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Thursday, August 29, 2013

My new route for my morning walk is AMAZING!!!!

Blondie is anxiously awaiting to go on our morning walk.
She knows that when I get out her leash, it's a good thing!!!
I took these pictures on our first ever morning walk at the new house! I can't wait to get out there!
I crossed the main road in front of our house and then turned down this beautiful quiet country road!
I cannot even begin to describe how beautiful it is out here!
It's so quiet too!
The route is two miles mile in and one mile out.
I stopped and took notice of all the beautiful sites around me including these beautiful little yellow daisies and....
...these dainty little white flowers.
Even the weeds are beautiful!
There are lots of blackberries out here.
Blondie and I are having fun!
There's cows way out there in that field next to the trees.
The landscape is so beautiful!
I cannot believe this is my new life!!!!
I love how this blackberry vine is arched over.
What a pretty picture!
There's a creek that runs behind these trees. I love the moss hanging on them!
You can see the creek when you are standing on the bridge.
I love creeks. They remind me of when I was a little girl.
We had such a nice walk!
Let's keep going!
There's a bend in the road.
I love this gate!
I love this old beat-up mail green mailbox! I think I'm going to make our mailbox look like this. I think it is so charming!
The fields just go on and on!
Love this quaint barn.
Look what Blondie spotted! A huge bull!
Oh my gosh...I cannot believe that observing these amazing cows will be part of my daily routine!
A lovely old barren tree.
Here's another view of that cute barn.
There are gorgeous oak trees all over out here!
What a beautiful lane to walk down!
Thank you God, so much for this dream come true!
Another charming driveway and gate!
These two horses remind me of the scary twins that are in those creepy movies! haha!
Well....we made it to the end.....'s time to turn around and.....
......let's head back home!
"Good-bye cows...I'll see yo next time!
Blondie and I had such a lovely time!
There's our house.....way out there to the right.
This fence looks familiar!
Home sweet home!
Dear Lord, I praise you so much for our new home and this beautiful country life that we get to live! Thank you so much that I have this nice quiet street right next to me that I get to take my walks on! I am so very thankful!!!

"This is the way. Walk in it, you people." Isaiah 30:21

Hugs, Sharon


elizabeth said...

I'm so happy for you Sharon!

Mardell said...

Just breathtaking! I just love your picture taking style. Blondie makes a good walking buddy! The green mailbox is cute.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Planning your 1st BBQ @ the new house, perhaps?

Whatever you do, enjoy it Sharon!

Sue said...

Awesome post of a very "thankful heart."

Mardell said...

Those white flowers are Queen Anne's Lace. Notice the little red dot in the middle? It's supposed to be her "blood." (Or so how the story goes!) Wink.

Remember Butter Cups? The little yellow flower? If you held it under your chin and your chin turned yellow, it meant you liked butter.

sherry. said...

what an awesome post!!!
love the area and your new walking path. so peaceful. and love blondie's cute 'attentive' ears. adorable.

sherry aka jAne

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