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Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's gone!!!!

 That ugly power pole is GONE!!!! Woot woo!!!! Look at my pretty view now! I am so happy!
When I left the house Friday morning to go to work it was still there and as I was driving down our road to work, I saw three big power company trucks pass by heading to our house. When I came home for lunch the work men were gone and my hubby had this big backhoe in our backyard trying to pull up one of the last support steaks.
 We went from this.......... this!
 I cannot believe how nice and open it is now!
 And the good news is that all of this equipment laying right here is worth over $1,000.00 and we are selling it to our neighbor for $500.00. This made my hubby very happy. Also, because my husband did so much of the prep work, the electric company workers were only here for 2 hours, so that should decrease their estimate by a lot. Originally they quoted us $1800.00 for 6 hours of work and we are sure hoping that bill will come way down.
 All that remains is this big hole! refresh your memory.....this was our view before.......
.....and this is after! Wow, what a difference! I am so thankful!

"For there is no power but of God." Romans 13:1b

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

wow- what a difference. Be thankful Eric can do so much around there. your neighbor got a great deal too and that helps with costs too. a win win situation. sounds like you are making the home your own.

Sue said...

A nice big difference indeed Sharon, I can tell you and Eric are enjoying making this home special just for You all.

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