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and the day in, day out things that we do.
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Friday, April 19, 2013

Taking the boat out for a little spin....

 My husband wanted to take the boat out on the lake just to run the motor after it's been hibernating all winter long. He wanted to make sure it was running properly before he took it down the river fishing.
He asked me if I'd like to come along and I said, "Sure, that sounds like fun!"
I'm so proud of this man. He certainly knows what he's doing!

Blondie was so excited to go for a boat ride!
It was overcast with a little bit of drizzle, so the lake was pretty empty.
Eric starting up the motor.
The boat got real dirty as it sat in our carport all winter long. After we ran the motor a bit, Eric cleaned the boat from top to bottom when we got back home.
I love this fun outdoor life that my husband introduced to me me!
I trust Captain Eric!
Woot woo!!!!
We got up to 40!
Blondie loved every minute of it!
It started to rain. I'm so glad that this boat has a nice cover!
We weren't out there very long, but we had fun. I can't wait to go out with the kids on a hot sunny day this summer!

"And Jesus got into the boat with them, and the wind ceased. And they were utterly astounded." Mark 6:51

Hugs, Sharon


Judy said...

When we lived in Illinois, we had a fishing boat, but we got rid of it when we moved here to Wisconsin as there are no lakes here and the boat was way too big for the small rivers here. I remember my husband getting the boat ready for the season and even going out with him as well to take it out to see how it ran after sitting all winter. Thanks for the memory ;)

Sue said...

Thinking of you this morning, enjoyed catching up on other posts as well!
I will be praying about the situation with your parents, I do hope they will be able to stay together.
We experienced this some years ago with dh's parents. And as always God was so faithful. I truly know the feelings you both are feeling, I will pray for God to continue to under gird you both,your faith has always inspired me.

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