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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Finding the perfect paint colors......

 It's funny where you can find inspiration for paint color! I was emptying the dishwasher and saw these three bowls nestled together and said, "I love these colors together!" That gave me inspiration for our the interior colors at our new home.
 I went to the local hardware store and picked up these paint swatches in the colors I like. It's amazing how many hundreds of shades there are out there!
In the kitchen I'd like to paint the cabinets cream and have black accent and finally decided that I'd like a soft medium green for the wall colors. I gathered some items together to see if I like the combo and I do!
 I don't know how you sample colors, but this is what I do....I walk around my house with the swatches and place them next to things that are the colors of the things in the planned room. I am liking the green with the black...A LOT!!!
 I want to hang these cool black floral trays in my new kitchen and I think they will really pop against green walls!
 The new family room has green carpet and we will be using our green striped love-seats with red painted tables in there. I like the colors in this plaid chair and I think I will pull out that mustard yellow color for the walls. I gathered a few items that were mustard colored and tried to find the perfect shade.
It's difficult because I don't want to go too bright or neon, it has to be the perfect shade.
 These colors are very warm.
 They are also cheery.
 Our guest bathroom is currently a mustard yellow so I took this burgundy framed print in there to see if I like the color combo and I do! I think I've figured out what shade I want!
 Now, onto the guest room. I'm thinking kind of the same shade of green as what I have picked for the kitchen.
I have lots of red in the guest room and I think this shade will be pretty.
Our office is painted a nice shade of green, so I took one of my cabbage rose drapes from the guest room down there to see if it works and I think it will. I do think I want it a little bit darker though.
When we were cleaning out the garage we came across this old paint from Cameron's bedroom. I forgot that we have that same shade still on the wall in what's now Hayden's room. Let's go check it out...... is and it looks like it will be the perfect shade for both the guest room and kitchen!
I bought this crib bedding set a few years ago at a garage sale because I thought it was so adorable. I knew that one day I'd be happy to have it and I certainly am!!! We're going to put a crib in the guest room and I think the bedding will go nice with the green walls too.
For a long time I have wanted a yellow and black powder room and now I'll get my chance! I've been collecting accessories for this room for a long time and I can't wait to use them! I was excited to see that at our new home the toilet in the guest powder room is black! I think this pale yellow will be nice on the walls in there.
Right now our master bedroom has a pretty floral wallpaper on the walls. We are not going to wallpaper at the new house, so I had to come up with a pretty color to go with all of our bedding and accessories. I like the pale yellow, but could not picture it in my mind. Then I realized that it's about the same shade as the exterior color of our home, so, what does any clever decorating woman do???
She drags things outside to make sure the color works! Which, I think it does! I think this soft buttery yellow will look pretty in our bedroom.
I want to paint two of the powder rooms in the house a pretty burgundy red. In our current home we have a burgundy living room, but I want the new color to be a little bit brighter.
It's really hard to get the right shade, but when you look around and see a color you like, just put the sample up next to it and that helps a lot.
I think this is the color I want! It's perfect!
So here are the winners! The colors made by Ace are:

Kitchen and Guest Room: Sleepy Hollow
Family Room: October Leaves
Living Room, Master Bedroom, Guest Bathroom: Straw
Master Bathroom, Family Room Powder Room: Dried Tomato

Although, we are going to be getting Behr paint at Home Depot, so I will have to go through this again, but at least I have the shades narrowed down. An extra bonus is that I've only picked four colors for 8 rooms, so this will be more economical. I can't wait to get in there and start painting and making the new house our new home!!!

"Draw near to God and He will draw near to you." James 4:8a

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

Oh how exciting. I love your colour choices.I was in my local store and checking out the mistints and found a five gallon bucket of exactly the colour I want. My place is open plan so I needed a lot of it . So fortuitous for me that it was exactly the one on my paint swatch I was carrying around. It was $50 regular price $168 . I love your painted floral trays , everything of yours is going to go beautifully in your new place . painting and lots of it is in your future. Can't wait to see it ! Donna

Anonymous said...

Blessings to you and your family on this new adventure! I love reading your blogs! There is a paint color similar to the one you picked out for your family room called "White Raisen" I purchased it at my Home may be a Behr paint color or they may have matched it for me. I have it in my living room and love it! I think you would like it too. Please keep doing your blog.. I am so inspired by your faith, family and thrift store finds! Tracie

Erin said...

Beautiful color choices. Don't paint colors have the loveliest names? Who wouldn't want a room the color of Autumn Leaves?

Erin said...

Oops! I meant October Leaves!

adsgram said...

Home Depot will make your ACE colors just the way you want them in Behr paints. They always do for us...I love all of your choices. You will be a busy gal for awhile, but I can hardly wait o see the results! How exciting!

Judy said...

Beautiful color choices! I can't wait to see what you do to your new home.

Anonymous said...

It all sounds so grand!! Will you paint before you move in? Have a painting party with everyone taking a room? cant wait to see the guest room and the baby things too. Just got back from GW a new one I found and a new thrift store. Found some great vintage 1960s christmas angels. Still looking for more baby jesus'. Happy packing and painting and moving and decorating.

Anonymous said...

My favorites are the colors you have in your current home. I have those same colors in our main rooms.


Simply Shelley said...

Those color choices are going to come together wonderfully...have fun :) Blessings

Anonymous said...

Sharon, the color I mentioned before called "White Raisin" is actually a Sherwin Williams color! I had the color card and Home Depot mixed it for me using Behr paint.. Have fun painting your new home! Can't wait to see some before and after photos!

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