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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The big move!!!!

Thursday, July 11th was our last night at the old house. Cameron and Hayden stayed with us, but there were no beds for them, so they slept on the floor in the living room. This is what I found when I woke up, the two boys curled up with our cute dog, Blondie, curled up next to Cameron and our kitty, MacGyver, curled up by Hayden. Isn't this so precious!
The other boys showed up and we started loading everything up.
We had a huge trailer that we loaded 4 times and we all filled our vehicles as well. We all caravanned together from one house to the other.
I was completely exhausted and very emotional and not with the emotions you would expect, like emotions of sadness over the old house. I was going through a very emotional, spiritual, self-reflecting time because I saw how much junk I had and my family saw it all too. It was not a good thing. I will do a post about this later.
For the most part, the move was fun and the boys and Eric all were in good moods and making the best of it with lots of humor and laughter.
They all worked so hard and are so very strong, I am so impressed with all of them.
Cameron and I taking a little break to talk.
I also was so thankful for the help I got from the girls, Brittany, Megan and Rachelle and my sister, Kathi.
Rachelle and Brittany having a light moment in the hall.
This was taken before the on-slot of boxes on our back deck. We ended up absolutely filling this entire area with boxes. It was nuts!
By the last trip, we were so tired and we ran out of places to put things, so we left it all in the yard!
It was crazy!

This is a great reason to live in the country, we were able to leave all this stuff out here and no one messed with it! Although, the next day we did have some folks pull up our driveway asking us if we were having a garage sale! haha
We had pizza for dinner.
We were all so tired after working such a long day. It was nice to sit out on our cool front porch.
We spent our first night in the new house.
Eric and the boys set up all of our beds.
Even though our room was a crazy mess, it sure was nice to have a soft mattress to sleep on, although I did not sleep very well. I think I was too stimulated and also it was a strange house with strange sounds, etc.
The next morning we got up early and headed back to the old house to get the remaining things that were left and to start cleaning it.
At the time I was not sad seeing it empty.
I was just relieved to get out of there and to get it all clean for the new owners.
We were still cleaning at 2:30 and the new people were coming at 3:00!
We were really stressed and also hot and tired, so I just wanted OUT OF THERE!
It's funny though...... that it's been a month since we've been there and I haven't missed it at all.....
....I get a little emotional seeing these pictures of our old home completely empty.
This house was so wonderful for our family.
We had so many beautiful memories living there over the past 19 years. So many lovely, lovely things happened in this house!
I could have never done this by myself. I was so very thankful for these two helpers. My sister, Kathi, and Cameron's girlfriend, Megan.
We worked so hard and we worked very well together. My husband and sons were outside cleaning the yard and garage. I was mopping my way out of the kitchen when the buyer's realtor got there and he told my husband that we went above and beyond on leaving a house clean for a family! :)
We got yummy cold coffee drinks and came back to the new house to face this!
Ugh! How will we ever get this huge task done?
There are things boxed up everywhere.
We just have trails between the rooms.
The kitchen......
The living room.....
The master bedroom.....
The guest room! Ugh!
My sister had to go, but Megan stayed until 8:00 that night. She helped me place the big furniture, which helped a ton.
The next day (Sunday), Eric, Hayden and I got all the stuff off the front lawn! Whew! What a relief to have that all cleaned up!
But now even more stuff is inside!
Hayden's getting his room put together. His room is a lot smaller than his old room, so he had to get creative with his space.
He got his room put together in a day and I found this cute list on his bookshelf. I'm proud that he's so organized!
While the whole house is a crazy mess, this little back hall is the only place that looks clean and organized. I liked hanging out back here.
I also got the front porch furniture placed, so this is where we ate dinner and took our breaks.

So many people told me that they hate moving and they never wanted to do it again and now I understand why! This was the largest act of labor I have done since the birth of my four sons. It was a huge, huge job and I'm so glad the main part is over. We are so thankful for this beautiful home out in the country, God has blessed us so much. I do feel that the move was so positive also in the fact that it's a wonderful time to purge and get rid of things. It's been a journey for sure, but I feel renewed and clean! I have many more things to share, but as you know, I'm still very busy. I will try to post about it soon. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. A time to weep and a time to laugh." Ecclesiastes 3:1&4a

Hugs, Sharon


Erin said...

