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Friday, August 23, 2013

An electrifying project! have this beautiful new home sitting on 7 gorgeous acres, but there is a little bit of a eye-sore as they say...... When you look out the kitchen window, instead of seeing the beautiful field behind our home, your eye goes right to this.....'s an ugly electric box. Why in the world did they put this ugly mess right in the middle of the backyard in full view of anyone who is standing in the kitchen, in the master bedroom, in the family room or out on the back deck.
It's ugly from all angles. It holds the power to the house, two garden sheds and the wires extend all the way out to the pole barn.
You can see the wires as they hang all across the backyard. It carries the power to the house, these two storage sheds........
.....all the way out to the east side of the house to this security light.......
.....then continues on to this old rickety shed.........
and dangerously crosses the top of the wood shed.......
......continues on......
....out into all of these oak trees ('s just hanging in the trees!) and continues on out to the two barns. Eric called the electric company and the promptly came out and turned off these dangerous power lines.
This is the main power source in our back yard, it is more discreet on the side yard. We have no idea why they decided to extend it to the unit outside the kitchen window, but we don't like it and it's going to change! My husband is building a shop out to the west of our property and he realized he had to get power out there and would have to dig a trench to place it underground. As he was planning this he decided to go ahead and remove the big eyesore and reroute all of our electricity back to the main pole on the side of the house.
Eric hired this nice 77 year old man, Vern, to dig the trench all the way across our backyard.
Vern is a very strong and spry man and such a hard worker!
He did a wonderful job.
Eric was out there helping him all morning.
They took a little lunch break. I love this picture of them sitting on the back of Vern's trailer eating their sandwiches.
Back to work!
Wow! What an undertaking!
This was such a huge job and it turned into a money pit too. It seems that every new step cost another pretty penny.
It was about at this point that we wondered what the heck we were doing!!!!
But, sometimes when you get too deep in a project you have no choice but to keep going.
While the ditch came out perfect, we had this one little problem. It's a sidewalk in the backyard where they could not dig the trench.
Enter our son, Grayson, to the rescue. He works at the city utility company and he knows how to handle these situations! You simply use water-pressure to break a hole through the dirt!
It worked like a charm!
It only took him about a half hour to drill this big hole through with water.
The next step was for our electrician to install a new panel up near the main power line. Eric helped him all day too.
The next phase of the project was to get the trench inspected that it was deep enough.
The inspector approved and laid down all of this red tape. The trench had to be so many inches deep and we passed.
The next step was to insert pipe all through the trench to run the power lines through.
My husband worked so hard. I was worried about him, but he's so amazing and just keeps going. I love him so much.
But they finally got it all done.
After that Eric used his new tractor and covered up the entire ditch. Whew....what a relief! That was one crazy job, but it's still not over! Eric made an appointment for the power company to come over and reroute the power and guess what........ is the day!!!! The power company is coming over this morning to remove this ugly box and transfer all the power lines over to the new box.
I can't wait for my back view to change and for this project to be finally done!

"And God raised the Lord and will also raise us up by his power." I Corinthians 6:14

Hugs, Sharon


Sara said...

Wow!...that is quite an undertaking!.Your husband did a wonderful job.The farm is very pretty and looks very peaceful in an ever increasing busy and crazy world!.

Anonymous said...

well that is not a fun project at all but a necessary one . I am surprised that it even was allowed in the first place. Your view will increase tremendously . Donna

Anonymous said...

wow what a job- and what a change it will make. seems it will make it safer too and increase your property value some. yes what an eyesore!! know you cant wait to get it down.

Simply Shelley said...

That was quite a big job indeed. I was thinking that thing looked like a big May Pole :) I know you all are relieved that job is over with.....blessings

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