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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Making progress....

The second night that we spent at our new house I woke up at 4:30 in the morning. I just couldn't sleep and when I went out in the front room, this is what I saw. Isn't this view breathtaking!
I spent time with the Lord reading my Bible and praying. Soon the sun came all the way up and shed it's beautiful light on our trees in the front yard. Oh, my goodness...I am so thankful for our new home!
I had so much to deal with though. I asked for vacation time from work for the whole week, so this was very helpful, but I had sooooo much to do!
I didn't get any pictures, but our whole back deck was crammed full of boxes that I had to deal with.
It all looked like this, and you couldn't even walk through it. My back was in bad shape and I thought I wouldn't even be able to make a dent on it and then God gave me inspiration. He gave me the idea to call my girlfriend, Sarah, and ask if her daughter, Leanna, would want to come over and help me and I would pay her. Sarah said that Leanna would love to do it! I was so excited!!!
She came over on Tuesday at about noon and helped me all day and then spent the night and helped me all day Wednesday.
I paid her to help me and it was well worth it. She helped me so very much. This is what our back sidewalk looked like before........
.......and this was after!
I didn't get a "before" picture, but believe me, this area was a complete mess. It was absolutely full of boxes. There was not even a path to get through and Leanna helped me completely clean it up. I could not have done it without her.
This is embarrassing to say.....but under all these tarps is all of my Christmas stuff. I have wayyyy too much stuff! I will be dealing with this later, but for now, it's all in one area with tarps over it, so we will move on to things in the house.
Leanna helped me take the guest room from this........ this!!! Wow, that's success! We got the room all ready for her to spend the night!
The next day we worked hard and then we took a nice breakfast break on the back deck.
We cleaned the living room from this to............
......this! She helped me so much. I thank God so much for bringing her to me! I took her home Wednesday night at 5:00 and paid her more than I originally said, she was well worth it! :)
Mean while....the Goodwill pile is growing larger, which is GREAT!!!!
The next day Eric and I dealt with our walk-in closet.
There was great shelving in there already, but my husband made more shelves for me. He is so amazing!
These are the after shots!
I love my new closet! I cannot believe how blessed I am to finally have a big walk-in closet! I've never had one and I am so very thankful!!!
The next thing I did was tackle the crazy mess in the family room.
This is a temporary fix, but it works for now! I set up a portable banquet table and placed a quilt on it with a couple of outside picnic table benches just to see what it will look like and I do like it!!! Some day my hubby is going to make us a big farm table and I can't wait. For now this temp fix will stay.
We have a couple of hard things we are dealing with. One is this silly "wet bar", which we are yanking out very soon. It cracks us up....why do you need a little sink like this when there's a bathroom right next to it and the kitchen is only a few feet away? Oh's days are numbered! haha
The other is this little alcove in the wall that they had made for a dart board. Anybody have any good ideas for this space?
This room is coming together pretty nicely though for now!
I was excited to get this cute green hutch filled up.
I filled it with all my red transferware dishes. It turned out so cute!
Small jobs are sometimes the worst! It took me several hours to go through all the "office stuff" in this corner. I had to look through each piece of paper and it was so time consuming, but boy does it feel good to have it all organized now!
Another big job was filling this china hutch at the end of our hallway with all of my Blue Willow dishes. I think it turned out really cute. I am planning on painting this hutch buttery yellow!
For so long everywhere I looked I saw piles of boxes like this.
But slowly, they went away. This is what the kitchen looks like after I unpacked.
I'm liking how it's turning out!
It's pretty cute and charming...huh.
I threw all these cookbooks and other nick-knacks on this hutch. I want to re-do it, but this is how it will be for now.
This little seating area is cute and charming too. I can't wait to hang a shelf & pictures up above this table, but we need to get a special mason drill bit and screws to get through the brick.
I like my little table for two right here.
I'm liking the black!
Things are not quite how I want them, but for now it's cozy and warm.
I am so thankful to God for blessing me with small things. Some of my pieces of furniture are second hand pieces that I just love, like this old funny shelf with the screened door, but I didn't think I'd have a place for them. I was so thrilled when I found a spot for every single piece! Like this little nook where I put this shelf, it fits perfect and adds warmth to the corner with that big old fridge!
This is a happy warm kitchen and I can't wait to continue to tweak it. I am going to get black and green floral fabric and make a window valance and I'm going to paint the hutch black. I also bought some black knobs & pulls for the cabinets. Originally I wanted to paint the cabinets cream, but for now I'm enjoying the oak.
So the next big project we faced was this. All of my extra dishes. I have a couple of extra sets of china and I have a lot of seasonal dishes and themed dishes.
This was another complete blessing from God. I actually drew out plans for a dream house and I always added on a pantry for china. I don't even know if there is a proper name for such a thing, but I'm calling it a china closet. Anyway, I don't even know if I ever asked God for this, but HE knew that I wanted it and blessed me with it!!! It's right off the big family room next to where we will have our farm table.
It was a completely empty room holding the water tank and furnace. The previous owners had freestanding shelves in here, but they took them with them. I am so blessed with my amazingly talented and hard working husband. He put up all this shelving for me!
Didn't it turn out great! And he did quality work here, they are very strong and will hold all my heavy dishes just fine!
Look how wonderful this is!!! It will be so easy to set the table for all kinds of events now! What a blessing this is!!!
Okay, now that the china closet is done, lets got back to the living room and dining room area. Ugh! More dishes!!!
This was difficult to do. I had to get everything out and group things together to decide what I wanted to display, use for decoration, keep to actually eat off of or through away.
My precious daughter-in-law, Brittany, filled and decorated my china hutch for me and I love how she did it! It looks great!
I then filled my little secretary with some favorite collectibles.
This area came together very nicely! I brought my crystal chandy from the old house and we will be hanging it here. I like this light fixture they left, but it seems a little big here. I'm hoping to find a matching one to it and we are going to put them in the family room on each end with a big ceiling fan in the middle.
This next project was hard. I had to figure out how to decorate these large bookshelves.
I kept putting items up there that I thought might work on them, just to get a feel for it.
I have never had bookcases like this, so I was a little intimidated by the endeavor.
The first step was to completely empty them out.
I grouped items by size and set them all around the room.
I also grouped the books by subject....decorating, Christmas, cooking, etc.....
Then I just started placing things on the shelves.
I actually like how they turned out!
I was very happy to finally have a place to display our family pictures!
I also will really enjoy being able to look at these books any time I want because of the easy access.
So, our new house is slowly becoming our home and it feels great, but we still have so much to do.....
.....the next thing I need to tackle is hanging pictures. Ugh! This project seems like it's going to be very hard, because it will be difficult to decided what pictures go in what rooms. I'll keep ya posted!

