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Friday, June 21, 2013

Goodbye house....

Goodbye dear house!
We are so thrilled that we sold our house and we are moving in three weeks!!! We love this house so much and it's going to be hard to say goodbye. We've lived here for 19 years and have so many wonderful memories here, our children grew up here! This has has been good to us and it just feels weird and kind of wrong to just pack up our stuff and
.......I decided to throw a "Good bye House" party for the family.
I got all the old albums out for everyone to thumb through.
I made an album back in 1994 that was just full of pictures of this house when we first bought it. I am so thrilled that I saved this piece of paper ~ it's an old computer print out from our realtor...who just happened to be my husband's mother! I love what she wrote on the bottom "This sounds too good to be true!! Try to drive by it over the weekend, Mom." After we had our last little boy, we knew it was time to move to a bigger home. We had been looking for about 6 months when Alice found us this house. For our price range, it was so much bang for our buck! All the other homes were small, boring, nondescript homes and this one had sooooo much character!
This is how big our boys were when we sold the old house and bought the new one. Mackenzie was 9, Cameron 7, Grayson 3 and Hayden was just 9 months. We were so happy when our old home on Jason street sold in just two days!!!
Back then we didn't have digital cameras, so this was the one precious picture I had of the new house. It's obviously actually two photos that I merged together to see the whole front of the house. I looked at this picture and oh how I longed to move in there. We had trouble getting our loan through because my husband is self employed. We didn't get the final approval until the very last week. It was really scary because we did sell the old house, so we would have ended up homeless and it was very stressful. I would look at this picture and pray and cry and pray. God answered our prayers though and everything went through!
This is the house a few weeks after we were in. We already had our little touches and it felt like home!
This is what it looked like when we had been here for a year. Eric made the front yard level by adding a retaining wall made of railroad ties. This was a much more usable front yard.
This is what it looked like last summer. We have done so much to this place. It was a labor of love. The changes you can see is the cute yellow color, the trellis on the fireplace, new roof, the front porch and the charming dormers!
It was so much fun for everyone to go down memory lane with the photos.
My three girls...Megan, Rachelle and Brittany (with my little grandson on board!).
Cameron and Megan.
Grayson and Hayden.
These are some of the "before" pictures in our album.
We have remodel or redecorated every single room in this house.
It was a blank slate just waiting for our family!
This was a few weeks after we moved in. The boys are having fun in the pool with Daddy! Notice the backyard! It was full of berry bushes. We had no idea how big our lot really was!
Hayden was just a little baby at only 9 months old! Now he's 19 years and 9 months!
Here he is getting a bath in the deep sink in the laundry room. Grayson was small enough that he got baths here too! We only used this as a bath when they were really muddy from playing outside. A few years later we remodeled the laundry room and got rid of the deep sink.
Our first Christmas!
It's starting to look like home!
Decorating on a dime!
This is a cute little table for two that I painted for the kitchen. Pretty cute! We remolded a few years later and put cabinets and the fridge on this wall. I kind of wish I still had that table and chairs!
We had brown carpet and a very dark brown door! Look at that little guppy crawling there!
There was no fence and no homes behind us at the time, so the deer came right down into our backyard!
The yard was pretty, but it was not very usable for a family.
The backyard was a sloped hill with a few big trees that were dying.
Mackenzie, Cameron and Grayson with their cousin Harrison eating lunch out on the back deck. You can see all the berry bushes and other brush at the back of the property. We originally thought that was our property line, but we learned that we owned all those bushes!
We hired the men that were working on the new road next to our house to bulldoze or trees and my hubby bucked them up.
Then he had them level the yard to two levels.
This picture was taken a few weeks after we moved in before Eric leveled the back yard. That's Eric out on the deck holding Hayden visiting with our brother-in-law Brian. Mackenzie's busy playing in the sandbox and Cameron and his cousin Monique are waving from the upstairs window. Notice the sloped yard.
Now it's all nice and level! We planted fruit trees and shade trees too.
This is what it looks like now!
Our boys were in absolute heaven when we moved here! There were friends galore! That was something we did not have in our other neighborhood. They also loved this sandbox that was at our new home. Oh my goodness, they had so much fun here!
They were just starting to develop the property next to us and you can see the new road behind the boys in this photo. The super fun thing for them were all these gigantic boulders all over the place. They had so much fun playing with their friends on them!
One of the first things my husband did was build the fence on the east side of our property so our boys were safe in the backyard. Here's Grayson and Hayden having so much fun!
Here's a picture of the west side of our home back in 1994 (notice the little gupper playing with his truck!)
This is the same view 19 years later! We planted all those trees along side the property and my hubby built the carport and also added the extra driveway.

We had all these railroad ties delivered. The boys had so much fun watching the big trucks when they came.
The yard looks so beautiful. My husband put all those railroad ties in himself and moved all those rocks you see around the edge of our grass.
At this point we had done so much, but we still had so much to do!
Here's Grayson flying a kite in front of the house. What a happy little boy!
Notice how the fence is not in yet, there's no carport and no trees along the road.
Wow! We've come a long way baby!
This house has been the absolute best! Our kids had a "Sandlot" childhood! Here they are sledding down the hill next to our house.
Here's Mackeznie and Hayden sledding and having so much fun!
This was before the back fence was made. Look at little baby Hayden!
Nineteen years later we sold the house and are moving and now we are saying goodbye. We all walked outside around the property and here each person is sharing a memory of the front yard. What a great home this has been for us.
The boys having a moment together.
We had one of our traditional fun meals for dinner, Taco Salad. More photos and memories were shared.
Goodbye yellow house. You have been good to us. But there is a season to everything and it's time for us to go.
Thank you for all the great memories! We will sure miss you.

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens." Ecclesiastes 3:3

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

wow- thanks for sharing and updating. I check often. What great memories and how you have raised and taught your sons. Just think of the gift you give to someone else now too. wow the work you all have done is amazing- what a transformation.

cant wait to see the new place and how you will transform it to the next stage of life. Looks like you all have a lot of helpers for the move. I move often and I cant imagine packing your house up. I have a fraction of things.

Hope your parents are doing ok. cant wait to see the new place -is there a baby shower in the works too?

Anonymous said...

How touching Sharon , that me feel very emotional , I can imagine how it makes you feel. I can hardly wait to see pictures of your new home and all the improvements you will make to make it home. Happy Move ! Donna

Erin said...

It's so hard to leave a much loved home, but that was a beautiful trip down memory lane. The Goodbye House party was a neat idea! Can't wait to see what you do with your new place.

Anonymous said...

...Hello Sharon, glad you're back blogging. I feel melancholy for you leaving your beloved home. So glad you have pics of the home, before and after..i always feel like a visitor to your home when i click on your blog. I know your new home will be lovely as well with new memories to make and the sound of new life. Congrats on your new grandbaby. Your life will be filled with a new and continued purpose to teach another soul about the Lord. Blessings!

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