I'm a little sad with you to see your old house empty, even though I only "know" you through your blog. Your new place is just lovely! The back entry looks great. I would just go there every time the rest gets too overwhelming. Can't wait to see more progress!

Anonymous said...

wow sharon! what a day or two! Yes you were blessed to have all that wonderful help!! I have moved 8 times since 95 and I have learned to purge too. i am single though but still had over 100 boxes of things. I learned to get colored totes for each room. this last time before I retire I will have a big sale first. so glad it is all done. by Christmas you will be settled in and decorated with a new baby. love the peaceful hallway. so fun to find new places for the furniture and create new spaces.

Farrah said...

What an ordeal! I'm glad that you are settled in though.

Sharon UK said...

Sharon, I missed your posts so much and kept looking for an update, your family was in my thoughts and prayers as moving house is such an important decision and an emotional thing to do. Think of the wonderful new memories you will build in this new home, with your new little grandchild too. And about your "junk", don't regret it. It gave you pleasure, it gave pleasure and inspiration to us your blog followers, and so much of it was from charity shops which meant you were helping others when you got it! I can't wait to see your new home all set up! Take care, God bless you all xx

Judy said...

We were in our home just shy of 25 years so I totally understand what you are going through. It seems like it took a couple of years to really get settled for us. I know right now it seems all so overwhelming to you. You really have a beautiful home and I love your front porch, I so with we had a roof over our decks. Deep breaths Sharon, you will get through it all :)

Beth said...

Oh Sharon what a huge undertaking! Your new house is so lovely. We moved out of the house where we raised our 4 kids about 9 years ago. We moved into my parent's home, who had downsized. They graciously left all the furniture and things they didn't want, so not only did I have all of my "junk", I had their's too. LOL, it took awhile to integrate things. I gave away quite a few things to my kids who were moving out on their own for the first time and then had a huge garage sale. But I have to say, after 9 years here, the junk has reaccumulated. It is shameful, but I don't have the energy for another garage sale. I'm thinking Salvation Army would appreciate some of this stuff. Let the purge begin.....

Mardell said...

Oh I've been thinking about you so much, Sharon! I've been waiting on pins & needles waiting for this update. Thank you!

Looks like you're doing great ~ oh my, what a task indeed. Give yourself a TON of credit. And what an amazing family you have that they all pitched in. Blessings indeed.

I HAVE to ask....when will you get a shelf under that HUGE kitchen sink window??!! Eeek! We have to see seasonal vignette displays! (Smile/wink.)

Looking forward to your next post.
Hugs to you!

(PS: My 9 yr. old spent 2 weeks in the hospital in ICU. Just got back last week. Our lives changed in the blink of an instant. He's doing much better now & will return to 4th grade when it starts next month. Praise the Lord.)

Molly's Art Designs said...

Sharon-We moved about seven times with my husbands"s job---I know the feeling! We are thinking about moving again--but we have been in this house for over 10 years--I know it will be a job if we do!!! How fun to have a beautiful new home in the country! You will have so much fun decorating!

Simply Shelley said...

I got tired just reading this post :) My last move was 20 years ago,but I haven't forgotten what a job it much work. Arranging things and decorating can be the fun part day at a time. It is a beautiful home...I wish you all many happy years there.....blessings

sherry. said...

i've loved reading through your posts about moving, sharon. setting one's heart to changes and new beginnings is something i'm truly appreciating these days. there may be some changes in our life as well - which may include a new location. :) LOVE your little back foyer area, your living room with the 3 couches, and your kitchen with its beautiful brick! in all you do, you share your heart. it's called love. so while you may have a tremendous amount of belongings, you use every part of those lovely things to bless others with a welcoming, festive, and cozy home. you are an inspiration~!

sherry (aka jAne)

Mary said...

Sharon, I know that it seems that you will never be settled, but you will!
Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and soon you will be all settled in your beautiful new home.Adore your front porch.

Mardell said...

Such sweet comments from all the gals! We love you, Sharon!

Hope your weekend finds you less stressed & more relaxed. The hardest part is behind you. Yay!

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