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Friday, April 12, 2013

Update on my Mom and Dad

I wanted to update you on the status of my parents. Last month our mother had a mild stroke and one week later our father had one. :( It was a very devastating and stressful time. They both are doing pretty well. Mom was released to home, but she was not getting the proper care there, so my sister, Kelli, had our mother move in with her. Our Daddy was in the hospital for a few days and then was released to a nursing home for rehabilitation to help him with his loss of feeling in his left hand and his left leg.  This cute picture is from when my sisters and I picked up our mother and took her to the nursing home to visit Dad. 
My sister posted these two darling pictures on Facebook. Kelli and her husband, Ralph, picked up Dad from the nursing home and brought him to their house for Easter dinner. Kelli took these pictures of them after their meal.
Mom and Dad both rested together on the bed. It's such a cute picture! They've been married almost 57 years and they need to be together. We have been very stressed out and concerned about their care. A big obstacle is that our mom can't take care of herself anymore, but none of us girls really have a good situation/set up to take care of her and there is no money for us to put her in a nice home. We are praying that Medicaid will approve this.
Last week my sisters and I visited Daddy again. This time Kathi stopped by the Arby's restaurant where our Daddy faithfully went every week. The girls that work down there miss him and called Kathi to say that they made his favorite sandwich with potato cakes and ask that she take it to him. Wasn't that sweet! He was so happy to get that sandwich and he sure did enjoy it!
We had a very nice visit with our Dad and we talked to him about all the possible scenarios that might happen with his care and our mother's care. We all held hands and prayed afterwards. It was really special and we all had such peace after this.
Here's Daddy waving goodbye to us girls.
Daddy was released from the nursing home on Monday and is back home where our brother is living. This is not the most ideal situation, so us girls are continuing to pray for God to give us wisdom, guidance and  direction on what we need to do. Please pray that the Lord will continue to heal them and provide for them.

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers.

“The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.” Psalm 18:2

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

Glad he is home and your mom is with keli. Such a difficult situation for you all to face but you face it together with God. Hope Medicaid comes through. Times like this difficult decisions are ahead. Is it possible to have someone come in their home several times a week so they can live there with your brother? Prayers for you all.

yesterday went to lunch in a small town near me and dropped in the thrift store and an antique store I browse ( too expensive) but she has a garage sale table and I found one of your pumpkin head skeleton men you put on the stairs for Halloween. so excited. vintage Halloween is hard to find. Original price was 1.98 from a variety store and she gave it to me for 3.

Have a great weekend.

Judy said...

I know exactly what you all are going through. After much thought by my husband and I, I spoke to my parents after my mothers stroke about them moving in with me. My husband is totally supportive of that and my 3 siblings are in no position to take them in. It's a very hard decision to make but your parents are so lucky to have you and your siblings. When my parents told the other folks who live in their apartment complex about moving in with me, they would comment at how lucky they were to have someone to take them. Many of them have no-one and don't know what they'll do if anything were to happen to them. I did a lot of praying on the situation, as it will be very hard for me to be taking care of them without my siblings being close by to help, but we're going to take it a day at a time. I'll keep you all in my prayers.

Mardell said...

Oh Sharon,
This just brings tears to my eyes. I think the pic of your Daddy waving goodbye really lost me!

You can count on my prayers. Your sweet Mom looks so thin, but she's still smiling! They are so adorable together. It's so sad that they are apart through all of this.

Have a good weekend.

Michelle said...

Praying for your mom and dad for restored health. Praying for wisdom for your family regarding the housing situation for your parents!


as always starzie said...

Sharon these are beautiful pictures! One can see the love and devotion your parents have for each other! I will pray that you receive guidance as to what are the best solutions to any problems you are faced with regarding your parents care! They are so lucky to have such wonderful children!
Take care,
Hugs, Darlene

Anonymous said...

Sharon I just love your blog. I have been following you for years since your little one was starting high school. My husband has passed due to cancer 4 1/2 yrs ago & I am a stay at home mom to 2 teenage boys. I take care of our elderly in their homes. They pay me out of their pockets, I am like an aid, I prepare their meals, do their laundry, read up the house, whatever needs to be done, but most importantly help get them in the shower & stay close by incase they need me. Isn't their a friend who for mininium wage can help them out? I wish I lived closer to you, I would be there. Please, I hope this gives you girls some ideas. I only work with them while their adult children are at work. Maybe at times I sleep there for a lesser wage, to make sure everything is ok. You have the boys, I am sure they could help out at nights also. Good Luck God Bless you All!! Keep on blogging Sharon, we love you out here!!! Love from Pittsburgh, PA

Rose of Sharon said...

Thank you everyone for your nice comments, love and concern. Our situation is more involved than I can say, a family member borrowed money from our parents, and did not repay it putting them in financial trouble. The state requires that we wait five years to apply for assistance, but we've been talking to them and they might let our parents get help since it's been 4.5 years and their health has declined. They are living on social security trying to pay for everything and there just is not enough money. We are praying that this meeting will be in our parents favor and we can get them the help they need. Thank you so much for your prayers. Love Sharon

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