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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Only two more months to go!

Brittany is 7 months along now! My son took these pretty pictures of her. 
It's getting so close now and we are all so excited about getting to see this little baby boy! Brittany has had a lovely pregnancy and her and baby are doing quite well!
Mackenzie started growing out his beard until the baby comes and he put a "beard update" photo on Facebook as a joke at the same time he posted these pictures of Brittany. I love this picture of him, what a handsome son I have! 
We are all so very thankful to God for this new life and cannot wait to meet him and hold him!!! I pray that he will be healthy and perfect and will have the blessing of the Lord over him. I pray that God will give Mackenzie and Brittany Godly wisdom as they raise their son and the baby will always love Jesus and grow to be a strong man of God.

"Be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead!" I Peter 1:6

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...
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Sue said...

This is so precious, Sharon, A beautiful prayer you prayed for them.

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