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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring break at my sister's!

A few weeks ago I stayed with my sister, Kathi, on her farm for a few nights over Spring break. Her husband, Stacey and their sons, were out of State, so it was just her two daughters, Victoria and Jessica and I. Girls weekend!!! Woot woo!!! I love this picture of the sun rising behind their barn. 
Their kitty, Blackie, is sitting on the back railing hoping to get some breakfast!
It seems like it's our family tradition that I spend Spring break on their farm!
I snapped a few pictures of her cute farm house while everyone was still sleeping.
I love their house. It's really cozy.
Love this glass front cabinet full of Blue Willow dishes!
Home and.....
...Family! That's what's important! Stacey and Kathi have a beautiful family. They have a happy marriage and wonderful kids and they all love the Lord! Kathi is amazing, she works full-time as a 4th grade substitute teacher and teaches Awana Bible study and also keeps up her home and family. She's a very sweet and caring person too!
She has cozy touches everywhere. I like these topiaries with twinkle lights on them.
 I love this rooster!
Here's a pretty berry wreath.
What a cute table in front of their bay window, again, another amazing rooster!
They have lots of unique antique pieces of furniture.
Love the white stoneware.
Here's the family room.
And this is what it looks like when you're in the dining room looking into the kitchen.
The living room is a serene room with a piano given to them by Stacey's mother.
Here's a cute little table.
I love this old sewing machine table.
These are her husband's old baby shoes that have been bronzed. So precious!
What a wonderful curio cabinet full of Desert Rose dishes!
It was Kathi's birthday, so the girls and I all gave her gifts. I gave her two potted plants that she has on her front porch and Victoria made her the neat scripture coasters and three yummy smelling candles and Jessica gave her the gorgeous emerald jewelry!
Beautiful Victoria with some beautiful daffodils.
Beautiful Jessica making us dinner!
She made a wonderful Mexican soup!
What's a girl's weekend without junk food to pig-out on? haha! We watched cute old movies, went to church, went to lunch and went to thrift stores! We also stayed up late, talked, watched You Tube videos and ate good food! It was a perfect girls weekend!
I love my sister and my nieces and I loved my time at their house! The next day Kathi and I went to town and met our other sister, Kelli, for a late lunch and we picked up our mother and took her to go visit our father in the nursing home. All of us have been under so much stress, so these times together are very special to us. I love both of my sisters so much!

"She is more precious than jewels" Proverbs 3:15

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

such a peaceful place to retreat!! Love the 60s vintage coffee mug and the desert rose which is the most collected set of dishes! so glad you got to take you mom to see your Dad- hope he is doing better. I am sure she appreciated that.

Jan said...

Thanks for letting us 'tag along' on your girls weekend. I miss Kathi blogging and wondered how your parents were doing. Thanks for the update!

God bless,

Mardell said...

Oh how nice! An experience that I've never had, and it sure looks good! :o)

Kathi's house is gorgeous (as well as her daughters!) As always, love your pics. She has great decorating style ~ one can tell you're related!

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