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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Baby goats!!!

A few weeks ago when Hayden came home from college for the weekend we drove up to my friend's farm to see her baby goats!
This is Kristy and her husband, Bruce. They have a large farm with over 200 goats!
The baby goats started arriving in early March and she invited all of us at work to come over one weekend to see them and hold them. They raise goats to sell as pets, so the more exposure they have to people, the better pets they will make.
Hayden and I had so much fun!
They are so cute!
Oh honey!
This little mama had just given birth two these two kids about a half hour before we got there!
It's hard to believe that these two goats standing on their own legs are just minutes old!
These little ones were about 3 hours old. Aren't they so precious!
Kristy and Bill had a couple of these large plastic bins with light bulbs in them that they use as incubators. 
The goats fight to get in because they are warm inside!
They are so cute. Look at the one in the center, he's knocked out!
Here's one of the mama goats. They are good little mothers. They know their babies and they will not allow another kid to nurse on them!
Hayden was taking pictures with his phone. Their markings are so cool, some of them look like little antelope or a deer of some kind.
This sweetie has a heart on his side!
This is one of my favorites! It has the markings of a cow!
I love this little guy's sweet expression. His mouth is so darn cute!
Hayden enjoyed holding them.
These mama's are taking a break!
Kristy gave us a tour of their property. It is so pretty and peaceful!
They have many more goats out in the fields along with some chickens.
They also have 10 horses and 20 cows.
This one is so pretty.
I love this huge marmalade barn cat!
The cat is the same size as their little dog! haha!
It was such a fun blessing to be able to see Kristy's beautiful farm on this gorgeous sunny spring day.
Our favorite thing though was seeing all of these darling baby goats! What a fun day!

"The Lord is good to all, compassionate to every creature." Psalm 145:9

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

So cute!!! Nice to see folks taking good care of animals. I wonder where you can have a goat as a pet?

Mardell said...

Aaawww, how sweet!! They are so fun and full of energy, those little kids. My aunt & uncle used to have them at their house. They had an old Chevelle parked out behind the barn, and they would play king of the hill on it. We'd laugh hysterically!

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