon your home is beautiful, and you sure have been a busy lady. It is so warm and inviting. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Love the entry way and the back way. the back way has a peaceful air about it, a restful spot. so glad to finally see all of your things our again and displayed. you have done a wonderful job with it all. cant wait to see more. really liked the prints too- green is such a healing color and a cool and peaceful growing color too. love it.

Anonymous said...

Love the phone too- bet it is heavy. a nice touch.

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon!
It's so refreshing seeing these beautiful pictures this morning. I'm trying to catch up & am just thrilled with the progress you & Eric have made in your new home. Love your feminine touches everywhere! I like the idea of painting those pieces red. :o) The antique curio is lovely; as are the treasures that are displayed inside. The green walls look textured ~ how interesting & cool looking. The framed magazines look amazing ~ you did a fabulous job.


Anonymous said...

It is beautiful!!!! You have done an amazing job. Thanks so much for sharing:)

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