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Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter at our house this year....

We had a very lovely Easter day! It started out with the Easter bunny dropping off Peeps for all our kids! haha! We were having all our kids over for Easter dinner, but we all went to our own individual churches that morning. 
 Eric, Hayden and I went to the Christian Center. I didn't take a picture of my outfit this year, but I have this shot of my sweater, jewelry, purse and shoes. I wore cream colored slacks, a cream shell and this cute little cardigan. I got my outfit at a second hand store for $10.00!
The church service was wonderful. Our pastor talked about how our entire faith rests on the fact that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and arose three days later in victory over sin that all who believe in him will have eternal life!
 There was a special song sung by these two lovely ladies. They sang one of my favorite songs, "Beautiful Things." It's about how Jesus makes us new and He can make beautiful things out of us.
I thought the flowers in the front of the church were pretty.
Don't you just love Easter lilies!
One of the ladies in the church is a supreme baker and she made ALL of these goodies for the congregation!
They were all so beautiful! I ate one of those chocolate nests and they were fantabulo!!!
Later that day all of our kids came over for a big Easter dinner. This is the only picture I took of our dinner, we got busy talking and I forgot to take any more! We had baked ham, scalloped potatoes made by Brittany, green bean casserole made by Cameron & Megan, fruit salad, applesauce, rolls and Rachelle made a carrot cake for dessert! It was a delicious meal!
I did take a few pictures of everyone after dinner, here's Mackenzie and Brittany. Isn't here little mint green dress cute!
Cameron and Megan are having a nice time relaxing. Love her pretty orange top!
Grayson and Rachelle are cracking up for their picture. Love her pretty little lavender dress.
Hayden checking his computer. Notice Cameron and Megan are holding hands at the right of the sweet!
I asked Brittany to take a picture of Eric and I, but he was being naughty and uncooperative.
He was being so funny! I was being very persistent!
My persistence paid off and we got a cute picture!
As promised, the little chickie candles got lit this year! haha! We had a lovely family Easter dinner, I hope all of you did too!
Oh, one more thing....Grayson usually brings his dog, Layla, over on Sunday nights when we have our family dinners and Layla and our dog, Blondie, play and play and play all night long. Well, after we had our Easter dinner, we made them each a big bowl of leftovers to eat, so they got to have an Easter feast as well. The next day I went out on the back deck and this is what I found....
It cracked me up! They obviously don't like olives! Haha! It's so funny, but I wonder how did they do that? Haha!

I hope that all of you had a very special Easter with your families!

"The Lord is risen indeed." Luke 24:34a

Hugs, Sharon


jen said...

Looks like a really nice day :)
And think next year there will be one more at the table - babies are so cute at Easter. When my son was 2 months old at Easter we had a little blue sleeper with a matching hat with tiny bunny ears .
Blessings -
Jen in Vancouver

Sue said...


Judy said...

Oh, I haven't had a peep since my kids were all home :) Looks like you had a wonderful Easter.

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