I am loving our new Home Sweet Home!

"Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?" Matthew 6:26

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

Sharon, I loved this post! I have been waiting and wondering how your unpacking jas been going :)
I love your new home and think it is just perfect for you and all your things look so homey and cozy within their new spaces ! What a blessing from the Lord! And your china closet! Oh my! So neat!! So happy for you!
About the little space you asked for ideas... What about if your hubby added some shelves across and you could put little things or even smallish books? Glass shelves would be pretty for some of your little pretties? Or you could line the inside with pretty wallpaper or fabric ? Or maybe put a picture inside thats a little smaller than the space? Just a few thoughts :) looking forward to more posts from you and your beautiful new home! God bless!

Erin said...

I love love love your china closet! That is so neat! Looks like you have your very own antique store right there in your house. How fun!

Crows, Suds and Cinnamon said...

Was so excited to see pics of your rooms this morning. For only having a week off to do this it looks amazing! I love the way you have styled everything. For that alcove that had the dart board... why not add some narrow shelves and place a grouping of a small collection, tea cups, figurines, crystal, salt & pepper shakers, etc.??? Can't wait to see more! Take care of that back!

Anonymous said...

wow love it!! what a long process but it all looks great. so nice to see your familiar things in place now and what great help you had. AND I LOVE THE CHINA CLOSET - wow what a treat. you need to get one of those metal rolling carts to transport things in and out with ease. maybe that is like the butler pantry- there was a china cabinet in there and silverware drawers too.

you all have done a lot in a short time. Eric did great on the shelves too and adding shelves to the closet. maybe you can store the christmas in one of the buildings. is there an attic or garage space?

Anonymous said...

For that cut out in the wall have eric add some glass shelves for display

Janet said...

What a beautiful view! Your home is really starting to come wonderful for the help, looks like a lot was accomplished! I love the little seating area in your kitchen against the brick wall...looks so cozy!

Sue from Albany NY said...

Sharon,you accomplished so much so quickly! The home and property look beautiful.God bless you!

Anonymous said...

I am loving your new home Sharon , it is coming together very nicely . I would love to shop from your home lol . It's funny one of the chairs on the goodwill pile , the white one with the red checks is how I am doing my dining room chairs , love the look. I think you would like your cabinets in the kitchen done cream it will change the look all together. The light fixtures in your family room don't need to match , if they were similar it would be interesting to look at. they can be the same colour . Love that you are sharing this with us. Donna

Judy said...

Wow Sharon, you really got a lot done. It's looking really good and how nice of your friends daughter to help you out, what a sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon, I have read your post for years. I just love your spirit and I am always excited when you post. Your new home is looking amazing. So warm and cozy. Your home is both a blessing from the Lord and a credit to your hard work and faithfulness.I can imagine being welcomed into your home for coffee and a chat.
Bless you,

Willa Eklund said...

Beautiful home, Sharon. You are so blessed. Congratulations on your little grandson to be - I can just imagine him and your future grandchildren roaming around the farm - having the time of their lives.

I am up to 7 grandchildren now and loving it. I also hope your parents are doing alright. My Mom is still in residential care from her stroke 3 months ago.

Grandma Willa

Anonymous said...

Your new home looks beautiful, Sharon. Congratulations on your new grandson to be. I can just imagine your grandson and future grandchildren roaming around the farm having the time of their lives. Also, hoping your parents are doing better. My mother is still in residential care after her stroke 3 months ago.
My grandchildren are the light of my lives.


Simply Shelley said...

Its all coming together very nicely....looking great! Looks like you have so much room to work with....blessings

as always starzie said...

Hi Sharon!
I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this post! You have done an amazing job unpacking and putting everything together in your new home! I love everything! Oh how I wish I had a closet like the one you put your dishes in. And your clothes closet is wonderful! Everything is just beautiful inside and out! Take care.

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