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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our first rain.....

 Sunday morning we woke up to see this!!!
 Everything was wet!
 It rained in the night!
It was our first rain storm in the new house.
 It was a pretty good rain storm too!
 Even our fish got wet! haha!
 We realized that our gutters above the kitchen window need a little attention.
 It was really dripping off over here....
 ....but when I looked the other direction at the gutters over the garage there was not the on-slot of water. My hubby thinks that the gutters are probably clogged with debris and he will need to get up there and clean them out.
 It was fun and cozy having this summer rainstorm.

I stayed inside and was busy decorating the family room, but my husband was out working in the rain running the backhoe. He was removing all of the blackberries around our little creek. He is such a hard worker!
 Summer rainstorms are so refreshing. It's as if God decided to wash everything!
Everything outside seems brighter and refreshed. This was our first rainstorm in our new home. You might think I'm silly, but it seems like everything is a little more exciting in our new place and I can't wait to experience the four seasons here!

"For land that has drunk the rain that often falls on it, and produces a crop useful to those for whose sake it is cultivated, receives a blessing from God." Hebrews 6:7

Hugs, Sharon


Barbara said...

I don't think you are silly at all. I would be SOOOO excited and I'm excited for you! I love the Hydrangea right outside your kitchen window. That is lovely.

~JoAnn~ said...

Hi Sharon, Just so you know I have been keeping up with your blog but haven't been leaving comments because my computer is only working when it feels like it! So I visit mostly on my phone which is just so hard to type on to leave a comment. So here is all I would like to say.... I love, love, love your new home in the country and you are truly blessed to be able to move there. Love the rain pictures. I think Oregon would be a wonderful place to live even with the drizzly days and such. I live in California in the central valley (very hot ) and I truly think that hot weather and Sun is very overated. Anyway didnt' mean to babble on just so happy my computer is working today :) Continue to post pictures of you new home and the decorating going on it is a joy to see what you have been doing to the new place. Blessings,Joann

Judy said...

I don't think you're silly at all, I loved seeing how our new place was going to be every season. The fall colors are very pretty here and we just love driving around looking at them. I'm really enjoying your posts.

adsgram said...

I agree...not at all silly. So much to look forward to as the seasons progress...what flowers will bloom...which animals will visit and all the other wonders Nature and God have in store for you and your family! Enjoy each and every one!

Anonymous said...

Love a summer rain. I am in North Texas and we are in need of rain. I sleep with a humidifier bec it is so dry here, get nosebleeds. love love love that screen door!! have not seen one in years. nothing like opening the doors and see and hear the rain. you have so many more places to experience in your home as the weather changes = new things to learn. thanks for sharing it all with us.

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